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FRIDAY!!!!  I’m so happy to see you!  It’s already a great day because this fantastic old school jam by Color Me Badd aired on the radio early this a.m., much to my delight and glee.  Just the thing to greet the weekend.  As per usual, I’m far too excited to roll out a carefully organized post, so I’ll just pass along what’s been striking my fancy for the past week.

Did anyone else tune in to see the dog show earlier this week?  It only exacerbated my puppy fever.  I need a dog.  Now.  Mr. Magpie and I have long been debating between the Welsh Terrier and the French Bulldog, but my main objective at the moment is just to add a little four-legged pupperoo to our life, whichever breed he prefers.  This goal has, of course, sent me on a variety of imaginary shopping excursions for our little pup.  How darling are these dog beds ($59-$79 depending on size, Harry Barker)?!

Also, how cute are these personalized dog prints ($9, Fire Hydrant Press)?!  Is it too early to order one?!  (We already have the name picked out!)

Just when I thought Chloe’s Marcie couldn’t be any more covetable, they created a version in downtown-chic denim.  ACK.  I can’t decide which I love more — the crossbody ($525), the shoulder bag ($1,325), or the large satchel ($2,265).


I’m attending two birthday affairs this weekend, and heading to Vegas in just two weeks for my bestie’s bachelorette.  Suffice to say, I’ve got celebration on the brain, and I need some killer kicks.  Loving (!) these polka dot mules from — who else?! — Kate Spade ($328, Jildor):

Yeah, neon is still rocking out in my world.  I’ve been sporting either shocking pink from Illamasqua ($14, Sephora) or poppy orange-red (Tom Ford, $30, Bergdorf’s):

I was up in NYC this past weekend for what might have been the most hilarious + fun weekend of my life.  I got to attend a fab blogger event hosted by Currently Obsessed, Shopbop, and ASOS at the Soho House in NY, explore Chelsea Market {which was hosting a pop-up “Swamp People” exhibit with REAL alligators!  Who would have thought I’d see an alligator in Manhattan?!}, hit up the Rubins art museum {fascinating, especially the murals on the 3rd floor}, eat {including at Spice Market — incredible!}, go wine tasting, people watch at the Standard Biergarten, and — sort of my favorite pitstop of the weekend — hit up the Rusty Knot for post-dinner drinks.  This place is kitschy.  Half of it sort of looks like a waiting room in a dentist’s office, with an awkward small-scale fish-tank and a strange lined-upalong-the-wall chair arrangement.  But the crowd was awesome and unpretentious, which was semi-refreshing after the “I’m very important and beautiful” vibe I witnessed at the Standard {can’t say it wasn’t a deserved ‘tude — there were lots of beautiful and important people there!}  At any rate, the Rusty Knot had the most INCREDIBLE frozen drink called — you guessed it — the Rusty Knot.  My cousin called them “frozen mojitos,” and that’s about accurate — I tasted mint, limes, and rum.  DELIGHTFUL.






{When I recreate them, I need to serve them in these cheeky plastic cups — $38 for sleeve of 25, Monogram Goods.}

Speaking of citrus, these 11×14 letterpress designs by Sycamore Street Press ($35 each) caught my eye.  I think they’d make a fun little installation on a white kitchen wall.

Love the retro appeal.  And how cool that they’re letterpressed?!

My bestie and I have weekly “sninner” + trashy tv + wine nights.  {Sninner = snack dinner, or lots of little appetizers instead of an actual meal.}  I try to switch things up when I’m hosting {for Italian — caprese salad, crusty bread, and Italian charcuterie; other times, it’s Greek — hummus and pita, spanokopita from Trader Joe’s, dried fruits, and olives; still other times, it’s Spanish — marcona almonds, manchego cheese, chorizo, etc.}  But the one staple?  Cheese.  I have to have it for our weekly sninner because Mr. Magpie is not a huge fan of the fromage.  {He had a rough experience with Mac & Cheese as a child, and has been leery of it every since.  Strange, in a sense, because he’s the ultimate adventurous eater otherwise.}  For this reason, I’ve had my eye on this brightly-colored cheese server kit from L’Aguiole ($32, Anthropologie)


I’ve also got my eye on these ceramic cheese markers ($35 for set, Rain Collection):

Alternately, for another serving option: I recently saw a cute presentation for a cheese board — serve it on a chalkboard — and have been contemplating doing something similar.  Buy one here or take on the DIY challenge with instructions here.

{images from Wit & Whistle}

There’s no legitimate explanation for needing or wanting this camera ($90, ModCloth), but it’s cool.  Enough said.

…and not just any jewelry.  I’m all about pops of sapphire blue, like these Bounkit drops ($395, Charm & Chain) and this gumball stone bracelet ($45, J. Crew) as well as citrine/neon yellow ($24 for necklace, ColorBlockShop):


Finally, I really must own this hot pink mini from Robert Rodriguez ($395, Shopbop).  It’s a done deal.

The color!  The scalloped hem!  I die.  (And PSST.  I know I feature a lot of Diane von Furstenberg already, but please take a minute to check out the amazing color palette she’s made available this season.  DIE.


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