I Wanna Be India Hicks.

One of my favorite coffee table books is India Hicks’ Island Style.  I can almost feel the Bahamian sun and smell the salty sea breeze while turning the pages — and I swoon over her eclectic, part-boho-part-colonial-era-British, more-is-more aesthetic.  But mainly I take it as an excuse to daydream about a leisurely, sun-kissed vacation spent in her elegant but lived-in mansion, talking into the wee hours of a warm night, the candles burning low and the wine pouring freely, falling asleep to the whir of a rattan ceiling fan, waking up to the chirping of birds and the smell of coffee coming from the well-worn kitchen.  It’s almost deja vu, the feeling I get when I imagine this — did I take that vacation in another life?  Or am I just salivating so hard over the idea of a vacation that I’ve spent too much time conjuring its phantom details during those blurry minutes before sleep kicks in at night?

The Fashion Magpie India Hicks 2

The Fashion Magpie India Hicks 3

The Fashion Magpie India Hicks 4

Channel India Hicks’ Boho Home Decor Style…

Because a jaunt to the Bahamas is not in the cards any time soon, I have been eyeing a couple of India Hicks-inspired pieces to add to my home:

+First, can we talk about Target’s new Opalhouse collection?!  OMG.  I want this dramatic accent chair, this caned accent table, and this $25 elephant-shaped straw basket.

+These horn servers are SO good.

+These dried palm leaves would add so much volume and interest to any mantel/shelf situation (as you can see, India uses them throughout her home).  I like these because they are real leaves (not faux!)

+An oversized conch would be a pretty way to liven up your shelf.

+These seagrass baskets are a beachy-chic way to keep toys/magazines/throws/dog stuff out of sight.

+A palm leaf ceiling fan.  Yes pls.

+I’m legit obsessed with this sea grass coffee table, for many reasons.  I like that it’s a unique, unexpected shape, and its texture adds interest and warmth.

+Rattan tray!

+Tropical plates and block-print napkins are tabletop musts.

+This paper mache peacock is loud and proud.

+These outdoor woven bistro chairs are TOO MUCH.  I love them in the pink trim, but there are other colors, too!

Channel India Hicks’s Personal Style…

+At the very top of my pool style lust list?  This breezy, voluminous caftan.

+The splurge would be a caftan from either Figue (this one!!!) or Pucci (ZOMG ZOMG), although this Lem Lem is epic, too, and comes in the prettiest shade of cotton candy pink.

+This circle straw tote is adorable, and on sale right now for 30% off with code FF2018.

+As you know, when it comes to straw accessories, I’m partial to Pam Munson’s styles — this one is darling!

+An easy-to-wear palm print blouse.

+The prettiest palm-print dress ever.

+I’m obsessing over this ladylike, well-priced sunhat.  I think I need it to wear with my Marysia one-piece this summer!

+Pretty much anything from this collection, but I especially love this and this (with white jeans!).

+For mommy-and-me goodness, check these sets out.

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  1. My pleasure! A bunch of ambassadors actually just got back from England, where they visited India’s house, and had tea with her mom, Lady Pamela, at her house, The Grove. I mean! Can you imagine?!

  2. Forgive me if I’m repeating something you already know, but something tells me you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that India Hicks now has a luxury lifestyle brand that you could join as an ambassador! I was obsessed with her style, just like you, and never imagined that India would ever be someone I would actually know IRL. Fast forward a few months, and I am sitting across the table from her at her 50th birthday party! Seriously, she is the warmest, most hilarious person you could imagine & she cherishes the women who join her “tribe” – she treats us like family. And oh, she curses like a sailor. You would LOVE HER! I’m sure you never saw yourself with a side hustle selling a collection of jewelry, handbags, fragrance, accessories, home goods, etc. I didn’t either… but how could I resist jumping in with my design obsession INDIA HICKS?!? Suffice to say the obsession has only grown. I think you would have a blast with our tribe. Let’s talk! https://tribe.indiahicks.com/nmlp?utm_landingpage=organic&sponsorId=95368

    1. So cool that you were able to meet her! She sounds lovely. Thanks for letting me know about this! xo

  3. I read Daughter of Empire, too! Great rec from Kate above.
    Question — unrelated to this post….do you have a search bar function on here anywhere? I might be blind, but can’t find one on your site!

    1. Thanks – definitely adding that to the list! And, UGH – there is no search function, but I am working on it and trying to figure out solutions. For now, sad as it sounds, I find that just using google and typing: the fashion magpie ____ [insert search terms] will yield what you’re looking for. So sorry. Let me know if you’re looking for anything in particular!

    1. Ooh! I did not know! I know she travels in rarefied circles, but had not know that…just spent some time googling. It’s funny, those puffy bridesmaid sleeves looked so dated for so long and now, with the return of these dramatic sleeves this season, they’re looking a little more au courant! xx

  4. I really enjoyed her mother’s autobiography, Daughter of Empire. She has lead an interesting life, and the book did a great job of weaving in historical context setting. I finished it right before The Crown came out, which was happy timing. Worth reading!

    1. Ooh! I LOVE autobiographies/memoirs of celebrities and politicians — added this to my list. Thank you so much! xo

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