The Fashion Magpie Minimagpie Easter

Minimagpie’s Easter Wardrobe.

I had a number of requests for Easter attire for kiddos!  I’ll start with what mini will be wearing: this darling Luli + Me dress.  I loved the delicate stitching!  I’ll pair it with Condor knee socks and Elephantito Mary Janes.

The Fashion Magpie Easter Baby Dress

The Fashion Magpie Baby Knee Socks The Fashion Magpie Baby Pram Shoes 1 The Fashion Magpie Baby Pram Shoes 2

Minimagpie Easter Bonnet Picks.

I’m debating whether or not she needs a bonnet — I’m so partial to big bows right now!  She has a sweet TBBC bonnet (you can get the look for less with this), but I also like this striped Mebi ($27), this delicate ruffled style ($22), and this uber-traditional white style ($21).

The Fashion Magpie Pink Baby Bonnet

The Fashion Magpie White Baby Bonnet

The Fashion Magpie Lace Baby Bonnet

You could always make things simple on yourself and buy this darling robin’s egg blue dress with coordinating bonnet ($47).  You’d have the chic-est babe in the pew, as ice blue is LA COULEUR du jour (more proof here).

The Fashion Magpie Mayoral Bonnet Outfit

Minimagpie Boy Easter Outfit Picks.

For boys, I like this darling set from Foque or this precious style from Luli + Me.  As you can see, I’m more on the traditional side of things, but if those are too frou-frou for your tastes (or your husband’s — I find a lot of men have strong opinions on baby clothes for boys!), this head-to-toe Polo look (seersucker!!!!) is too much!

The Fashion Magpie Baby Boy Easter Outfit

The Fashion Magpie Baby Boy Easter Outfit 2

Minimagpie Easter Dress Picks.

I also love this petal-collared dress, this sweet blue frock with its hand-stitched bunnies,  and this gingham bubble (<<$10!!!)


The Fashion Magpie Baby Girl Easter Dress Scalloped The Fashion Magpie Baby Girl Easter Bunny Dress The Fashion Magpie Baby Gingham Bubble

And how about these bunny shoes ($18)?!  (Get the look for even less with these.)

Finally, this bunny-print set ($34) is a no-brainer if you’re looking for something not overly fussy but Easter-appropriate.
The Fashion Magpie Bunny Print Dress

And, if you’re not a pastel person at all, this platinum-and-white situation is so chic, especially with those enormous bows on the shoulders!

The Fashion Magpie Baby Bubble

It’s meant to go hand in hand with this elegant personalized Easter basket!

Finally, for twins or close-in-age siblings, how about this bubble for him and this one for her?

Minimagpie Easter Basket Picks.

I also like this personalizable gingham style and this elegant hand-stitched style.  And if personalization ain’t in the cards/isn’t your thing, how adorable is this lamb basket or this chick one?

However, my personal top pick for Easter basket is this monogrammed style — not as pricey as some of the other options and — important for those of us tight on space — fabric/collapsible.

Minimagpie Easter Jammies Picks.

If you want to recreate the precious pic at the top of this post, snag this pair of jammies and pair with this stuffy!

I of course always love the prints TBBC puts out, especially these floral beauties, but I’m a little leery of them because I find their sizing runs SO small and narrow and mini is already outgrowing 12-18M clothes in NORMAL SIZES.  So does that mean she’d be an 18/24M?  I mean, I’ve purchased her several pairs of jammies from TBBC and the legs are SO skinny/tight on her!  And she’s not particularly chunky either.  I’m burned because I ordered her a pair of gorgeous monogrammed ones and by the time they arrived a few weeks later, she could barely fit into them.

I also love the Easter styles from Old Navy ($12!) — all three prints are adorable! — and, of course, Kissy Kissy always has sweet prints, like this for boys or this for girls.

Finally, this bunny-print pair is adorable (shown below)!

The Fashion Magpie Easter Baby PJs


The Fashion Magpie Easter Baby PJs Bunnies


Minimagpie Easter Basket Gift Picks.

+These bunny slippers. MEEP.

+Plastic easter eggs — maybe I’ll fill mine with puffs?  Mini actually has a few plastic eggs like these that came from a gift set and she LOVES when I open them up and then she helps me snap them closed.  (Taking things a step further, this egg toy would probably be well-loved by mini!)

+Peter Rabbit stuffy, maybe paired with this carrot teething toy.

+Books: not particularly Easter-y except for the bunny on the cover, but this has been one of mini’s favorite books since she was itty bitty.  She’s recently gotten very into Llama Llama, Red Pajama (she’ll turn the pages and sort of sing/mumble to herself — I think she’s emulating the rhythm of the words when I read it aloud to her!), so this Llama Llama Easter book seems right up her alley.  Karen Katz’s Lift the Flap books also tend to go over very well with her — something about the illustrations and colors grab her attention — so this one could be a winner.  Finally, for older kids, nothing beats a classic Peter Rabbit box set!

+Mini adores her Haba frog toy (it sort of rattles, and she likes to hold the rope arms), so this chick style would be a darling Easter gift.

+Finally, this bunny stuffy was the first toy mini ever received — my bestie bought it for her before she was born.  It is the softest, cuddliest thing.

+These darling bunny-shaped plates!!!!

P.S.  More warm weather mini picks.

P.P.S.  Whenever I re-read this post, I weep.  I can remember that tender anticipatory time before mini arrived so well and it is the sweetest.

P.P.P.S.  I love the classic styling of this rain slicker, and you can get the Minnow Swim look for less with this darling bathing suit!

P.P.P.P.S.  For parents short on space: this petite crib is stylish/modern and could fit a number of awkward spaces (since it’s round, it wouldn’t need to rest up flush against a wall, for example).


  1. Thank you for this sweet Easter roundup! I was hoping you might do this! My babe is just a month younger than Mini so much of your suggestions line up with where we are too. Louisa’s Easter basket will probably match yours entirely. Thank you. (Also anxiously awaiting you first birthday roundup- really grateful for all the research you obviously pour into your recommendations)

    1. Aw, thank you for the note! I do spend a lot of time researching, so I’m almost gleeful to pass along the information to others. Glad it’s been useful for you! Louisa and Emory will have the chicest baskets in town 🙂

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