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Currently in Charlottesville, VA for a quick vacation with Mr. Magpie (no mini!) but thought I’d share a couple of things on my radar:

+Mr. Magpie gifted me some of these padded socks for Christmas and O.M.G. I will never wear another sock. Ever. They’re warm like Smart Wool but have a padded footbed that makes me feel like I’m walking on clouds. Heaven.

+I bought Mr. Magpie one of these wireless charging pads, and my mom also gifted them to a couple of members of the family. A big hit. So convenient! (They work on most recent generations of iPhone!)

+Loving these star-print leggings. They look like they could be from a higher end athletics brand carried by Bandier, but they’re Gap, aka 40% off every other day of the week.

+My sister was raving about (and living in) these OV joggers all holiday.

+Got a lot of compliments on my pearl headband over the holiday!

+There’s a serious sale at Nordstrom, and it includes this dress, which was one of THE most popular items on my blog this YEAR; this pretty cashmere set; and these splashy earrings (or these).

+Have been very into this “flawless filter” for the last two weeks. It works wonders on tired skin. I have also incorporated this sunscreen into my daily skincare routine, in part to stave off the effects of scarring, and in part because — I should really be wearing it anyway. It’s amazing. It comes out in a fluid and it absorbs into skin easily without leaving any white residue.

+This dress is on sale and SO pretty.

P.S. Still love this $20 steal, a refrigerator confessional, and bedtime routines in the Big Apple. Also, I’m still an Amazon Goddess.


  1. I hope you’re loving your time in Charlottesville! My husband and I live here in Cville, and every time you mention your love for this town I smile. We met at JMU, moved to NYC for a couple of years, and then I convinced him to move back down here to stay. Anyway, have the best vacation in this wonderful place!

    1. Ohhh my goodness! Meredith, I am envious. Maybe we will follow in you footsteps one day. We loved visiting Charlottesville — so quiet right now with all of the students on break! We were astounded at all of the new restaurants and shops and had the best time experiencing the new while waxing poetic about the old. Thanks for the well wishes! A great spot for some R&R (and, apparently, to live permanently!) xoxo

  2. Darn Toughs are the best! They do not quit in the heel (no darning required, heh). Enjoy your mini-moon! The sleeping in and reading for all hours might have been the best parts.

    1. *meant to say that we just got back from one as well (thank you grandma!), and the sleeping in and reading might have been the best parts. Though the food scene in Providence was something to behold.

    2. YES! Oh my. It was our first time traveling away with mini, just the two of us, and we spent a hefty portion of it shamelessly laying in bed, snoozing or talking or not talking or idly watching bad TV or reading and WE DID NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT. It was delicious. I missed Emory fiercely but I kept telling myself “think about this luxury! LAP IT UP!” And it really did make the entire trip feel magical. I took a 10 minute shower without the press and rush I normally feel. I laid in bed until 8:18 a.m. without feeling the slightest impulse to get up. It was all delicious and just what the doctor ordered. Hope you enjoyed your trip just as much as we did ours 🙂 xo

  3. I have a magnet between my phone and case that connects to a phone “stand” that’s mounted on the dash of my car. My phone will not charge on the charging pad if the magnet is in there 🙁 if I take the magnet out it works just fine though. Just an fyi in case it might help anyone!

    1. Thanks for sharing this! Interesting that the magnet interferes — that would have been a perfect setup. Thank you! xo

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