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Have you guys been watching the new season of Aziz Ansari’s Master of None?  I love this quirky little show.  Something about the dialogue–or maybe the way the scenes are cut?–is super awkward and jilting, but it’s also delightfully artful and creative and well-styled.  The second season is even more playful and “out there” than the first, with scenes and plot lines not directly related to Aziz’s character built in to showcase particular themes and tropes, including a portion of one episode portraying a deaf woman that is entirely without any sound.  Interesting and creative stuff.

The first few episodes, though, are set in Italy.   Aziz’s character decides to take a few months off of life to learn how to make pasta from a little Italian grandma and just live the good life.  Between these scenes and House Hunters: International (the best the best the best), I am experiencing a keen sense of wanderlust.  One summer in the future, I would love to pack up mini and Mr. and head abroad for an entire summer.  Who knows how feasible this is.  (And what would we do with Tilly?)  But it’s a dream.

In the meantime, I’m lobbying for a vacation somewhere more attainable with a beach and drinks with umbrellas and no agenda.  And, here’s what I’d like to pack:

+Globetrotter suitcase ($1,485).  Hella impractical — that color would show so many scratches! — but SO pretty.  A girl can dream. More practical and personally highly rated is the Tumi Alpha 2.  I love this suitcase.  It’s super well-made and well-designed.

The Fashion Magpie Globetrotter Suitcase

+A perfect daytime-to-evening dress ($375).

+A packable sunhat ($60).

+Jacks ($118).

+Monogrammed beach bag (Rae Feather, $205).

+Per my post yesterday, an amazing one-piece ($168).  Love the gingham!  More chic swimsuit options here.

+My favorite pair of shades from Wildfox ($179). The Fashion Magpie Rebecca Taylor Sundress

The Fashion Magpie Packable Sunhat


The Fashion Magpie Jack Rogers


The Fashion Magpie Rae Feather Straw Bag

The Fashion Magpie Solid and Striped Bathing Suit

The Fashion Magpie Pink Wildfox Sunglasses

+A beach blanket ($65).  P.S. — also love these monogrammable beach towels from Pottery Barn in this bisque awning stripe ($39).

+Easy-to-wear tunic dresses like this TopShop lovely ($90 — and more amazing beachy breezy styles here!) are also perfect for beach days.

+Hilarious hat ($88).

+I didn’t include it in the roundup yesterday because of the hefty price tag ($550 for a bathing suit?!), but this polka dot wonder is TO DIE.

+How adorbs is this pair of gingham, bow-topped sandals ($138)?!

The Fashion Magpie Turkish Towel Beach Towel

The Fashion Magpie TopShop Embroidered Dress

The Fashion Magpie Hold Your Horses Sunhat


The Fashion Magpie Johanna Ortiz Polka Dot Swimsuit


The Fashion Magpie JCrew Gingham Sandal

Finally, these wear-with-EVERYTHING flower earrings ($140) have my attention.  Which color, though?

The Fashion Magpie The Gardenia Earrings Mochi Blue The Fashion Magpie The Gardenia Earrings Mochi Pink The Fashion Magpie The Gardenia Earrings Mochi White

Also–for mini–how adorable is this as her first Lilly ($54)?  Should I get a coordinating shift ($178)?  With some baby Jacks ($49)?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME. The Fashion Magpie Lilly Pulitzer Infant Dress


The Fashion Magpie Baby JACK Rogers

P.S. A cute source for Lilly-esque infant hairbows from Etsy.

P.P.S.  I love this sun bonnet for a babe — also a great Etsy find!


  1. YES! I think you’ll enjoy the second season. I find his series so heart-warming. I didn’t have the opportunity to live in NYC in my 20s (though I was *thisclose* to uprooting myself to do so at one point), but I had many friends who did and can imagine that it is a pretty truthful representation of the magic and mayhem of that city.

  2. LOVE Aziz. The first season of Master of None was genius — it was amazing how he was able to say so many smart things about race, gender, and relationships (with friends, parents, potential mates) in these perfectly charming and funny little episodes. I also felt like it captured the madness and magic of living in NYC better than any other show — the worst apartments, the best food, crazy nights out, great friends, terrible strangers.

    Can’t wait to start season 2! I’m working through The Handmaid’s Tale right now and every episode leaves me wrecked, so something lighter sounds good…

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