Things I Love Today: Loretta Caponi and Pastel Everything.

Currently, loving all Loretta Caponi everything (seen above). I finally ordered one of her smocked maxi dresses for summer (on sale! — will need to wear with something like these clear iridescent shades to balance out the grandma factor), and this embroidered white dress ($69) feels like it nails that Loretta vibe. May need to add that to my summer wardrobe, too.

Also on my lust list…(click images or see notes below for details).

+Still drool over D. Porthault’s heart print bedding. We’ve just moved mini into a “big girl bed” and I would love to outfit it in these!

+Love these $15 striped jammies for a little one. Amazon FTW. (More great Amazon finds for littles here.)

+This Jonathan Simkhai dress is bananas!

+Essie’s Pre-Show Jitters is one of my all-time favorite nail colors. It’s an opaque pink with a lot of white in it. LOVE. I pretty much alternate between this and Really Red.

+Padded, Liberty-london-esque vest for mini!

+Have I talked enough about this blue jacquard Alice in Wonderland dress? Just dead over the color.

+These sky blue Red Valentino pumps are perfect.

+Adore the color of these RDR bonbon drops.

+Fun iridescent pouch for beach essentials.

+I’ve been wearing a lot of simple crewneck tees with distressed denim and fun shoes the last week. Love this one in the pale blue.

+Are these not the most fun everyday knives? Great gift for a college grad heading into her first apartment. Also nice to have non-precious knives that can be thrown in the dishwasher…

+Crushing on these Naghedi St. Barth’s totes for summer.

+Love these wide-leg trousers from J. Crew in the perfect pink. For a more tailored look, these heavily-discounted Tibis are stunning. Either would look fetching with a pink sweater for a tone-on-tone moment.

+Mini’s new rainboots!!! I could not resist when I saw the gingham lining.

+Still eyeing this $50 gingham one-piece. The best!

+Not pictured but in the same vein: obsessed with this Horror Vacui skirt (major hot label to know!!), into the mid-blue color of these Supergas (on sale), just ordered these fun hand towels for mini’s bathroom, dead over this pretty blazer (love the details), and feel like I’d wear these perfect-heel-height snakeskin Pradas into the ground.


  1. I have been eyeballing the Loretta Caponi frocks for a while now, and I love the print you’ve chosen! I’m thinking that I might be too … busty? curvy? … to pull them off in a chic way, but I admire them from afar.

    I’m glad Mia asked your opinion on the puff sleeve … I do own a handful of puff-sleeved dresses & blouses and am hoping I can get one more year out of them! Ha. My own style is rooted in what I’d call a traditional/gamine aesthetic, but I do have a hard time passing up certain trends … and then I get annoyed with the wastefulness of having to donate/sell certain trendy items once they’re passé. I’m trying to be better about passing over most trends, but then I sometimes have a tendency to get a bit bored with my wardrobe! Uuuugh. I’m rambling 🙂


    1. I fall into the same trap. In years past, I’ve had such a different mentality with clothing — I’ve told myself: “take risks! try it!” This year, I find myself eyeing things and asking: “Is this something I’ll wear in five years?” But the truth is, I am never ONLY going to invest in timeless crewneck sweaters and wrap dresses. I like to feel fresh and relevant! I do try to reallllly think about whether I’ll wear something in a year or two. I find that items — even if they are trendy! — that are on the “pretty” / “feminine” side have more staying power in my wardrobe because that’s my go-to vibe. So, for example, I still wear my ivory Rockstud flats even though they’re totally passe. But they are ladylike! And I love the color! Same goes for a peplum blouse with big black bows down the center. It felt very trendy when I bought it but bows are my thing! So…I’ve wore it countless times since. Etc.

      No solution here, just commiserating and sharing your hope to be thoughtful about what I buy.


    2. That is actually really helpful to me, though — going whole-hog on the trends that are more in one’s aesthetic wheelhouse makes sense to me. I want to be more feminine/ladylike than I naturally am (ha!), which is why I gravitate towards many of the items you feature here … they inspire me to incorporate more femininity into my wardrobe! Love that.

      My biggest goal for this year is not to accumulate duplicates and to wear what I have until my favorite items are worn out, then replace as necessary. Easier said than done, but I do feel like I need a “reset” — I love to shop and it’s easy to over-consume if I’m not careful! xx

    3. I LOVE that resolution. I have been trying to do the same thing with cosmetics and skincare. I LOVE trying new stuff but am trying to be really good about using things until they are empty before repurchasing in the same category. SO HARD for me, but it’s so wasteful otherwise…plus, I don’t have the space! Ha 🙂


  2. Aaahhh pastels are such a breath of fresh air!

    I LOVE my Naghedi tote! I have it in the “small” size and it’s just right for a petite gal and for when I don’t have to carry too much toddler gear. I wear it pretty much all spring and summer — except to the beach, as I’d hate to get sand in the weave. It never fails to elicit compliments! The Bottega vibe for much less, too 🙂 It’s not as light as the MZW Metro tote though.

    That Horror Vacui skirt (peculiar name for a clothing label!) looks dreamy — you have such an eye for finding under-the-radar designers! Though I’m not so into how Matches styled it on the site… I feel like it could have stood out more with a sleek tank bodysuit (and a different style shoe) or something…?

    I was really drawn to the & Other Stories dress (I think I saw it on Daily Cup of Couture’s insta too? You both looked lovely in it!) but… if you had a fashion crystal ball, what are your thoughts on whether puff sleeves are here to stay for a bit longer? I’d hate to just wear it for one year/season…

    1. Hi Mia! Ooh upvote for the Naghedi. So jealous — I really want one in a pastel color! Would be perfect for bopping around town sans kids, or with only one…

      Re: And Other Stories. I do think the puff sleeve will be on its way out in another year or two. So, proceed with caution…I am sometimes too much of a sucker for a good trend, BUT this felt reasonably priced for what it was.

      Agree with the styling of that HV skirt! Not good. Sounds like your vision is much more in line with how I’d wear it!!


  3. A few months ago, I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find the Loretta Caponi flagship in Florence (the address per google maps wasn’t quite right – finally asked the hotel concierge, who said to “turn left at Hermes” haha). SO WORTH IT, it was so dreamy inside! And so many different things – those dresses, adorable kids’ clothes, exquisite home linens!

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