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Le Mixx.

Ho hum, this and that:

Mr. Magpie had a wicked stomach flu last week, so I put him on the BART diet (per my own mother’s orders) — bananas, apples, rice, and toast — until he recovered.  (Plus tons of fluids.)  When he was finally feeling a bit better, I still wanted to keep our meals simple for a little bit and made Mario Batali’s Cacio e Pepe recipe.  SO simple and SO delish.  I wasn’t even feeling under the weather, and it made me feel so comforted.

I piled up a healthy serving in an oversized bowl I found at Anthro similar to this one, which I REALLY NEED, OKUURRRRR?!

This $128 bomber is TOO GOOD.  I love it styled with a simple white tee and jeans.

I love the idea of these marbleized plates ($52 for 4) with this bamboo cutlery ($35 per set) and these personalized linen napkins ($59 for 4).  Can you tell I’m itching for a dinner party?

Speaking of serving implements, I recently gifted this adorable wooden robot plate ($16) and coordinating cutlery set ($10) to my two-year-old nephew for his birthday from the e-boutique The Maryn.  You should check out the entire BEAUTIFUL selection of gifts and home goods — what a well-curated site — and especially their Shop with a Purpose collection: if you purchase of any of the products in that section (“all produced by companies with a conscience!”), you support artisans living in impoverished areas.

This $95 gingham dress is perfection.  Very Brigitte Bardot.  Especially with a straw tote like this one ($98).  (Dreaming of warmer weather much?)

These bucket bags from D+G ($1875) are so deliciously perfect, I can’t EVEN.  Especially that lilac pink one.

I still think that if I had a casual few grand laying around, I’d buy either the Dior Lady Bag or the Fendi Peekaboo (wahhh) first, but a girl can dream…

Sephora just came out with a variety of different makeup removing / cleansing wipes ($7.50 each), and I’m loving the packaging and the specificity of each.  I think I’m going to start with the rose one — “ultra-moisturizing + brightening.”  Plus, they’re around the same price point as the Neutrogena ones I get all the time from CVS.

Several of you mentioned enjoying some of my home organization posts — I recently went on an organizing spree and hunted around for more affordable options than The Container Store had to offer.  My latest discovery: these fabric organizers ($20 for set with 8 compartments!), which I’ve used to organize Mini Magpie’s dresser (so helpful to keep her infant socks separate from her 3 month socks, etc, etc, because they all look the same…teeeeny tiny) and am now contemplating adding to my own dresser to organize underwear and socks and bras.  P.S. As mentioned yesterday, I bought about a dozen of these while reorganizing my closet and it was the BEST decision for storing my out-of-season clothing up and out of reach during “off-season.”  They are super lightweight and look great all in a row, tidily hanging out about the top of my closet.

I’ve had a growing crush on these Gucci suede Marmont loafers ($750).

But I also stumbled across two more affordable styles that nail the look for less: these from Club Monaco (on sale for $230 — LOVE the funky green color, and the heel height and shape are fab) or these from Steven (on ridic sale for $55!).

I recently read about this BabyZen stroller ($420 for frame, then you buy a canvas color kit for the canopy, etc.), whose primary virtue is that it is RIDICULOUSLY compact — so small it can fit in the overhead bin in an airplane!  WOW.  What a great pick for someone living in tight quarters or with lots of travel plans.  And it weighs 13 lbs (!!!), which is like half of what most of the “full feature” strollers weigh.  I was also drawn to it because it looks so freaking slick!

But also…

+The holidays may be over, but this gold velvet dress ($119) is still in play as far as I’m concerned.  SO sexy for a wedding this season.  Find more wedding guest appropriate picks here.

+Be the coolest girl at the gym with these leggings from Koral.  And while we’re talking about exercise, if you swim, is this not the coolest/sexiest exercise-appropriate one-piece EVER?

+Obsessed with this boxy gingham top ($88).

+This belted short trench coat ($138) is SO chic.

+This $60 wrap sweater looks like something an off-duty ballerina would wear, and I dig it.



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