The Fashion Magpie Style Steals for Spring

Spring Style Steals Under $100.

Today: high-fashion items under $100…

+Eberjey romper (on sale for $55!)

+Rattan bag.


+Chantecaille powder. (Just ordered this after multiple readers wrote in with rave reviews!)

+$43 shades! OBSESSED.

+Plaid midi dress. This reminds me of an LSF dress! This is the only item on this roundup over $100 — it’s $119!

+Pink bow sandals. ($60!!! And look JUST like Alexandre Birman.)

+Madewell jeans. Perfect fit, perfect wash.

+iPhone case.

+Eyelet tunic — OMG, this looks like Ulla!

+Superga sneaks. On sale in the prettiest shade of pink!

+Puff-sleeved sweatshirt.

+Pearl hair clips.

+More cool shades.

+Zara tie-dye dress.

+Byta mug.

A couple of other finds that didn’t make their way into my pretty collage:

+This pretty gingham dress.

+These striped denim shortalls for a mini.

+Cashmere mockneck.

+Moss Easter basket.

+Monogrammed cachepot (cute gift).

P.S. What’s in my cart, the lazy man’s load (love love love all the comments on this — really made me think), and what to read right now.

P.P.S. Just ordered these in the pretty petal pink. I was running low and ratty on my white supply; I use these exclusively for washing my face at night, and I keep them in a bin under my sink. Yes, I’ll destroy these with makeup over time, but the pink color makes me happy. Also, these tins are now a monthly order for me. THE BEST flavor.


  1. Are there any look-for-less styles similar to your coming-home-from-the-hospital caftan that you’d recommend? It’s beautiful.

    1. Hi Jessica! Thank you! I’m going to do a more complete roundup later this week in a Magpie Mail post, but a couple of similar finds (under $100) worth considering:

      +This short variation:

      +This vintage style (only one available):

      +This ric-rac trim midi:

      +This tiered maxi:

      +This gorgeous robe/kimono style:

      +This lovely midi (love the shape):

      More to come! xxx

  2. Heart eyes for those pearl barrettes!!!
    Wow – those bow sandals are less than half the price of the Kaanas Recife sandals which I had been eyeing!
    The smallest size the Jeffrey Campbell pair comes in is 6 though… I’m a 5. Maybe I’ll wait for the Kaanas ones to go on sale…
    MK: Madewell jeans have been life changing for me! Yes, perhaps I’m being a tad over dramatic, but I had been so frustrated with my old denim. I’m 15 months postpartum and still have a stubborn pooch, and madewell high rise denim just holds it all in. I think they’re great for anyone. I brought in 3 pairs of old denim to their store which they recycle into insulation, and you get $20 off for each pair to put towards new denim, which I think is an amazing deal because I probably won’t get more than $20 if I had tried to sell my old pairs on eBay or thredUp or some other reselling site (plus the value of time involved). I have 3 Madewell pairs now – 2 pairs of skinny jeans and most recently the Demi-boot style (a gal’s gotta have options 😉 ) I had tried so many different brands – Frame, AG, rag and bone, Paige, etc etc… and none of them worked for me. Granted I’ve only had Madewell for about a month so I can’t speak to the durability of the product yet, but the fit works really well for me. It made me feel more confident in my clothes, which in my opinion makes it worth the $. I’d say most styles are true to size, but some pairs are better if you size down. The sales associates were really helpful to me with sizing as they know which styles stretch out more than others. Ok, I obviously have a lot to say about Madewell denim… I’ll end here. 🙂

    1. Oops, I should have clarified that you get $20 off new denim for each pair of old denim you bring in, but I believe you can only use one $20 for each new pair. (I don’t think you can put multiple coupons together toward one pair.)

    2. Totally agree on the high rise Madewell jeans. They are the most comfortable and flattering jeans I own. The high rise slims without cutting off circulation. I’m a skinny jeans gal but plan to try some of their other styles. My sister and sister-in-law also both swear by them. Once you try them you won’t go back.

    3. Mia, thank you so much — your response to my musing is so thoughtful and informative! Do you know if Madewell *always* offers that $20-coupon-towards-a-pair-of-new-jeans thing, or is it only offered at certain times? I’ll definitely keep that in mind for the future … in the past I’ve sold jeans on The RealReal but typically have only made a fraction of what I paid for them, even though most pairs have been in excellent condition. I’ve also sold to Buffalo Exchange but make even less $$ on those items!

      I am really intrigued by this pair of jeans that Jen posted in particular — I love the fact that they don’t have stretch and the wash is so perfect for spring. I also love that they offer personalization online (!) They’re also currently offering 15% off for Madewell Insiders, which seems to be a free loyalty program. Something to consider for sure!

    4. Such a good tip on the Madewell front! I def need their jeans now. Done deal. One of my first trips once I’m out of the immediate postpartem phase.

      ALSO – I am your twin. I also have pixie-small feet (size 5 — sometimes even 4.5 if they make ’em that small) and would probably lean towards the Kaanas for the same reason even though the Jeffrey Campbell price is tres compelling.

    5. MK, good question… I am not entirely certain, but over the past month and a half I’ve brought 3 pairs of old denim (brand doesn’t matter) to Madewell on different days and they’ve never declined. I think it may even be advertised at the registers at our local store. I’d check the store where you are!
      On a related note, what I’m curious about is — do they accept old jean shorts to get $20 off a new pair of shorts? I may need to upgrade those too … 😉 Will ask them next time!

  3. Love that & Other Stories dress … I need to make a pilgrimage to one of their stores, as their website is overwhelming to me sometimes. I am also intrigued by the Madewell jeans. I own two pairs of their USA-made Rivet & Thread jeans, but none from their regular label, and people SWEAR by them!

    Love these picks … so excited for spring to show up already! xo

    1. Hi MK! Agreed — and they sell out of things SO quickly on the site. I need to check it out in person.

      I’M SO READY FOR SPRING TOO! Today it was like 10 degrees with windchill and I was lugging some bags around town without gloves and I thought — AHHHHHH WHYYYYY. Petty problems but I am so ready to move on…


    2. Ugh, I know — the windchill is similar here in Boston today and it was tough to be outside! Get your mittens on, lady! xo

  4. Hi there,
    I think that you have been misleading your readers – you had established the product carousel at our request but subsequently decided to remove under the pretense of lacking time and promising to reinstitute “soon”. It’s probably been a few weeks now since that statement. Granted, different people have different definitions of “soon” but it’s probably more likely that you saw a significant decrease in clicks on your teaser links and being mindful of your revenues decided to revert back to your original strategy. This is mildly annoying, but annoying enough where I will not click on any links even when I am interested in finding out the source. While I can appreciate your effort and time spent on sourcing the products, this just seems very disingenuous on your part. Perhaps there is a better, more reader-friendly way to generate revenues? Food for thought. Thanks for reading and considering!

    1. Hi Eva — Oof, I’m sorry you are frustrated and appreciate the candid feedback.  You are absolutely right that I should not have promised to bring back the carousel soon and regret setting the wrong expectations. I am sorry for that.  Thank you for reading!

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