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Sale Sweep: Caroline Constas Rainbow Dress.



I raved about this daydream of a frock by Caroline Constas, and now I come to find it not only on sale but for AN EXTRA 40% OFF here.

Guys, please hold me back.  I do not need another gown for an event I don’t have planned.

Or do I.


While you’re there, check out the whole sale…there are some other wicked good finds (am I Bostonian or am I just THAT EXCITED about this sale?):

+A precious little red dress for your end-of-summer (labor day?) festivities.

+Such an elegant blouse.

+Ridicuously chic bow-front skirt.  I imagine pairing it with a white silk blouse for a timeless ladylike look.

+I saw this blouse on the blogger Arielle of Something Navy and have been coveting it since.

+The perfect sunhat.

+I can’t even.  These gingham Alexandre Birman sandals for UNDER $150?!  People: you can barely get a J. Crew sandal for that price these days.

+I’ve mentioned this before, but these pretty scarves would make a great gift.  And at under $30…


  1. OMG … Apiece Apart is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite brands and that red dress is so perfect! Might have to get it, since they still have it in my size and today’s the last day of INTERMIX’s extra-40%-off! Ahhhh.

    1. Ahhh the old “last day of the sale” trick. It’s gotten me to buy many, many things “just under the wire.” This one is a no-brainer, though, and I can imagine getting a lot of chic wears out of it!!!

  2. I am a firm believer that the best closets are built not by shopping for specific events, but by buying pieces that you LOVE and that fit you well, and just having faith that the right event will eventually materialize. When you’re hunting for something event-specific, it’s so easy to get caught up in the adrenaline rush of something “new” that it’s easy to make mistakes and buy things that have totally lost their luster a few months later. But when you buy something that you just absolutely fall in love with, you start looking for excuses to wear it and you’re often surprised at how it becomes an essential part of your wardrobe.
    Also, rainbows 🙂

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