Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 165: Delivery Lattes and Parent Advice.

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: Lattes, Crackers, and Kids’ Stuff.

First: I really wish I was seated at the table above right now. I can almost taste that croissant. Instead, my bottled latte will have to do — which brings me to a random assortment of recent purchases:







You’re Sooooo Popular: Toy Organization Bins.

The most popular items on the blog this past week:

+Inexpensive bins for toy organization. Note: the mediums slide under both of my children’s cribs/beds, which is delightful.

+Who doesn’t love a classic striped shirtdress? Especially when it’s 40% off.

+Chic update on a tee.

+Obsessed with this swimsuit in the white.

+A pretty smocked floral.

+My favorite juice glasses…which I also use for wine.

+Drooling over this skirt, which is on my spring shopping list. FINALLY ON SALE!

+Cutest embroidered cardigan for a little one.

+Just the most precious “special” dress ever.

+Beautiful and reasonably-priced quilt for your next picnic.

#Turbothot: Classic Parent Advice.

I have been missing my parents terribly, and with Mother’s Day tomorrow, I particularly enjoyed this illustration of “Classic Mom Advice.” My mom would definitely say all of these things, along with the following, which I have heard so many times throughout my 36 years of life, I can anticipate their arrival in our conversation:

“If you’re stomach is upset, stick to the BART diet: bananas-apples-rice-toast.”

“One thing a day, Jen. Just set out to accomplish one thing a day.”

“Always keep a couple ginger ales and saltines in the pantry.”

“Go to bed early.”

“Write your thank you notes as soon as possible after receipt of a gift. And make those notes personal.”

“Call if you will be late — even a few minutes late.”

And from my Dad:

“Never look back. Keep moving forward.”

“Never go anywhere without reading material.”

“Never leave until tomorrow what can be done today.”

“Grind it out.” [Meaning, dig in and work hard.]

“Water and exercise heal most things.”

“Be civil, above all else.”

What classic parent advice do you have to share?

P.S. An aubade to parenting, why I’m lucky to be a child, and musings on discipline/rules in my childhood household.


+This may actually transform me into the kind of girl who wears a denim jacket.

+This blouse is AMAZING (under $70).

+I think Hill needs these toile jammies now that his precious toile crib sheet has arrived.

+This floral maxi is everything (and $25!)

+Perfect statement earrings for a bride-to-be — 30% off!

+Absolutely smitten with this dress.

+OMG – this bib collar top!!! (One of my favorite microtrends RN.)

+The cut of this dress is so high-end — but it’s $120! LOVE. Looks like Khaite or Staud or something!

+If you need to get in on the quarantine tie dye trend — $30 for sweats here!

+Very into this look on Hill right now.

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 165: Delivery Lattes and Parent Advice.

  1. Classic parent advice: love everything your parents have said! Here’s one my mother has always told me: know your negotiables and non-negotiables. It applies to so many things — choosing a life partner, a job, parenting, etc.

    I bought that Talbots striped shirtdress and I love love love it! I was so sad when my classic J. Crew shirtdress no longer fit after I had my daughter (I’m convinced my ribcage expanded and never returned to pre-pregnancy!) and sizing up didn’t work. I couldn’t find a suitable replacement until the Talbots one — happy dance! It makes me feel instantly put together, which is what I’m aiming for in these shelter-in-place days. The magic of a classic shirtdress!

    Curious about the Pop & Bottle lattes… would you say they’re creamy? I find non-dairy milks to be lacking in that department, and I’m so used to the texture/consistency of whole milk in my coffee.

    1. First – LOVE that quote about negotiables and non-negotiables. Applicable in even the smallest of circumstances — so true. Wow! Going to carry that with me.

      Second — YAY for that Talbots dress! I love a classic shirtdress. So flattering and easy to wear, and can be dressed up or down. My summer go-to as well.

      Third — Actually, these are really creamy, at least the oat latte ones. They have a great mouth-feel. La Colombe’s are less frothy. BUT. They are a little on the sweet side — just a heads up in case you like black coffee only.


  2. Do you prefer those to the la colombe draft lattes? Also you seem like an amazing mom- happy Mother’s Day! x

    1. Hi! I like them both — I would say that the Pop and Bottles ones are much sweeter (more like an elevated bottled Frappuccino, you know?!), but I don’t hate a little sweetness in the afternoon.

      Thank you so much for the sweet words, too, on Mother’s Day 🙂


  3. Happy Mother’s Day, Jen! I loved these pieces of parental advice — so many remind me of my own mom (she even uses the same upset-stomach trick, except we always called it the BRAT diet! Haha!) I miss my mom terribly today, but hearing her voice earlier helped a good deal.

    Those lattes look GOOD! xx

    1. Yes – thank God for the phone! Imagine back during the 1918 flu, when you were just entirely disconnected!! Were people just tougher back then? Thanks for the mother’s day wishes!! xx

  4. Hi Jen!
    I’m still a frequent reader, but less of a commenter due to (gestures around) this crazy life!
    My favorite parenting advice from my mom sounds stern but is SO GOOD:
    don’t give away your power
    I use this in reference to things big and small: clothing selections (I choose what goes in the closet, you can select what to wear), food (I choose what goes on the plate, you choose what you eat), hairdos (neat and tidy every day!), etc.
    It has saved me many times when I find someone or something getting a bit unruly and then I remember, oh yea, I’M THE MOM!
    Happy early Mother’s Day to you!

    1. Thank you for sharing this! Have totally found myself in that position — will be keeping this advice in mind!

      Happy mother’s day!


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