The Fashion Magpie Denim Floral 2

Magpie Micropost: What I’m Wearing.

First, Magpies: AHHH.  Technology.  If you’ve been running into issues reading this blog, I am so sorry!  I received tons of emails and messages letting me know that only the header of my blog was loading for many of you.  I won’t bore you with the technical details, but I ended up making some changes so that the content is loading even though my blog does not have the right look and feel for the time being.  Sorry, loves.  I will figure this out!  In the meantime, if any of you have experience in WordPress or know someone who does, please point him/her/them/yourself in my direction — I’m looking for some part-time support.  My email is  Incidentally, feel free to email me even if you aren’t a techie — I love mail and respond to every message I receive, whether it’s soliciting advice on what to wear on a first date or asking for the best thing to buy for a mother-in-law’s birthday.

Second: I have had a lot of family and friends in and out of town over the last five days, and have more coming into and out of town through the weekend, so I’ve been a litttttle backlogged.  Sorry for the missing/late posts this week.

Third [most important]: All I’m wearing these days are feminine dresses that button down the front (#nursing) and/or anything denim–denim jacket, denim button-down, jeans, denim dresses.  I just realized that I am a denim-a-holic.  I think it somehow balances out the floaty femininity that I’ve been gravitating towards of late.

These chickadees get me on a deep level:

The Fashion Magpie Denim Floral 2

The Fashion Magpie Denim Floral

The Fashion Magpie Gal Meets Glam

Get the look…

+Obsessed with this dark floral print dress. (P.S. More dark floral inspo.)

+A few weeks ago I snagged this ruffly floral maxi dress from Ralph Lauren Denim + Supply for around $125 and I’m obsessed with it–and now it’s marked down to $100!  It’s sorta wildly dramatic — I feel like I should be riding a horse bareback in a field of wheat in it — and I dig it.  I often feel just the slightest touch overdressed wearing it, but in a good way.

+Similar, but a touch more expensive and with any even prettier floral print, too.

+I am foaming at the mouth (?) over this denim tie-shouldered mini.  Everything I love about joveralls, but even cuter/more feminine.  As an aside, I wore my uniform of white joveralls with a frilly floral blouse over the weekend and even my brother-in-law, who was visiting from out of town, complimented me!  You know you look good when a brother-in-law comments on your look.

+Love this periwinkle blue color.

+Denim, off the shoulder, and under $100.

+Is there anything prettier?!

+So into yellow these days.

+YOU MUST own a denim jacket, and J. Crew does a great one: super-snug with a lot of stretch.  (Also: 30% off today!) I ordered the smallest size possible (XXXS is a thing?), which fits reallllly trim.  So trim I can’t button it up.  But it prevents that boxy oversized unflattering look I’m not so into.

+Intrigued by the idea of wearing this denim maxi (??) with my Supergas (I own a pair in the gray, but I’m loving that blush pink hue!).  Actually, v. into this idea and ordering the dress immediately.

+A bow + denim.  Under $100.  Too delicious.  Also love this similar style from Ann Taylor in a darker wash, which I would consider appropriate for work.


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