On My Radar at the Moment…

1 // Shopbop Sale.

Shopbop is running a temporary sale on tons of items, and today is the final day to pounce. A good time to buy one of these on-trend headbands (love the blush gloss!), AGOLDES, or this fun faux fur! (I love investing in splashy statement coats for winter — they get a lot of wear!!)

2 // Liner Jackets.

I’ve been writing a lot about these but have been seeing them all over the place in NY and finally got my hands on this one from Everlane in the ocher color. It’s a great alternative to my Barbour field coat — it feels a little dressier and trendier, and I like the sheen as a texture contrast. I also love this one from Anine Bing, this one from Burberry, and this variation from RL.

3 // Janie + Jack Winter Collection.

There are some standout gems in Janie & Jack’s latest collection! I am dying over this knit train romper for micro, these toile leggings for mini, and oh if only mini was little enough for this set, which gives me major La Coqueta vibes for much less. (And speaking of: how precious is this?!)

4 // Tula?

I’m almost scared to write the name Tula here because it has been promoted so pervasively that I feel like I hear about it in my dreams…ha! Has anyone tried their dark circle undereye treatment?! It’s been hyped quite a bit and I do have some horrific undereye circles so…? Please share if you’ve tested it!

5 // Gap / IRO.

This plaid Gap coat nails the IRO look for much less! I think I prefer the Gap one without the shearling collar, and it is detachable! Woohoo.

6 // Hand Towels.

I went down a ridiculously long rabbit hole looking for attractive hand towels for our bathrooms. I initially wanted to go with Weezie, but then decided to poke around and see what else appealed. I love these scalloped Matouks, but with monogramming, you’re suddenly spending a bucket load of money on a hand towel. Something simple like this — purchased in bulk — is probably the way to go for mini’s bathroom, where I am wont to toss the towels into the wash nearly nightly, but I fell hard for the elegant monogram on these and the heirloom quality applique style on these, too. And so suddenly I had decision paralysis and I still haven’t come to a decision point on these. Does this happen to anyone else?

P.S. These dachsund-print hand towels would be so precious in a little boy’s bathroom, but they wouldn’t work in micro’s, which is anchored by this shower curtain.

7 // Saloni Jumpsuit.

Dying over this jumpsuit. I mean, their entire winter collection is nothing short of breathtaking! How chic would this be with jeweled pumps and big splashy earrings for a holiday party? You can nail the look for under $70 with this dress, which really gives me Saloni vibes!

8 // Crib Sheets.

I ended up having a really tough time nailing down micro’s nursery design because the room is oddly shaped and very small and we were also trying to think ahead and ensure that whatever we bought could be repurposed when we move the two kids into the same room and convert micro’s nursery into an office/den. I’ll share full details soon, as we’re still making decisions and waiting for pieces to arrive, but one element that proved surprisingly challenging was crib sheets (!) We went with a navy carpet and are likely ordering a small navy glider and the rest of his furniture is white, while his artwork contains pops of red. So I wanted something that introduced pattern to the mix. I fell in love with this graphic-print oyster sheeting from Lewis Home, which my mother-in-law found! The scale is interesting and oysters are a nice homage to our Mid-Atlantic roots. I also ordered this large-scale gingham because — well, I just can’t say no to a gingham. Beyond that, I am currently weighing a couple of options from Carousel Designs, whose prints I am in love with (!!!). I adore these watercolor sailboats, these ABCs, and these trains. My issue is that I don’t want too many competing prints/patterns, but also don’t want to be too “themed” in his room, but also don’t want to have a random sailboat here and a fire truck there and an oyster over there. Ahh. It’s been hard for me to figure out exactly the vibe I want!

P.S. Speaking of navy and furniture, I am swooning over this raffia nightstand, console, and etagere from OKL!

P.P.S. A humble thing.

P.P.P.S. Things I want to know more about and 9 years of marriage.


  1. I recently scooped up a liner jacket from Gap with the rounded quilting pattern that I love — I think you had linked it! Really like the Everlane liner jacket as well, but I already have a Patagonia down shirt that I love that fits the same function (and is potentially a bit warmer…)

    Love Lewis for crib sheets — the oyster print is gorge! And that Saloni jumpsuit … whew!


    1. Yes! The sheets are SO cute. Love that Gap coat, too — had been eyeing that as well! Glad you like it 🙂 xx

  2. I have had the Tula undereye treatment for a few months now and find it to be a very “meh” product. Wouldn’t repurchase. It definitely has some cooling effects but the original blue version leaves a silver sheen on the underye, which is difficult to use both under and over undereye makeup. I suspect this would not be an issue with the rose gold version. Overall, I don’t see much of an improvement with dark circles though.

    1. So good to know — thank you so much for the candid feedback! Will pass on this…xxx

  3. A specific complaint about Weezie towels: the rounded edges mean that the towel does not hang neatly. One portion of the towel edge inevitably juts forward. I like the quality of the towels themselves, but swapped out the hand towels in our main bathroom because of this.

    I’ve ordered from Blue Bamboo before and the quality is beautiful.

    1. Oooo, good to know, Kate. Thanks for sharing that! I think I might stick with Blue Bamboo and Southern Linen for now. xx

  4. I went down the same rabbit hole with the hand towel dilemma. Imagining my sink flanked with scalloped trimmed towels sporting a cheeky embroidered message…but they are a bucket load for something that will show wear after heavy use. I ended up ordering the towels, but also ordered this that I fill with paper napkins for guests to reach for. Found so many great paper napkins choices as well.


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