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Tippy Top.

Today, a couple of things at the tippy top of my wishlist — an abbreviated “10 picks” if you will:

Pick No. 1: The Banjanan Dress.

I am officially in love with every single dress from the relatively new label Banjanan, including the maxi shown on the uber chic Arabella Green Hill above.  Also adore this maxi skirt (such a fun print — yellow is so unexpected and vivacious!), this discounted stunner, and this voluminous white dress (that neckline tho!)

Pick No. 2: The Celine Shades.

I am majorly lusting after these boxy, oversized Celine Butterfly shades.  Will I be as cool as Joan Didion if I wear them?

The Fashion Magpie Celine Sunglasses

The Fashion Magpie Celine Sunglasses


The Fashion Magpie Celine Sunglasses

Pick No. 3: The Bobbi Brown Skincare Kit.

I’m very comfortable with my current skincare routine, but have been eyeing this Bobbi Brown kit — an incredible deal right now.  Bobbi Brown is a tried-and-true, no gimmick kind of brand for me; I’ve never found a product of theirs I don’t like, and have been wearing their blush in pale pink for years and years (maybe more than a decade?) and lip tint for months on end.  Their products just work.  As an added bonus, I love their simple branding and sophisticated packaging. The Fashion Magpie Bobbi Brown Set

Pick No. 4: The Princess Charlotte Look.

I am still drooling over the absolutely perfect photos from Prince Louis’ christening, and especially the children’s picture-perfect outfits.  Of course I was immediately drawn to Princess Charlotte’s sweet dress and have been inspired to track down similar styles for my own mini.  I am pretty sure she is wearing a dress from Amaia Kids (almost all of the styles are currently sold out, which is a promising clue) or Pepa and Company.  I might get a similar look with one of the following styles: timeless Luli and Me, a sweet, traditional confection from Alexandros, or this simpler style from Little English.  Also adore this precious gingham style from Rachel Riley and this stunning smocked lovely from LE.

The Fashion Magpie Prince Louis Christening

The Fashion Magpie Luli and Me Dress

Pick No. 5: The Velvet Bow Kitten Heels.

Wow — these elegant velvet bow-towed  kitten heels look like an Aquazzura but cost only $48?!?!  What a steal!  As Jonathan Van Hess would say: can you believe?!?!?!

The Fashion Magpie Velvet Bow Mules 1

The Fashion Magpie Velvet Bow Mules 2

Pick No. 6: The White Blouse.

I am straight up in love with this chic peplum white blouse.  $65 and I will wear it constantly.

The Fashion Magpie JCrew Blouse


P.S.  Are you a pragmatic cook?

P.P.S.  What words do you hate?


  1. Love Bananjan, and those kitten heels are adorable, especially for the price! I find ASOS to be quite hit-or-miss in terms of quality, and I generally try to buy the best-quality items I can afford (they last so much longer!) — but these are tempting.

    1. Agreed on ASOS — totally hit or miss. But sometimes, for the flash-in-the-pan kind of trends…

    2. Absolument! I just think I’m bitter because I spent $80 on a beautiful pleated midi dress from ASOS that turned out to be made out of the cheapest, worst fabric. It was swiftly returned 🙂

  2. Ah! The kitten heels are missing a link. Can you please provide? Just thought of about twelve outfits I would wear with them.

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