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Weekend Vibes: Edition No. 24

My Latest Score: Navy Supergas.

After blabbing about navy Supergas ($65) 23 times this week, I snagged myself a pair.  I already own a pair in gray that I have basically worn into the ground, and these navy beauties feel classic and wear-with-anything.  If you need extra proof of their utilitarian chic versatility, just take a gander at Alexa Chung above.  (P.S.: More Alexa love.)

The Fashion Magpie Supergas Navy


You’re Sooooo Popular: The Utility Jacket.

+This Madewell fleet jacket ($118) — the most popular out of my entire round-up of utility jackets.

+This adorable eyelet shift dress ($89).

+My go-to post-shower romper (on sale for $44) — ideal for wearing while blow-drying hair and applying makeup.

+Fashion-forward gingham ruffle blouse ($51).

+My favorite leggings ($110).

+A heat-activated “roller in a bottle” spray ($18).

+Fabulous monogrammed gift ($30).

#Turbothot: Friends from College.

Have you watched the Netflix series Friends from College yet?  About 23 different people recommended the show to us, so we finally tuned in.  There were a few hilarious episodes (namely, the one that involves the Brazilian steakhouse), but when I think about the show in total, I’m loathe to label it a comedy.  In fact, I feel it was billed improperly–even wantonly?–as a rip-roaring thigh-slapper.  In one of its central plot lines, the show famously — and, according to several friends who have been through the ordeal, realistically — portrays the emotional and physical challenges of IVF.  I stand and applaud it for that.  Too many women live through the dark realities of getting pregnant and staying pregnant in silence and isolation.  Based on the admittedly anecdotal experience of myself, my family members, my network of friends, and this community of Magpies, I would venture to guess that though it feels that such challenges are the exception to the rule, they are–in fact–the rule itself.  The show normalizes this plight, casts light on it, creating space for empathy and conversation.  And for this reason, I would recommend the show to anyone asking.

On the other hand.  Mr. Magpie and I finished each episode and looked at each other despondently.  It felt so dark!  So depressing!  Infidelity, infertility, failed ambitions — everything that can go wrong will go wrong in this dark, Murphy’s-Law-driven world.  It was the inversion of my beloved Master of None*, where I’d find myself cringing and waiting for the dark kick-in-the-pants ending only to find something delightfully heart-warming instead.  Interesting to think about these two shows as complements to one another, as they both, in a sense, explore the concept of relationships and love in the modern, technology-steeped world in which we live.

At any rate, I think I’ll take the charm of Master of None over the grittiness of Friends from College.

What were your thoughts?

Shopaholic: The Linen Popover.

+This linen popover tunic ($48) is the sort of wardrobe basic I tend to reach for season after season.  Love it in the flax color or white color with white distressed skinnies and my Oran leather slide sandals.  Plus, who doesn’t love a tunic-length top?  Covers a whole manner of sins.

+Very Brigitte Bardot ($225).  This is my kind of dress — the fit, the timeless pattern.

+I love a good kitten heel with a pointed toe.  These tortoiseshell beauties ($139) would be ideal for work.  Imagine with a sleek dress, like this!

+The perfect end-of-summer throw-and-go dress (on sale for $100).  It’s nailing that Ulla Johnson boho babe vibe.


+Not sure I have the body type to pull this stunning dress off, but mannnnnn does it scream chic.



  1. Supergas! I love them and have several pairs, including a pair of blush pink slight platform sneakers — not sure how I felt about that pair initially, but after a few months, I’m glad I have them.

    I was considering that Madewell utility jacket you posted in the favorite links section, but ended up finding one from A.P.C. on super sale instead! So excited to receive it, just in time for fall.

    I still haven’t seen Master of None (covers eyes) … making it a priority after yours & so many other recommendations!

    1. Blush is such a great neutral — I find myself leaning towards that hue more often than not. WOOHOO for scoring an APC jacket on super sale — where?

    2. I actually found it on the randomest e-commerce website from Brooklyn — They have some great brands and often have crazy markdowns & extra 40% off codes — can’t even remember how I found them; probably from googling a certain piece that they happened to have! I always bookmark pieces on their site & then wait for the extra discount codes. Shipping is kind of outrageously expensive, but often still worth it since you’re getting such a deal on the items themselves. I once bought a Kitsune sweatshirt for $17!

  2. This is so good to know, Friends From College was on my list next to watch, so many people told me it was funny as well! I am so sad to hear that it’s not as light-hearted as I hoped. If you are, however, ever looking for a hilarious show that is just pure pleasure to watch, I would recommend Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. It is by far the funniest most underrated show I have seen in a while.

    Speaking of lists, Superga’s are next on my list, I think their addition to my wardrobe for fall is absolutely necessary. You can totally wear them in the fall right? Sometimes I equate their style with the beach and summer, but I am thinking they will make a nice transition?

    Thanks as always for sharing!

    1. Hi hi! I added that to my watch list! Thanks for sharing; hadn’t heard of it. And, Supergas are definitely a great fall shoe — so cute with jeans and a sweater! xoxo

  3. It’s interesting that you had so many recommendations for Friends From College — everyone I know HATED it (like, really needed to rage about it and elaborate on all of the reasons for their anger). I think people had high expectations based on the strong cast and good concept, but it sounds like a bummer. Master of None 4eva 🙂

    Speaking of leggings, I just got a pair of leggings from Girlfriend Collective and I’m in love. Have you heard of them? So comfy, quality seems great, and relatively affordable. Plus they are exactly the kind of clothing company I want to support — the leggings are actually made from recycled bottles (crazy, because they’re so soft!) and they provide lots of information about their business practices (using environmentally friendly dyes, paying fair wages and maintaining a safe factory facility, etc). I feel like I’m always searching for my perfect leggings and these might finally be the winner!

    1. Hi! I have heard GREAT things about Girlfriend Collective, including from one of my best friends, but have not yet tried a pair! I’m hoping to avoid leggings this fall because I literally lived in leggings during my pregnancy last winter season, but these may make me change my tune…

      SUPER interesting to hear how your circle of friends received “Friends from College”! I can certainly see why it’s polarizing…



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