How to Look Like a Million Bucks for Around $100.

I have a few friends who are thrifty with their shekels when it comes to shopping, but always look like a million bucks.  I’ve noticed that these friends follow similar shopping approaches: seek out the tried-and-true brands that have timeless cache to them (think Ray Ban — if Audrey wore them, and they’re still around $100 a pair, they’ve got to be good), or invest in inexpensive pieces that look high-fashion, whether because of a dramatic cut or a flashy detail — like pearl embellishment, or oversized buttons, or a severe pleat in an asymmetric top.  That, and sticking to non-trendy colors — think black, white, red, blue, denim.  Check out the snap above for inspo: this babe is wearing red Supergas, a denim jacket, a simple white skirt with interesting detailing (similar here for only $56),  and a non-flashy canvas-and-leather tote — and yet she looks so impossibly chic!

Below, a couple of finds that are around $100, but will give you that high end look. 

+I’ve written about these extensively, but these shades are SO epic, and at only $69, look a helluva lot like a designer shade for a fraction of the cost.  Something about the dimensions screams designer to me.

+White eyelet peplum top ($42).  The big bows create drama; the white eyelet reads timeless.

+OK, over $100 — but at $145, I’m calling this oversized-bow-mule in black satin a victory.

+Oversized pearl hoops for $45?!  (Also available in non-pearlescent white for more of a mod look.)

+There is something reminiscent of Grace Kelly in this swimsuit, in either never-go-out-of-style black or of-the-moment ice blue.

+This enormous buttons and puffed sleeves on this statement top ($110) read high-end designer.

+A pair of Levis’ 501s will never be un-chic.

The Fashion Magpie Sunglasses

The Fashion Magpie Sweater 1

The Fashion Magpie Bow Slide

The Fashion Magpie Pearl Earrings

The Fashion Magpie Swimsuit Black

The Fashion Magpie Statement Blouse

The Fashion Magpie Levis

+A classic white polo shirt ($85) will legitimately never go out of style, and hearkens to that country club lifestyle.  I like this paired with my favorite jeans.

+Supergas are timeless and classy, and go with everything from sundresses to jeans.

+When it comes to bags, canvas has a preppy, summery, beachy feel, but is rarely too expensive — and a monogram, particularly one that looks Goyard-esque, like the one shown below, will elevate even the simplest style.

+Jean jacket — the perfect rebel-without-a-cause accessory for anything from a floral sundress to a pair of jeans.  I like ones that run a little snug.

The Fashion Magpie Polo Shirt

The Fashion Magpie Navy Superga 1 The Fashion Magpie Navy Superga 2


The Fashion Magpie Monogrammed ClutchThe Fashion Magpie Jean Jacket

+On the trendier side of things, a faux fur slide for $100?!  YES.  (And almost sold out…!)

+This poplin striped top ($69) is nailing the ambient vibe.

+Meanwhile, this Cult Gaia ark bag continues to rule amongst the street style set, and at $128, you can get that super-RN look without breaking the bank.

The Fashion Magpie Fur Slide

The Fashion Magpie Top

The Fashion Magpie Cult Gaia Ark Bag

+I wrote recently about the statement sweatshirt trend — this $18 steal, with its fringe and balloon sleeves, looks like something purchased from a super-hip boutique in Soho.

+This super-soft alpaca scarf ($75) comes in the prettiest, most ladylike colors and looks like a timeless investment piece.

+Meanwhile, the poms on this sweater suggest a higher price point than it actually bears ($118).  More sizes here.

The Fashion Magpie Sweatshirt Embellished

The Fashion Magpie Scarf Gray The Fashion Magpie Scarf Pink

The Fashion Magpie Pom Sweater

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  1. So many good ideas here! I love this: “seek out the tried-and-true brands that have timeless cache to them” – that’s pretty much how I try to find things, with a liiiittle bit of trendiness thrown in. I think the Levi’s 501s are a perfect example of a timeless classic that happens to nail a timely look as well.

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