Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 208: OMG, It’s Lionel Richie.

By: Jen Shoop

A Thank You Note.

Thank you so much for your participation in the Good+ Foundation Amazon drive last week — in part because of the Magpie community, Good+ received 100% or more in every category requested, from humidifiers to warm winter coats to toddler beds to distribute to families in need. This incredible organization was also included in this heartbreaking article on the difficulty poor families have encountered in diapering their babies during the pandemic.

Thank you again for your enormous hearts!

My Latest Snag: Pretty Spring Dress.

Spring, I’m coming for you. I had to order this pretty sunshine-ready dress. It brought to mind some other dresses in similar patterns I’ve been eyeing, too — this LSF and this Reformation — but at $108, I couldn’t resist the price!

You’re Sooooo Popular: Spring J. Crew Dress.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

+Distressed, drawstring-waist denim. The perfect hybrid between athleisure and cool downtown wear. If distressing isn’t your speed, they also carry an olive green pair worth considering. I would dress these up by pairing with pointed toe flats and a fitted turtleneck or striped tee.

+Such chic chairs for a living space or breakfast nook.

+Who doesn’t love a quilted pullover for chilly early spring mornings?

+My $15 shades are reminiscent of Celine…but it hurts a lot less when you misplace or scratch them.

+Take the guesswork out of print-coordination in your throw pillow game — my girl Christina from St. Frank will do it for it. (Christina was one of my earliest women of substance profiles!)

+What the cool girls wear.

+These shades are amazing. (And under $100.)

+A cover-up that goes with anything and that will be a mainstay in your summer wardrobe forever.

+Sweet floral print napkins.

+A great round end table.

+The cheeriest planters.

+Kissy Kissy jammies, on sale!

+A great everyday sandal for summer.

Weekend Musings: Oh My God, It’s Lionel Richie.

I may be the only Magpie to tune into American Idol, but I still enjoy watching the audition episodes from this dinosaur of a show because — despite how formulaic it has become — there is something stirring about witnessing Americans from all walks of life baldly, occasionally ill-advisedly, publicly pursue a dream. These people are putting themselves out there, jumping into the arena, in just about as public a forum as can be imagined. Damn! They are brave! They go boldly!

In one recent audition, a contestant displayed a shrugging lack of confidence in himself. In the de rigueur pep talk that ensued, judge Lionel Richie said: “Do you know what I say when I look at myself in the mirror first thing in the morning?” He took a breath, rearranging his voice into the tone of a starstruck passerby catching a glimpse of a celebrity: “Oh my God! It’s Lionel Richie!”

Can you imagine the big energy that would bring to your day? To wake up, splash water on your face, and say:

“Oh my God! It’s Heidi M.!” or “It’s Jessica Clare!” or “It’s Mia G.!” or “It’s Brooke M.!” (To specifically name a couple of frequent Magpie commenters.)

I like the idea of bringing that enthusiasm and confidence into my morning. Even if it feels a little silly.

Do you have any morning routines that really rev the engines?

P.S. If you need more pep talk ideas, check out the amazing responses to this icebreaker.

Post-Scripts: OMG! This Dress!

+OMG – this dress! Under $30 and gives me Hill House meets Ulla vibes. LOVE. Can’t decide what color — black? green? pink? white? AHH!

+I always get questions about what to wear to a maternity shoot, baby shower, or newborn photos. This is a great pick for any of those occasions!

+Sweet Easter platter/pedestal.

+This heart-embroidered night dress for a little one. Swoon!

+This nail color is right up my alley. I love the matte, milky pink-whites!

+This floral crepe de chine dress is spectacular for a Baptism or more demure/conservative springtime event.

+Darling pink gingham bubble.

+More cute Easter/spring outfits for littles here.

+Simple white tunic dress for everyday wear in summer — pair with trendy shades and pretty sandals and you are set.

+Seriously just the prettiest pillow.

+Everyone’s favorite stepstool — such an eye-catching upgrade from the metal collapsing ones.

+This floral puff-sleeved sweatshirt (at time of writing, on sale for $36) is so fun. I’d style it under joveralls or with high rise light wash denim.

+Be the cool mom and upgrade your little one’s next sensory bin experience with these. Mini would flip.

+Added this to my list for ideas for upcoming car travel with mini.

+Everyone loves a vintage tennis tee.

+These shorts are too cute. (Fourth of July!)

+WOW these mirrors from new boutique Fleur Home. More great statement mirrors here.

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 208: OMG, It’s Lionel Richie.

  1. Oh, I love this! Affirmations are important … and Mia, thank you for jogging my memory about that amazing YouTube video! So cute.

    I’m sad I missed out on that amazing score of a Target dress in black or white … until I remember that I’m overindexed on summer dresses! Haha! Still — great find!


    1. Yes – although strangely enough I looked through my spring/summer dresses and realized I really wore them ALL SUMMER LONG last year and need a refresh this go around, even with several months intervening between the last time I wore them! Ha! Never enough sundresses…


  2. Wow, now THAT is a pep talk! I’ll have to try it!

    I needed to hear this, particularly as I think about my next steps after my 3 years and counting career pause since I had my daughter… I feel like I’ve lost some confidence and I question whether my skills, research interests, etc are still relevant as I’ve been disconnected from my profession and my network.

    Relatedly, I sometimes revisit this video and thought I’d put it here for anyone who needs a reminder: (can also search “Jessica’s Daily Affirmations” if the link doesn’t work)

    1. Oh my gosh – I LOVE that video!!! Thanks for reminding me of it.

      Glad this pep talk can help as you approach your next steps. I can completely empathize with some of the emotions you are grappling with!


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