Things I Like.


a)  My baby sister is ENGAGED!  EEEE!!!  I’m dying with excitement.

b)  I finally bucked up (bucked down?) and bought the Alexander Wang bag I’ve been whining about for about a century.  It brought a tear of joy to my eye when it arrived.  It is beautiful and so grown-up and everything I wanted it to be and more and…it’s mine!  {Fist pump.}

c)  Mr. Magpie caught me off guard by announcing that he is taking me away to Turnberry Isle for a romantic getaway weekend in just a few short weeks!!!  I’m pretty much doing back flips with glee and excitement, but also keenly aware of the fact that I need to do something serious about my winter-induced pallor.  My legs are translucent.  {He’s also signed us up for a round of golf, which should be laughable on my score.}

d)  My other baby sister got earned {she’s so qualified, it’s no joke} a fashion design job for an AMAZING, high-end fashion line.  I don’t know if I can mention which it is until she’s actually started, so…let’s just say I look forward to being well-outfitted thanks to her, and the steep discount I hope she’ll pass along my way.

e)  It’s almost Easter, which means I can almost eat my favorite sweet indulgent in the universe: Haribo gummies.  Yes ma’am.  Don’t even think that I won’t be rising with the sun to tear into a bag of gummy bears.

I’m sorry for being a braggart, but I am literally bursting with joy.  Life is too good.  And here are some things that are making my life even sunnier and brighter:

1.  The Perfect Vacation Sandal

I’m sorry to do this, but indulge me: I have freakishly small feet, and I can squeeze into these kids’ sandals ($49, Zara) in a size 5.  Are they not the most adorable pair of shoes you ever saw?  Imagine it with a hot pink pedi.  Score.  You can get a similar look in a regular, non-pixie adult size here or here.

2.  Bright Tote

I saw this reversible leather tote (white on one side, citrine on the other), and fell head over heels in love.  Such a fun color for, and, when you’re sick of it, just turn it inside out for basic white ($399, Scoop):

3.  Chunky Necklaces

I saw a very chic lady snag an oversized chain-link necklace at a cute new boutique in North Georgetown last week called Dalton Pratt and have been on the hunt for something comparable since.  These colorful statement pieces ($26, BaubleBar) fit the bill nicely.

4.  Ikat Maxi

Holy moly — is this skirt ($325, Calypso) a vacation dream or what?!  I’ve been a bit tentative with the maxi skirt trend — I snagged one hot pink maxi at a ridiculous deal and it worked really well with a simple white tee and ginormous statement necklace, but…not until I saw this did I consider adding to the collection.  Can you imagine how chic you’d be styling it with a simple white tank and an oversized turquoise necklace?!

Perfect for a dinner out with Mr. Magpie while at Turnberry…!

5.  Speaking of Ikat…

These funky ikat print pillows from Amber Interiors ($60 each) caught my eye as a funky way to spruce up a couch.

6.  Updated Bath Mat

OK, this is sort of minor and specific, but how precious are these reversible chevron bath mats ($38, Garnet Hill)?!  Just the thing to “juge” up a boring bathroom…

7.  White Out

I have a vision of myself prancing around Turnberry in a white get-up with perfectly bronzed shoulders and beachy hair.  Ha.  To achieve the look, consider this ridiculously affordable maxi ($19, Target)

Perfect with these studded flats ($295, Net-A-Porter — OR, for something cheaper, check these puppies out):


I’d finish with pops of turquoise in the form of these seahorse earrings ($38, Lilly Pulitzer) and this coral necklace ($32, J. Crew):

I’d perhaps store my shades in this darling pouch ($75, Rebecca Minkoff):

8.  Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes

I realize this is neither high-fashion nor particularly interesting, but Neutrogena Makeup Remover towelettes ($7.95, ) make my life.  For those evenings where you’re just too tired to wash your face…they do the trick nicely.

9.  Retro Shades

Ugh, these lucite frame shades (Acne, $350, Saks) are just too cool for school.  They have just the right amount of frame.


10.  Fun Cutlery

How amazing is this neon cutlery set ($38, Site NYC)?!  LOVE the idea of packing this for a picnic or sprucing up a traditional tabletop with these as accents.  Cute.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Congrats to your Sistah! That’s awesome! Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend. So i went to Nordies today and saw the AW bag (random) in person and i quiet liked it. Saw it in a light taupe and sort of a camel color, i was eyeing it, but quickly removed myself from the handbag section since my Chloe Marcie had just arrived on Friday, tee hee. It is a gorgeous bag. Enjoy!!

  2. Ok, I feel out of the loop, I’m dying to see a picture of this Alexander Wang bag! 🙂 You should post a picture of you wearing it one day and what kind of outfit you pair it with. New bags=love.

    1. Hi! I know, the bag is super dreamy. I sort of gaze at it happily multiple times a day. I am a little terrified at posting pics of myself wearing clothes because I’m pretty much the most awkward photo person ever…BUT I may be doing a project with one of the fab handbag lines I’ve featured on this bloggeroo a few times in the near future, so you may just get a glimpse of how this little Magpie rolls…

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