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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 186: New Knits + Advice from Octavia Butler.

*Image above of the georgeous Natasha Ndlovu. The understated elegance of an LWD and big shades — could she be any chicer?! Makes me want to revisit my post on tennis-inspired fashion

My Latest Snag: New Knits.

I made two knitwear investments this week that I am ecstatic about: this flounced cableknit sweater ($29! — can envision wearing it with my new jeans or a houndstooth skirt) and this bow-shouldered cashmere sweater tank. The latter is so impractical but I couldn’t resist the bows and everyone needs a special “going out” shirt to look forward to in the winter. I’m imagining it for some reason with a large black satin bow in my hair even though I’ve never worn anything like that before.

P.S. Speaking of knits, Target has the most darling knit rompers available for tiny baby girls, and they are all under $20 and selling fast. Get the La Coqueta look for a song! Also love this one (Thanksgiving?) and this one.

You’re Sooooo Popular: The Chic Fleece.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

+Sharp leather-trim fleece.

+My new jeans!

+Clogs are IN this season, and this is a particularly chic and minimalist pair (under $100). (These are also fun and on sale.)

+Sleek everyday boots.

+This casual $30 fleece I have been living in post-workout.

+Affordable chinoserie planters.

+Adorable and affordable toddler cardigan.

+Darling satin bows for a little lady.

+My favorite eye primer — I often wear this by itself, without eye shadow!

+Cute lined corduroys for little girls.

Weekend Musings: Advice from Octavia Butler.

I’ve had a couple of conversations with close friends working through challenging interactions with colleagues and family members in the past few weeks, and have had several occasions in those exchanges to share a quote I read earlier this year that has helped me gain perspective when I have felt hurt, misunderstood, or unfairly treated:

“If you understood how frequently people cope by projecting, you’d learn to take absolutely nothing personally.” — Octavia Butler

What I love about this quote is that it serves both self and other: it makes me feel better, but it is also rooted in empathy and the acknowledgment that other people are coping with their own, often invisible-to-me, troubles. Of course, the sentiment must not stand in for absolution when I have done the wrong thing or put my foot in my mouth, nor should it represent carte blanche forgiveness for unkindnesses at the hands of others. By try it on for size the next time you are on the receiving end of an uncharitable word. I think you’ll be surprised at how much perspective it affords.

Post-Scripts: Parenting Advice + Ballet Flats.

+Parenting advice I love.

+$13 ballet flats for a little one.

+This cute dress is now available in four colors — I still love the brown for fall with suede boots but the beige and blue are incredible, too.

+I’ve never been big into combat boots (that is, besides those Chanel ones that are sold out everywhere and that everyone looks SO good in) but OMG are these chic or what?! I love the idea of pairing them with a sweater jacket like this.

+Much love for my hometown of D.C.

+These Halloween jammies were just marked down to $30, with free shipping, in case you’ve been holding out for your little ones! (More Halloween pajamas here and more ideas on how to make this Halloween special here. You still have time to plan — but not much!)

+OK, this statement sweatshirt is beyond. At this rate, I will only be wearing sweatshirts from now through 2022. (Ahem.)

+For some reason, this scallop-trim sports bra is only $7.70 in my size! Ordered immediately.

+These silicone bibs come in great (non-garish) colors and prints.

+Doen vibes for $60 — actually, for less than that, since it’s 30% off through 10/4 with code SHOP30.

+Chic storage bins for bulky bags of chips/cereal.

+Kind of surprising myself here, but I’m into the dressy shorts that are all over the place right now — love these leather ones and these Tibis, too.

+What you’re shopping for.

+Loving this $59 ribbed knit sweater.


  1. Octavia’s quote resonanted so profoundly for me, and as always, your eloquent articulation of your feelings made it doubly impactful. I am constantly reminding myself when I have felt slighted, to think of the person -if I know them well, and to think about their intent, their heart -if I am confident that they would not intentionally hurt me or cause harm, I try to let it go. If I still feel hurt after reflection, I find it important to have an open conversation about my feelings so that we can move on quickly without resentment. It has served me so much for my own health and for the strength of my relationships.

    1. Hi Taryn – This quote totally blew me away. I think about it constantly; glad I shared it if it was helpful to you, too. I think your approach of talking directly with someone when you can’t move beyond the hurt is so smart. xx

  2. Olivia Butler is transcendent (and a savage wit). We read Parable of the Sower for book club a few years back and let’s just say it was EXTREMELY on the nose. (And more so now.) The events of the past year and a recent move to the suburbs has me mulling over another quote of hers, from Parable of the Talents: “Beware / At war / Or at peace / More people die / Of unenlightened self-interest /Than of any other disease.” It’s so very easy for me to slip down that path, and most days are a one step/two step situation — but those words are a decent clarion call.

    1. Wow – incredible quote, and a good jolt of reality/perspective for me, too. Thank you for sharing that!


  3. Such a good and relevant quote! I’ve embarrassingly never read anything by Octavia Butler, but would like to change that soon.

    Also, that Simone Rocha sweatshirt is the stuff of dreeeeams!

    Have a good weekend! xx

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