On My Radar

A mish-mash of items on the brain this rainy Tuesday morning, but mainly…

1.  A denim blazer.  I’ve wanted one since I saw Derek Lam and Stella McCartney play around with dressed-up denim separates a season or two ago, and then K-Cavs showed up looking as pissed as ever {she would be terrifying to know, but I kinda want to be friends with her} in the Band of Outsiders style pictured below.


Snag your own via Tibi ($415), or go the cheap route (like I did) with this H&M version for only $49.  The pic on the H&M site looks hideously off-putting but it’s much higher-quality-looking in stores.  I prom.  And I’ll be wearing mine with black skinnies and crisp white poplin/muslin tops.

2.  The Clip-On

WOAH.  Where have I been for the last century?  These darling shoe clips from Jackie Valentine ($22/pair) are genius.  Add them to your standard-issue neutral flat and BAM.  Insta-upgrade/trend-i-fier.

Consider, for example, these leopard clips ($22) with these tangerine pointy-toed pumps ($62, ASOS).


Tres chic, ca.

3.  A knack{er} for lacquer.

What’s this?  A new, hot nail polish brand on the market?!  Love the colors from newcomer Scotch Naturals ($14.99 per bottle) — especially that tomato red and that lovely pastel nude/pink hue.


4.  Holst & Lee Jewelry

Hang on to your horsies (and keep your wallets at arm’s length) — I’m absolutely dying over the eye-catching jewelry from Holst + Lee!  EEEP.  The designer site is not yet outfitted with e-commerce, but Latitude has a number of their pieces up for grabs here.


5.  Bright New Flats

My flats are so boring.  I want a new pair in a fresh, hot new color, like acid yellow or mint green.  Topshop has some affordable ballet styles available ($32 each).  Sign me up.


{ring of TopShop flats pictured above assembled by the bloggerina behind Pursuit of Style — check her out!}

6.  Pinning.

Do you Pinterest?  If not, get ready to be obsessed.  This awesome tool lets you collect and store images and products you find around the web in one place — you can use it as a virtual shopping cart, an inspiration board, or just a nosy way of seeing what your friends and favorite bloggers {hehe} are eying at the moment.

I use my Pinterest account for all of the above reasons.  So follow me to see what I’m coveting at a given moment.  Today, this includes:

Oh, and PSSST.  If you prefer to “tumble” instead of “pin,” you can also follow me on Tumblr.  I’ll pretty much take inspiration from wherever I can get it.

 7.  Mara Hoffmann

I know we’re far away from bathing suit season, but this Mara Hoffmann bikini is TDF (on sale for $235, Matches).  I’ve been staring at it / stalking it / not understanding why it’s still so pricey.


This in turn has left me lingering over the entire Mara Hoffmann collection.  I love all of the mosaic/tile effect patterns and the bold color combos.  This presents me with two options: buy now and stare enviously at the bikini for the next few months, or buy now and book a flight to somewhere tropical before Mr. Magpie has a chance to say no.  The third — and least palatable option — is to do nothing, which doesn’t sit well with my shopaholic constitution.  So.  Tropical vacay anyone?!

8.  Fetching Watercolors

Arg, OK, so I’ll admit I’ve had a horrible case of tunnel vision of late — all I can think about is buying new artwork for my home.  And today that artwork includes this lovely Paris watercolor print ($25, Jessica Illustration) —


— and this bouquet in a chinoiserie-style vase ($25, Kerri Shipp):




Love ’em, want ’em.


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