That’s a Wrap.

I guess I must be thinking a lot about the holidays these days (ahem), because not only did I share my favorite gift ideas (not specific to Christmas, though — there are lots of great finds for bridal showers, dinner parties, and birthdays), but I’ve been sprucing up my stash of gift wrap supplies.  In general, I buy Christmas wrap when it goes on sale after the holidays (#adulting at its finest…more adulting, too) or when I chance to be at Home Goods, because otherwise, I find myself dropping $10 for a roll of fanciful printed wrapping at Paper Source, and it’s probably my least favorite way to spend money.  (On paper!  That ends up in the trash!  But damned if it don’t look cute.)  However, having an inexpensive roll of Kraft paper ($14 for 4 rolls!) or a few yards of burlap ($15 for 10 yards!) on hand for when the unexpected gift wrapping quandary presents itself has enabled me to save a lot of coin.  (Though, when I’m in a spendier mood: how chic is this marble wrapping paper?!  And there are even such a thing as marble-print balloons!  And, in general, anything and everything from Knot and Bow?)

My mother-in-law has instilled in me a deep appreciation for stockpiling all gift-wrap essentials, starting with spools and spools of satin and grosgrain ribbon in all colors and widths.  And if you don’t have the space or inclination to buy a variety, hear me out on this: buy a spool of white satin ribbon, 1″ thick ($10), when you place your next order from Amazon Prime.  It goes with everything, looks classy, and makes people think you are much fancier than you are.  For example, when I’m bringing my neighbors a plate of cookies, simply wrapping the plate in saran and finishing it with a big, loopy satin bow make the entire enterprise seem that much more of an occasion.  (Incidentally, if you’re doing anything with ribbon, buy a proper pair of scissors so you don’t leave threads and a crooked line.)  My mother-in-law also introduced me to the magic of gift wrap tape (no seams!  transparent!), which somehow instantly elevated my gift wrap skills from the pedestrian to the moderately proficient.   (I’ll save expert level for my MIL herself, who makes everything–from a handful of pretzels to a bottle of water — look exquisite and well-designed with the artful addition of a ribbon or glassine baggie.)

At any rate, below, some of my gift wrap essentials that have helped me cover all my bases.  Click the images to be taken to product details, or see my links below:

Personalized Gift Tags, $50 for 50 // Marble Gift Wrap, $8.70 // Grosgrain Ribbon, $10 per spool // Scissors, $10 // Stack of Gift Boxes, $13 for set // Roll of Cellophane, $13 // Roll of Burlap, $15 // Spool of Satin Ribbon, $10 // Personalized Gift Tags, $50 for 50 // Crinkle Paper, $10 // Spool of Twine, $6 // Cellophane Baggies, $7 // Liberty Gift Tags, $7.50 // Roll of Kraft Paper, $14 for 4 rolls // Gift Wrap Tape, $12 for 6 rolls // Initial Gift Tag, $1

A few other parting thoughts:

+The brand Meri Meri has super cute party gear — tissue paper, baggies, cupcake toppers, etc., and there’s a healthy selection available via Amazon Prime.  Like, these gift bags!

+Sugar Paper leaves me weak in the knees, always.

+In case you decide you don’t want a thousand rolls of half-used wrapping paper clogging your closet, falling on your head, etc: Amazon has a cheap gift wrap organizer to contain the clutter.  Or, you can get even more serious about the problem with something like this.

+I tend to have good luck hunting around Target’s party supply selection.  Some of it looks very cheap but some of it is REALLY cute, like this gold foil wrap ($3!), or this adorable patterned tissue paper ($1.50).  And their dollar section is a treasure trove where you can find all kinds of doo-dads to adorn your gifts — little flags to tuck underneath a ribbon, or a little pack of straws to accompany some glassware.

+This is sort of like a cruel joke on the recipient, but how cute is this party confetti?!


  1. How did I miss this post?! I love wrapping presents – was the designated gift wrapper in my household growing up. To streamline things though (and for the sake of storage), in recent years I’ve been relying on kraft paper as well. I then choose ribbon in one color (change it up every year), and then individualize presents by affixing a lagniappe to the bow (I collect small items throughout the year for just this purpose). Since I do calligraphy on the side, I also create coordinating gift tags – or, if I’m crunched for time, just write the recipient’s name in HUGE letters down the side of the present. Et voila!

    (I love that marble wrapping paper you featured though!! Makes me want to change things up!)

    1. Love the idea of writing the recipient’s name in huge letters on the side! So chic and practical!

  2. Finally! A place to confess one of my greatest holiday pleasures: the gift wrap wonderland of The Container Store (particularly in December). I love gift wrapping, and I look forward to making my selections for wrapping each holiday season. The afternoon I get to spend wrapping, alone with a glass of wine? Heavenly. All my aesthetic dreams come true at a low cost!

    I’m with you on a kraft paper and ribbon route. So easy, but lends simple elegance to a gift. Real fabric ribbon seems much more thoughtful. A dark green grosgrain is a good basic on top of your white suggestion. There is a reason Williams Sonoma gift packaging looks so good!

    1. OMG, that sounds like heaven on earth — glass of wine, pile of presents, lots of new wrap? Love the idea of a dark green grosgrain. Would look gorgeous against kraft paper!

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