Wristy Business

Has anyone else noticed that the chicest of the chic peas are loading up their wrists like it’s nobody’s business?!

{on blair eadie of atlantic-pacific}

{as snapped by jak and jil}

{another jak and jil special}

{as snapped by nam of streetfsn}

{blair of atlantic-pacific again}

I loved The Man Repeller’s hilarious take on the trend — she’s always calling her bangle collections “arm parties.”  And while some might find the look immature/over-girlish, I can’t help but want to jump on the bandwagon and load my wristies up with all kinds of sparkling goodies.  For my birthday this past weekend {pure joy — a day aboard the Woodwind followed by a delicious small plates dinner at Level and drinks at Metropolitan with a group of my 17 nearest and dearest!}, one of my friends gifted me a mint green Shashi bracelet ($65, Ylang23), so now I’m “all in.”  {I’ve seen so.many. celebs and chic peas wearing this brand, and was just about dying to own my very own!}  Grown up, glammified friendship bracelets?  Um, yes, please.  Shashi has all kinds of styles out there ($18-$90), and I’d like one of each in a variety of colors.  Check out the selection at Shopbop, Ylang23, or Intermix for ideas.

Ideal mixed in with some heavier metal bangles.  I will continue to plead and beg for the Cartier love bracelet until I’m blue in the face, but…probably not happening any time soon, so I’ll go with a recessionista pick: these $98 Henri Bendel bangles.  I love, love, LOVE the rose gold right now.

If you’re still hung up on Cartier, however, consider one of their “Love Charity” bracelets ($475 apiece, and you can feel good about yourself because a portion of the proceeds go to various charities).


My mind sort of boggles at the idea of spending $475 on what looks like a piece of thread with a little gold circle affixed to the middle, but hey!  If you want the label without going broke, this could be your idea of a good spend.  (Also, secretly think that the above would only look good if you bought two and wore them together.  But at that point, you’re getting pretty close to the cost of an actual Love bracelet, so why not splurge and go the extra mile?!)  You might be better-served going with Mulberry’s $75 variation

For an alternative “heavier metal” option, how to die are these Hermes H cuffs ($570 each)?  I’ve been lusting after these for years, but they are at that awkward price point where I would feel lame buying one for myself — definitely “big gift” material.  {To be clear, Mr. Magpie, I’d still prefer the Cartier love style, but this comes in at a close second…}:

Any of the above-listed styles would also look hipsta-cool layered with a Monica Vinader bracelet ($150, Monica Vinader — currently also on sale in certain colors for $76 at Net-A-Porter):

Or consider going loud and proud with something a bit bulkier (friendship bracelets on steroids — $98, Henri Bendel; Aurelie Bidermann, $420, Net-A-Porter)


For something a bit more delicate, I’m kind of smitten with these slight, colorful thread bracelets which come in great colors like neon yellow and cherry red (Nikki B., $45 each, Barney’s):

Albeit Jewelry carries similar styles for a little less — $35/bracelet.  Check ’em out.  If armwear of the slighter variety is your cup of tea, how about pairing some of the above with one of these delicate gold bracelets ($50, ByBoe)?  Particularly loving the heart shape.

Gorjana carries similar styles, if you’re loving that look.  For those among us who prefer something a bit more…substantial, check out these nautical-themed bangles (lovelovelove the crab claw style — $130 apiece, Tiffany Chou):

And never forget a watch!  As mentioned mutiple times, I l.o.v.e. my La Mer Collections wrap watch (I own this one, but check out the variety: $90-$110, LaMerCollections — and take 25% off your purchase now through July 5, 2011 with coupon code SUMMERLOVE2011):


So…anyone else on board?  Thoughts, questions, concerns?



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