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It’s a Cashmiracle.

Pls tell me you remember when SJP used the cloyingly cutesy phrase: “it’s a cashmiracle” on Sex and the City about a decade ago?  Some of her puns were…hard to swallow.  Others were charming.  Some seasons she came off as screechy and over-dramatic, and others she came off as tender and earnest.  I could never quite tell if these vicissitudes were a symptom of bad acting or poor screenwriting, but—

As always, I digress.

Lately I’ve been on a sweater-buying binge (just snagged this), and I’ll admit that I’ve often shied away from cashmere thanks to the hefty price-tag.  You can find great (!) sweaters for a decent price from places like J. Crew and Gap, so I’m usually on the budget buy end of the spectrum when it comes to knitwear.


The ladies in some of the street style snaps above and below prove that cashmere can be not only ultra-stylish and ultra-comfy — but styled down and up in the chicest of ways, and all of those ways scream: casual luxury.  I love, for example, the way a simple navy cashmere pullover instantly elevates an otherwise straight-forward denim look.  (Although, those do look like the perfect lived-in Levis.)  And I love the way cashmere plays with edgy sneaker footwear.

The Fashion Magpie Cashmere 2

The Fashion Magpie Cashmere 3

For those reasons, I’m contemplating upping my own ante with some cashmere additions.  On the more affordable end of the spectrum, I’m eyeing this cashmere crewneck from Everlane, probably in the soft pink or donegal, or this (under $100!) in the orchid or pine (slash moss color), or this in the powder pink or navy blue.

I’ve also been lusting after these cashmere joggers for…weeks now.  I feel like I would live in them all winter.

At a slightly higher pricepoint — but still under $200! — I love this cropped sweater in the orchid shade, this mockneck, or this wrap/scarf thing, which is on sale for under $100 in select shades.

Finally, I’ve long been on the hunt for a sweater with a crossover detail similar to the one shown in the street style snap below.  So fetching and unique — how often do you have such an interesting detail on the back of your sweater?  This cashmere sweater in the prettiest bone color is the stuff of dreams.

The Fashion Magpie Crossback Sweater

P.S.  I’m also intrigued by the frayed sweater trend.  Mom, close your eyes.  Just do it.  But I’ve seen super chic bloggers like Arielle of Something Navy rock the trend and I’m curious about it.  I’m eyeing this, which is sort of a refined version of the trend (and on ridic sale!) and this.  Thoughts?

P.P.S.  A great, on-trend sweater dress at a great price, and it might be the perfect lower-key variation on my thoughts for what to wear for the holidays!



  1. Where can I find the gray cross body sweater shown in your it’s a cashmiracle main photo. ( woman walking with child) Thanks

  2. I have heard great things about Everlane’s cashmere, and they have cashmere sweats again this year! Seriously lusting after them, but I need NO more loungewear … I have plenty. Le sigh.

    I like the frayed sweater trend, and I feel like you could pull it off well! Maybe with more polished accessories?

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