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Things I Love Today.

Some things I love:

+Driving around town with my windows down and Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic album blasting.  Have I told you how much Mr. Magpie and I love Bruno?  We have watched his performance of the song “Perm” at the BET Awards about 23409 times.  What an amazing performer — is it sacrilegious to liken him to a modern day Michael Jackson?

+The hum of cicadas.  Such a nostalgic late summer sound for me.  I can almost feel the stymie and sweat of an August day in D.C. hearing them…

+The chocolate babka at Trader Joe’s.  My mother-in-law often buys it for me when I’m spending time at their beautifully-appointed home in Virginia, as she did this past trip home, and it is delicious.

+My Eberjey romper.  I’ve been meaning to write an update to my post on 10 products I can’t live without to add this piece to the roster.  I have it hanging on the back of my bathroom door and I wear it nearly every time I get out of the shower.  It’s the perfect little cotton ditty to throw on while applying makeup or blow-drying hair — it’s comfortable yet cool.  (Does anyone else sweat while blow-drying her hair?)  P.S. — Found one on sale at Neiman’s Last Call and another at TheOutnet.

+The Fleetwood Mac Rumors album.  Mr. Magpie and I have been listening to it on repeat recently.  My sister also turned me onto the Allison Krauss Windy City album, and it’s a delight — especially her rendition of “You Don’t Know Me.”

+The way minimagpie will idly dance her fingers along my neckline, or the collar of my shirt, or the strands of my hair while nursing.  This dazed, un-self-conscious movement shows me just how content, how delightfully relaxed and comfortable, she is.

+The feeling of the middle-of-the-night summer thunderstorms we’ve had so frequently over the past few weeks: the hush of the rain, the startle of the thunderclap, the coolness of our bedding, the warmth of Mr. Magpie next to me in bed.  And me, awake, nursing minimagpie.

+Those glorious moments after mini has gone to bed and Tilden has been put in her crate for the night and the kitchen is clean and the dishwasher is running, where Mr. Magpie and I sit down to a big glass of wine and either unpack the day’s events while sitting in our living room and listening to music or turn on the T.V. to zone out for an hour or so before heading to bed.  (We most recently plowed through The Night Manager, which was a delightful–if improbable–mental vacation.  Next up: Friends from College or Goliath, both of which have been recommended to us about a dozen times!)

+When Tilly leaps up onto the couch and leans her entire body against mine, pressing her cheek to my cheek, licking my face.  She’s a true terrier when it comes to affection, only offering it when it suits her, so I cherish the snuggles.

+The first bite of a burger at Small Cheval, a little burger shack in our neighborhood.

I’m realizing that I’ve essentially recounted some recent slices of joy.

Also making me happy: finding pieces I love at affordable prices.

Pick No. 1: The Gul Hurgel Lookalike.

I’ve had my eye on the gorgeous dresses from designer Gul Hurgel for a long while. I’ve seen many a chic-pea in this label, including Julia of Gal Meets Glam (first pic below), Bradley of Luella June (second pic below), and the ultra-stylish Giovanna Battaglia (third pick — and P.S., more Giovanna inspiration…zomg).

gmg-provence-market-apt-1007295 Luellajune0331

The Fashion Magpie Giovanna Battaglia Gul Hurgel

I especially lufted after this dress of theirs, seen above, too ($668):

The Fashion Magpie Gul Hurgel

You can therefore imagine my glee when I discovered, thanks to the blog Le Catch, this $28 lookalike style she’s sporting in the snap below.  Ordered it immediately!!!!


Pick No. 2: The Ruffled Mini Dress

I’ve been on the hunt for an easy, beach-y ruffled mini dress like these babes are sporting for some time:

The Fashion Magpie Reformation Ruffle Dress

The Fashion Magpie Ruffle Mini Dress

I thought I’d found it in the form of this $198 Reformation dress, but then I found this $90 floral style at TopShop.  Such a fun print, and I can imagine wearing it just as easily with sandals as I can my go-to Supergas.

The Fashion Magpie TopShop Ruffle Dress

And P.S. — For the fashion-fearless, this gingham lovely is only $32 and quite the statement-maker.

P.P.S. — Another, slightly spendier option: the Privacy Please June dress, which I adore in this green dotted print.  On sale in a pretty nude/peach hue here or a floral print here.

 Pick No. 3: The Silk Pajama Set

As you may have gathered, I’m a huge fan of comfy pajamas, and have long lusted after a pair of luxury Olivia Von Halle pajamas — something like these ($340) or these ($570).

The Fashion Magpie SIlk Pajamas The Fashion Magpie Olivia Van Holle Silk Pajamas

The Fashion Magpie Olivia Van Holle Silk Pajamas

So happy day when I came across the line Homebodii so I can get the silky pajamas without the stinky price tag.  I love this set and especially this set.  Also love the black trim and fanciful print on these.

 Pick No. 4: The Knotted Silk Shirt

I know I’ve featured this top already, but I realized why I found it so attractive: it looks just like this Rosie Assoulin top (on sale for $376 — on sale for less in a different color here).  I already ordered the Banana top and can’t wait to wear it with white skinnies.

The Fashion Magpie Rosie Assoulin Knot Top

P.S. Also love this similarly-styled dress from Banana.

P.P.S.  More high-end looks for less.



  1. I die over that Rosie Assoulin top! Love love love.

    Thanks, too, for the tips on the Eberjey rompers! I currently have 2 pajama rompers — one from Gap circa 2010 (?) and one from Anthropologie around the same time. Both are getting to be a bit threadbare, so I appreciate having a couple of new prospects! The Outnet option is especially cute (and so reasonably priced!)

    Agreeing with Alison re: Bruno Mars’ showmanship. I don’t usually gravitate towards his music, but there’s no denying his prowess as a performer! There are definitely certain songs of his that I love, though.

    1. YES! You will loveee the Eberjey. SO soft and cute! I actually should have given credit to my bestie, who wore one while getting ready for a bachelorette party we both attended years ago and I instantly bought my own. (If you’re reading this, B, THANK YA.)

  2. Bruno is a FANTASTIC performer. He really gets the showmanship aspect, which is where I think a comparison to MJ totally fair. His performance of Locked Out of Heaven at the Grammys (2013ish?) is a favorite. Bonus is that you get plenty of Taylor Swift’s excited/awkward front row dancing but the camera caught just about every other celeb in attendance just rocking out. I may just need to pull it up on YouTube for another viewing…

    1. Immediately tracking this performance down on YouTube for a little midday pick-me-up…glad you agree 🙂

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