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Microtrend: Sweater as Accessory.

By: Jen Shoop

Images, from top to bottom, via @lespgdn, @laurenrubinski discovered via Daily Cup of Couture, and Mango (sweater featured only $59).

I have seen a fun little microtrend cropping up on Instagram: sweaters worn around shoulders or even diagonally across torso as an embellishment or accessory, and I love it.

One way to get the look? Double up on a sweater you love — I have several of Everlane’s $100 cashmere crewnecks in different colors, and now I am thinking of adding a second in a colorway I already own. (Note: for those who have experienced pilling with these sweaters, you must purchase one of these fabric shavers. They make old sweaters like-new!)

I also love the idea of pairing different sweaters in the same color but different textures that I already own to layer a la Mango (the model above is accessorizing this $60 knit with this $60 polo style sweater around her torso) — for example, I might pair my “bone” colored cashmere crewneck with my waffle-knit sweater around my shoulders. (And if you like the chunky necklaces seen above from high-end jewelry designer Lauren Rubinski, you will love this more affordable style from Perrine Taverniti. Such a chic investment for this fall. Very on trend.)

And, as shown in the photo at the top of this post, I love the idea of breathing new life into a white button-down by tying a crewneck (in the heather flax, preferably) on.

Finally, you can always let the designer do the work for you: this tie-detailed wool sweater from new-to-me label Le 17 Septembre is crazy chic.

And speaking of embellished sweaters, can we all appreciate this ruffled tie neck sweater from Marc Jacobs (marked down to 70% off) and how much this $78 steal from Madewell nails the look for less?!

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2 thoughts on “Microtrend: Sweater as Accessory.

  1. It was all the rage at summer camp to tie your sweatshirt diagonally across your chest, so I love that it’s a trend in the real world now! Will be adopting this fall.

    1. Haha! I love this! I can totally imagine these ultra micro-trends cropping up at summer camp. There were all kinds of details like this that were inexplicably deemed “cool” in high school, like folding down the back of your school shoe to forge it into a clog (…?) and wearing tube socks pulled up the calf with athletic slides (Adidas ones were cool). So odd…


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