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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 238: Velvet Furlanes + Sweet Somethings.

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: Vibi Venezia Velvet Furlanes.

I am super excited about my new velvet furlanes (seen above on founders Viola and Vera Arrivabene; come in several other colors, and under $100!) to pair with floaty fall/winter dresses, especially when working at home or hosting guests. Perfect when you want to feel pulled together but still comfortable — an elevated slipper. Especially perfect with a nap dress — did you see they are launching velvet and tartan options October 20th?! I can’t wait. I also feel like the forest green color and velvet material are helpful for “winterizing” year-round dresses — for example, you could pair with a Julia Amory dress and feel just-right for fall, and then wear that same dress with leather sandals in summer. I might even pair with some of my summer dresses, like this white mini I wore constantly, and throw a sweater over top, during these transitional days where it’s 50 degrees in the morning and 70 in the evening. Or imagine pairing the velvet slippers with white jeans and a white tee and a little sweater around the shoulders. Love! See below for more chic inspo from the brand’s Instagram account…

I have to say I was torn between the velvet green, which feel so appropriate for the holidays, and the hot pink seen immediately below! I’ve seen a lot of chic peas wearing these hot pink Velvet Chanels around (including my girlfriend Jen Hunter and HHH founder Nellie Diamond) and was momentarily inspired. But the greens will go so well with all of my fall wardrobe picks and tartan everything!

vibi venezia furlanes
vibi venezia furlanes
vibi venezia furlanes
vibi venezia furlanes
vibi venezia furlanes
vibi venezia furlanes
vibi venezia furlanes

You’re Soooo Popular: Le Padded Headband.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

the fashion magpie best sellers

+Ulla Johnson cardi.

+The padded headband I’ll be pairing with everything I own.

+Chicest clogs to pair with fall dresses.

+Spanx’s “perfect pant.” Love that this could be worn to work or with cool sneakers and a sweater on the weekend.

+Ribbed stretch u-neck — perfect for layering beneath statement cardigans to show a tiny bit of clavicle, or tucked into a fall skirt.

+Stunning blouse.

+BEST eyeliner (under $10).

+Manolo-inspired mules.*

+Gorgeous statement mirror. (20% off!)

+Nicola Bathie velvet pumps.

+Letterpress thank you note set (under $20!)

+Chambray ruffle collar blouse.

+My current running shoes.

+Classic cableknit crew for $40.

+Oversized sweater.

+$20 loafers for a little man.

*Note on these: I find they run wide, but are fairly comfortable. A reader reached out and said she received hers and felt duped because the picture did not match the shoe perfectly. That led me to investigate my shoe versus the picture on the site, and I agree — the pictures are not exactly accurate! The heel is slightly higher and the shoe is slightly wider IRL. However, for $50, I think they are pretty remarkable (and comfortable). I got them in navy — you can see me in them here. I did want to call the discrepancy out, though — thanks to the reader for alerting me to this so I could share!

Weekend Musings: Sweet Somethings.

As I tucked mini into bed the other night, she asked me: “Why do you call Mimi [her name for my mother] every night?” I replied: “Because she’s my mommy, and I love her. I hope you call me even when you’re all grown up and out of the house.” She frowned, and then her lip quivered. “You mean only Hill will live with you then?” I realized immediately the fault in suggesting that there might be a time she would not live with me (such a move is so far beyond her ken, it’s unfathomable — possibly traumatic to contemplate) and was quick to reassure her that such a move was not imminent. She thought about this for awhile. “Well,” she said, finally, turning her nose up in the air in defiance, “Even when I’m growed up, I’ll build a house next to yours.”

Wild how these sweet, narrow expressions of love and unwavering attachment can absolutely bring you to your knees when you least expect it. I was going to pause here and ask you to share some of your own “sweet nothings” — some of the tender little morsels your children offer up to you that remind you of your centricity to their world — and I realized these aren’t “nothings” after all. They are the fiber of love.

So what are the sweet somethings you’ve received recently?

Post-Scripts: Velvet Dresses + Sweater Headbands.

+This velvet mini comes in such a great color.

+Another fun headband to love.

+Another fab fall dress. (Y’all loved this one — I ordered in the burgundy.)

+Considering buying mini this coordinating cord dress!

+This plaid statement bag is darling (and under $150!)

+A great lamp for a bedside table.

+Sweet scalloped birthday card.

+Simple gold bracelets to mix in with your everyday stack.

+These striped pajamas are beyond adorable and can be monogrammed!

+CHIC houndstooth jacket.

+This silk Vince dress is super elegant in that winter white hue, especially with brown suede boots or velvet heels.

+Love this plaid, flounced button-down, especially with suede accessories.

+Cute pearl hoops.

+Straight up love this table.

+These $20 sweats come in such great (on-trend) colors, especially the taupes/browns.

+A great layering dress.

+Lululemon Define jacket vibes for less.

+Pretty handmade earrings.

+ICYMI: great movie recs in the comments on this post.

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 238: Velvet Furlanes + Sweet Somethings.

  1. As my son and I sat out on our deck, he said “Oma and Opa can build their house in our back yard and we can build a big pond and buy a killer whale and put him in it! My parents had just brought him back from Sea World!

  2. PS: That outfit in the third image, within the text — the white statement blouse, light wash jeans, burgundy furlanes — LOVE! There’s nothing like the simplicity of white top + jeans, but turned up a notch with the statement collar detail plus the shoes.

  3. Oh, my heart! Your mini is so sweet — I love her use of “growed up” — adorable!

    My daughter (3 years and 10 months) recently said to me, out of the blue: “Mama, I was thinking about the good things in the world.” I said, “what are some good things in the world?” And she replied, “YOU!” Heart melting, I proceeded to give her the biggest hug.

    But here’s the punchline: a moment later, she told me: “Go away please, Mama, I need some space.”

    Ah, the mercurial ways of a three year old!

    And every now and then, she will say “sweet somethings” to me when I lay beside her in bed, before I say good night to her — “I’m so glad you’re here with me.”

    When I doubt my parenting (which has been often, recently), I come back to these moments and think, I must be doing something good?

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