The Fashion Magpie Christmas

Merry Christmas.

You know that part in “Father of the Bride” where Steve Martin looks around his daughter’s wedding reception as Tony Bennett croons “Just the Way You Look Tonight” and sees his loved ones through rose-colored glasses?  I hope that wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you enjoy yourself a “Father of the Bride” moment today, even if you have to forcibly make the space for it, which sometimes happens in the rush of holiday festivities.  I, for one, am committed to finding myself an FOB moment.  I plan to be sitting on the sofa in my parents’ well-appointed living room, preferably in the corner spot, preferably while eating these outrageous cookies we call “horns” that my Italian grandmother and great-grandmother made (basically a butter pastry filled with apricot jam and topped with chopped pecans), and preferably while Nat King Cole is playing, and taking in all of my loved ones.

There are many who walk alone or who are walking a tougher road than I and so, this year, I am determined not to take any of my loved ones — or any of the many good fortunes in my life, health and happiness included — for granted.   

Merriest Christmas, Magpies.


+A different kind of homecoming.

+My absolute favorite things right now: my pearl headband (keeps selling out!), my new booties (!!!! finally got them!), my Golden Goose sneakers (<<I own this exact pair and wear them nearly every other day), my pearl-encrusted sweater, my tie-neck blouse, my investment face cream, a Fendi pouch my best friend gave me for Christmas similar to this one, and my favorite perfume (just re-stocked my supply).

+UM, I cannot believe the price on these Birman beauties.  End of season sales KILL ME (ahem).  I always end up buying the best statement shoes from them, but the deals arrive at the most inconvenient time (just after buying loads of holiday attire and Christmas gifts!)

+Not usually one for knock-offs but these RDR-wannabes are too good to pass up.

+You guys leave me aflare, electric.

+Related: some of the best comments I’ve received on le blog.

+Is this the key to my beauty regimen that’s been missing?!  Apparently it’s far better at applying concealer/foundation than a brush/sponge.  And we all know how crazy I went over my upgraded facial cotton

+In love with this sweater.  And also this one, when I’m feeling a little Wild West.

+This is one of the most-used books in our library: we use it to plan what to serve with whatever we’re cooking when we have guests over or are preparing something particularly involved or pricey (i.e., a really good ribeye from a really good butcher, or chicken mole that took two days to prepare).  It’s also a great primer in learning what goes with what more generally — we’ve used it enough that we have a little more confidence when out to eat, i.e., “OK, we’re having pizza.  Let’s see if they have a light nero d’avola to go with it.”

+In case you procrastinated and had to white lie your way through a gift exchange (“oh, um, yours is on the way…”): my gift guides should come in handy, whether you’re willing to order now and wait til it ships, or whether you want something here in the next few days.  And if you just want to drool…

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