Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 167: A New Face Mask + Musings on Hand Shakes.

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Face Mask.

I actually purchased this highly-buzzed-about face mask awhile ago but had not tested it until recently as I have been attempting to be more deliberate about introducing new skincare into my regimen. I wish I hadn’t waited to so long because I am obsessed with it. I put it on as the last layer in my evening skincare regimen* and left it on over night — my skin looked so bright and happy the next morning! Buy it at Walmart — it’s for some reason $20 cheaper than anywhere else.

*My evening skincare regimen: remove makeup with Bioderma micellar water and Muji facial cotton; apply Glycolic Elite 15% wipes; moisturize with Wild Rose night brightening facial cream (15% off this weekend). When I used the face mask, I skipped the moisturizing stage.

P.S. Can’t stop staring at the bathroom above. Love love love love love. A perfect blend of old and new.

You’re Sooooo Popular: An Under-$100 Stunner.

The most popular items on the blog this past week:

+Prettiest smocked, floral dress. (Nailing a number of hot microtrends in one under-$100 package.)

+Levi’s LMC sweatshirt. (Look for less — love both colors!)

+Eyelet maxi — 25% off this weekend if you’re a member of the AnthroPerks program.

+Punchy cereal bowls.

+CUTEST one-piece (extra 25% off with code MDW25).

+The smocked jumpsuit you never knew you always needed.

+Best bra ever.

+Cute cocktail napkins.

+The best addition to my “glam regimen in the past year.

#Turbothot: Will We Ever Shake Hands Again?

My sister and I were musing over whether this pandemic will mark the death of hand-shaking, or the double European kiss, or even something as small as handing somebody a lid for her to-go coffee cup when in tight quarters at Joe’s Coffee. In essence: is this how it happens? We both trailed off, shrugging, plucking lint off our sweaters, feeling confused and sad about the prospect of these evolutions in once-familiar daily interactions. Mr. Magpie looked on, over his beer, pensive.

The next day, Mr. Magpie told me: “I saw a picture from 1919 of a trolley driver refusing to permit a passenger on board because she wasn’t wearing a face mask.” We walked on for a minute. “So, I mean — we’ll shake hands again.”

I felt a little wave of relief wash over me — of reassurance. Americans were living under similar prohibitions just a century ago, and those gradually fell away as the world recovered and normalcies were restored.

This must be in part why we take photographs and document the news and study history: to remind ourselves of the incredible expanse and resilience of humanity.


+People love this hair blow dryer. A solid pick if you’re not willing to invest in the Dyson but want to upgrade from your Conair (<<which is what I still use).

+Kind of wish I’d seen these Footmates sandals before buying mini the Sun Sans! I love Sun Sans but these Footmates are nearly identical BUT have a velcro strap rather than buckle. Genius.

+Fun little shoes at a great price point.

+If you are still drooling over this nursery: get the look for less with this well-priced acrylic crib!

+If you missed out on this $49 eyelet maxi, consider this ultra-chic variation in black.

+Oo! I love this in both colors — Ulla-esque.

+PSA: I have heard it from good authority (Courtney Grow!) that you can buy Mason Pearson brushes at a fraction of their usual price here — these are all “opened boxes” but brand new.

+More “underpinning” purchases here, and as an update: I went with these running shoes (so cool looking and supposed to be amazing) and have to say that these inexpensive underwear are a PRETTY DAMN GOOD DUPE for Hanky Panky! (Plus, you get 5 for the price of 1 Hanky Panky…)

+Just ordered this volume spray to see if it helps. My hair is so flat and stick-straight!


+More great sales.

+And this very popular dress is currently $25 off! Also really love this striped tee — currently on sale.

+The MG cloud clutch was restocked!

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 167: A New Face Mask + Musings on Hand Shakes.

  1. Re: handshakes: I was having a similar conversation with a friend about how our social interactions and displays of affection will look like after this… and it saddened me. I’m not a big hugger except for select people in my life, but I remember situations when words just failed me and a hug spoke more than I could ever express in words – like when a friend went through a miscarriage, or when a friend had a major accomplishment… times like these, a loving touch goes such a long way. I do appreciate Mr. Magpie’s historical perspective — though it may take some time to get there, that thought provided some comfort!

  2. So funny, I bought the Footmates last summer when the Sun Sans were sold out, and this year initially bought the Sun Sans but after one day was like, NOPE! Immediately re-bought the Footmates. The Velcro closure is clutch. Anyway, TMI on my toddler sandal journey but I fully endorse them!

  3. Happy MDW! I love that pink Levi’s sweatshirt. Great find! I also took advantage of the Anthro sale to order some Bala Bangles, after hemming & hawing for months … thank you for the tip!!


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