My Christmas Wishlist.

I haven’t done any gift guides this year, though I did share some standby favorite gifts a few weeks ago that might serve as a good starting point if you’re lacking inspiration this holiday season.  Instead, I’m sharing what I would LOVE to see under the tree this year.  Maybe will serve as inspiration for a treat for yourself, or something you can nudge your significant other to snap up for you?

Pick No. 1: The Decorative Dining Chairs

I chatted about our new dining table, but then spent two weeks glazing over at the variety of options in front of us when it came to chairs.  I mean, the table was a little easier because there are such small dimensions to contend with — we really didn’t have too many options when it came down to it.  But chairs?!  I wanted something that would add some interest and joviality to the space since we have a lot of wood pieces in a small vicinity (sideboard + table).  I was contemplating doing a ghost chair in there, but they look so damned uncomfortable, and I was pretty sure Mr. Magpie would murder me if I brought another uncomfortable piece of furniture into our nest.  I looked a dozens of upholstered chairs and so many of them were enormous/oversized.  Then I found these in the most fun printed pattern!  WANT.

The Fashion Magpie Upholstered Chairs

Pick No. 2: The Bow Bag

These mini bow bags ($250) are so precious.  I love love love them.

The Fashion Magpie Bow Clutch Black The Fashion Magpie Bow Clutch Red

Pick No. 3: The Gucci Dress

OK, talk about the stuff of dreams: I would love to own one of Gucci’s timeless dresses, like this one ($2,700).  Also love this one, which I originally saw on Amal Clooney.

The Fashion Magpie Gucci Dress



Pick No. 4: The Cosabella Panties

These are the only underwear (on sale for $71 for set of 3) I sleep in.  They are so comfortable and so breathable and so beautiful, too.  I’d love a nice cache of these in my stocking.

The Fashion Magpie Cosabella Panties

Pick No. 5: The Table Lamps

I’ve been looking for a set of bright/fun table lamps to flank both sides of my desk.  I am smitten with these ($129 for set!) in the orange.

The Fashion Magpie Set of Table Lamps The Fashion Magpie Table Lamp Set

Pick No. 6: The Vintage Hermes Watch


I already own this Hermes watch, so this is completely ridiculous, but I am in love with this vintage black Kelly watch ($1,450).  I also love this green alligator one ($895).

The Fashion Magpie Hermes Kelly Watch

Pick No. 7: The AirPods

I’d love to add a pair of these to wear with my new iPhone X.  At first, I thought they looked really stupid.  But they’ve grown on me.

The Fashion Magpie AirBuds

Pick No. 8: Truffle Oil

I freaking love truffle oil.  Inspired by this book (my review here), I’ve recently taken to an unhealthy lunch habit of scrambling eggs with a little creme fraiche, serving it over toast, and drizzling it with truffle oil.  It is ridiculous and amazing and makes me feel like a million bucks.  I’ll eat it off china, with a linen napkin, just because — and it turns a run-of-the-mill Tuesday into the highlight of my week.  I’ll take some reinforcements to sustain the habit.

The Fashion Magpie Truffle Oil

Pick No. 9: Vintner’s Daughter Serum

I’d love a high-end cosmetic that I wince to pay for by myself — something like this magical potion ($185) or my favorite face cream of all time or perfume.  Or maybe some fancy shmancy shampoo.

THe Fashion Magpie Vintners Daughter Serum

Pick No. 10: Golden Goose Sneakers

How could I not ask for these after blabbing about them incessantly?

The Fashion Magpie Golden Goose Sneakers

P.S.  Always on my wishlist for a timeless gift: a Burberry trench.

Stocking Stuffers.

+A new book is always a welcome gift.  This one has piqued my interest.

+This mini microplane for grating nutmeg in particular.

+My favorite lip balm, which I always use down to the last drop.  What other cosmetic can you say that about?!

P.S.  Gift wrap inspo.




  1. LOVE that Cuyana knot bag — I was eyeballing it while picking up gifts at their pop-up in Boston! So cute and quite festive in the red, too!

    You have so many good picks! Definite inspiration for post-Christmas treat-yourself moments 🙂

  2. My grandma and grandpa both had Burberry trenches, whenever I see one I am reminded of them. I agree with you, a Burberry trench is classic and timeless, it’s on my “life goals” purchase wish list as well!

    1. One day, Jen, we’ll take a walk in our matching Burb trenches and know we’ve made it 🙂

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