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Must-Have Monday: J. Crew’s New Arrivals (EN SOLDE!)

By: Jen Shoop

Assuage your Monday doldrums with the gorgeous new arrivals at J. Crew — including the lovely striped halter-neck jumpsuit above.  (And, everything is 40% off with code 24HOURS!) I already ordered this petal pink raincoat (shown below), though I debated for a long time between the pink and the yellow, both of which are so fresh right now.  I love the idea of pairing it with olive green pants, or maybe petal pink pants for a monochrome look?

The Fashion Magpie JCrew Pink Parka

The Fashion Magpie JCrew Yellow Parka

I also love these mules in pink, paired with these ultra-covetable jeans and the $30 perfect white t-shirt I mentioned last week.

The Fashion Magpie Jcrew Pink Mules 1

The Fashion Magpie Jcrew Pink Mules 2

I am also contemplating this cabana striped blouse (love it in both the blue and pink stripe!) and this crewneck in the ice blue (color du jour); I’m having a hard time deciding whether to go with the J. Crew steal (with code, it’s under $50!) or this more expensive button-shouldered lovely from Petit Bateau.  And on that point — Shopbop is about to launch its “buy more, save more” event where you save 15% off orders over $200, 20% off over $500, etc, but you can access the promo early with code GOBIG18.  So now I’m wondering…do I need to buy the Petit Bateau sweater along with a couple of other items I’ve been eyeing to get the discount?  I’m also eyeing:

+this sweater — I LOVE lilac, and the sleeves are up my alley!;

+these hoop earrings in the white;

+this Caroline Constas skirt (<<epic; are we seeing a microtrend in the cabana stripes?!  I mean, we already tracked the vertical stripe trend, but these wide stripes are KILLING ME, SMALLS);

+this easy, ladylike midi dress;

+this darling striped OTS statement blouse.

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6 thoughts on “Must-Have Monday: J. Crew’s New Arrivals (EN SOLDE!)

  1. Giggling at your comment about J.Crew going the way of Lindsey Vonn…ha! I feel the same way, but ended up getting a black short-sleeve jumpsuit there recently that I really like. It may be my last J.Crew purchase; we shall see!

    I do really like that pink raincoat as well, but I have a great white & blue microstripe one from Penfield that I love, so I feel slightly wasteful scooping up another.

    Those Jean Atelier jeans on the other hand … whooo! Love!

    1. SO GOOD. I keep wondering if J. Crew’s going to make it…and then they issue amazing pieces like these!

  2. Get the Petit Bateau one! I saw it in person at their store while in Amsterdam last week and it is so dreamy. Their quality can’t be beat…I somehow emerged with only a striped turtleneck at 50% off (plus European PB pricing…yay!) so am calling that a win 🙂

    1. UGH you are the devil on my shoulder! Haha — but thank you for voicing your thoughts re: quality! Because we all know J. Crew’s has gone the way of Lindsey Vonn (i.e., straight downhill, full speed ahead). xo

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