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Weekend Wear.

It was 38 degrees at one point in the last week and I’m sorry to keep complaining about the weather (Magpie, you choose to live in Chicago), but I’m really over it.  Like, I’ve turned into one of Those People I thought I’d never be, talking constantly about the weather.  And, when I’m not talking about the weather, I’ve been guilty of extolling the virtues of a wipes dispenser and superior nursing pads.  (But really, those badboys are the best.)

But also, mama needs to get a life.  Which is why I am ECSTATIC that my bestie and her husband (also a dear friend in his own right) are flying in on Friday night.  We already booked our nanny and made reservations for dinner and I cannot wait to enjoy a few glasses of wine and adult conversation with them.  Their visit gave me license to contemplate a few outfits without considering the nursing implications.  Below, three looks I’m into at the moment…

Look 1: The Floral Two-Piece Set.

Friends, I’m sorry if I’m beating a dead horse here (because I already swooned over the scalloped detailing), but I am literally obsessed with this H + M two-piece floral bustier and skirt situation I recently ordered.  (Also, check out this yellow jacquard alternative.)

The Fashion Magpie Embroidered Bustier

It has yet to come, so stay tuned on quality, but it reminds me a lot of this Zimmerman lovely ($530), just a helluva lot cheaper.  Also, I want to be that beachy babe below, tan and happy as hell.

The Fashion Magpie Floral Two Piece

The FASHION MAGPIE Zimmermann Jasper dress

Look 2: The Kimono Jacket.

I did a triple take on these maxi-length kimono jackets:

The Fashion Magpie Kimono 2

The Fashion Magpie Kimono

So unexpectedly cool and rich-looking.  I like the idea of pairing one of them with jeans and some sort of statement shoe situation.  You can get the exact kimono jacket shown in the first pick above for a steal — $129!!!  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I tracked it down at Zara, as I’d thought it might be a Gucci!  P.S. — Zara also has a less expensive version in a darker floral/tropical pattern for $69.

Look 3: The Eyelet Dress.

Something about this chic pea’s look had me stopping and staring.

The Fashion Magpie Eyelet

In a similar vein, this $90 TopShop steal:

The Fashion Magpie TopShop Embroidered Dress

The eyelet ends majorly remind me of Jack Rogers sandals.  Fellow preppy girls will share my opinion that Jack Rogers are de rigueur summer fare, and I nearly always buy a new pair at the start of the season, whether or not I’m feeling particularly preppy.  (I mean, there’s always a preppy part of me, but the Polo-and-Lilly-wearing chickadee I was back in college just ain’t as loud and proud anymore.)  At any rate, I’m contemplating going with this style as opposed to the traditional thong version.  What do you think?

The Fashion Magpie jack Rogers Lauren White THe Fashion Magpie Jack Rogers Lauren

Finally — I’m sorry to keep throwing the crop top trend your way because I know it ain’t for all of us and Lord knows I’m not even fully comfortable with it as I work towards pre-baby body, but how amazing is this J.O.A. crop top and shorts situation?!


  1. Heh girl! I have been diligently keeping up with you, but silently! Until now– fashion SOS!!

    The JR sandals are soooo painful to break in, as you know… get the Palm Beach Sandals instead!! They are the exact same thing (actually the originals per local lore) but orders of magnitude more comfortable.

    And you can get a monogram on them (yours or minis, I have both, ha!)

    1. Good call! JRs are super horrible to break in, you’re right — I remember so many of us UVA undergrads clomping around in squeaky clean JRs at the dawn of each spring (Foxfield) season and it was not a pretty sight. And I love a good monogram…

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