The Fashion Magpie Stripe Tee 2

Show Your Stripes.

I have to say that one of my favorite purchases for clothing this summer has been this simple striped cotton tee ($35).  The cotton is super-soft and the cut trim but not tight — and something about the proportions of the sleeve length to the collar just nails an aesthetic I love.  I wear it with everything from midi skirts to distressed denim.

The Fashion Magpie Jcrew Striped Tee

It reminded me that I have never once regretted the purchase of a simple, straight-forward striped piece.  Classic, timeless, effortless.

The Fashion Magpie Stripe Tee 2 The Fashion Magpie Stripe Tee 3

Some other striped goodies that have been on my mind:

+This cute pleat-back tee ($29).

+Such a cute cover-up ($148).

+An easy weekend style ($135) with Supergas or Hermes Orans — that label is pure French girl cool.  Alternates: this Madewell t-dress ($80) or this boxy Everlane ($38).

+Splendid always does a good stripe; I love this OTS style, especially with a midi skirt (on sale for $40!); this classic (on sale for $48); and this ruffled/cut-out style ($68).

+Love the idea of a striped, slouchy long-sleeved tee worn over a bathing suit and jeans or underneath joveralls — something like this or this would fit the bill.

+A boxy classic from Levi’s ($29).

+For my preggo readers: I have it on good authority that this uber-soft striped tee ($48) is LE BEST.

+SUCH A CUTE backyard BBQ kind of dress (on sale for $122)!



  1. Oh my goodness … this post was MADE for me. I have a problem with all things striped. I love that Etre Cecile dress and I actually own the boxy Everlane number in both colors (!) — so good!

    St. James makes my favorite striped tees, but they can be kind of hard to find sometimes. J.Crew usually has a few styles, though, and the “slouchy” one they have is pretty cute.

    How do you feel about the Maison Labiche striped tees? I love their cuts and colors, but am not sure about the cheeky embroidery. Maybe it’s the 33-year-old in me talking, ha!

    1. Get out of my head! I just finished writing a post featuring Maison Labiche for later this week. I really like them and think the embroidered pieces can be worn in a non-cloying way if you pair with either some distressed denim or some classy accents (like an Hermes scarf or something).

    2. OMG — love! Can’t wait to read the post! And love your styling tips … will definitely consider for the future!

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