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Home Organization Finds from Target.

By: Jen Shoop

+I’ve mentioned this before, but I have used Target’s collapsible fabric storage cubes (seen above) for closet storage for years and years now. I find they are ideal for sliding onto hard-to-reach shelves in the closet for out-of-season clothing storage — and they are also inexpensive (storage solutions can be so pricey!) and streamlined-looking. If you line up a bunch on the top or base of your closet, it almost looks like a row of shelving. They also collapse and fold flat if not needed, which is convenient. About a year ago, Target released their cubes in this pretty faded blue floral that we all went wild over. Now they have some great new alternative patterns: this fun cobalt blue coral pattern, this beachy stripe, and this blush botanical. Happy organizing!

+This rattan accent table is INCREDIBLE for the price! Gives me a Serena and Lily vibe. (Speaking of, you must check out their bedroom sale if you’ve been stalking a piece of furniture from them — my beloved dresser AND bed are on sale.)

+Anyone else a Spindrift lover?! I’ve never tried pineapple before!

+This Hearth & Hand area rug is such a good value! Rugs can be so expensive (I shared several of my favorite rugs here). I love this classic neutral for a coastal-style living space!

+These are the absolute best baking sheets — they are super thick and do not warp with time. I love that this comes with a two-pack in different sizes; I use the small size sheet CONSTANTLY.

+Pretty food storage. I prefer glass storage for leftovers as it lasts longer, does not discolor, and can be placed directly in microwave or oven. The pastel tops are a bonus!

+Finally ordered this well-priced eye cream after many rave reviews. I have dark circles under my eyes (made darker by 2020…). Stay tuned for review!

+Pretty woven bins for beneath a console table.

+I’ve fielded questions about office/paper organization many times. My solution is to shred almost everything as soon as I receive it, as so much is available in duplicate online (and I have spent entire afternoons trying to ask various businesses to stop sending me paper mail!), but for things we do need to hang onto, I use a hanging file folder sorter with labeled file folders (a medical folder for each family member; finances; vendors; etc.) for the duration of a calendar year. I sort all paper documents in the appropriate file folder. Then, at the end of the year/at tax time, I go through the folder and shred whatever we no longer need and move anything we do need to a big box we keep at the top of one of our closets. But the through-line here is that if you don’t have a shredder, BUY ONE. The Wirecutter recommends this specific one. We were burned back when we lived in Chicago: people were sorting through our garbage and giving our information to telemarketers and creepy scam artists. I received so many random solicitations and shams over the phone! The minute we bought a shredder, all of that stopped. Do it!

+Speaking of storage, I recently bought a big sterilite bin to store mini’s special artwork. She is a prolific artist and I have to be very choosy about what I keep or our entire apartment would be cluttered with it. I like the idea of keeping some of her smaller handiwork (the little sketches on napkins and beaded bracelets) in these pretty envelopes, labeled by year.

+One of my favorite Target finds – I use this to organize my week.

+Finally, and most importantly, Target is one of the only online places I can still find Bounty select-a-size paper towels and sanitizer! My mom and I were just saying how difficult it’s become to find paper towels at a reasonable price for delivery, and, out of an abundance of caution, I am still having nearly all of our groceries delivered. I think I’ve only set foot in a grocery store twice in the past few months!

+I love these inexpensive toddler cups, which double as snack bowls when out and about!

+Very stylish chair pads for only $10! How darling!? Great way to update wooden chairs.

+I mentioned this in a roundup of my favorite scented hand soap, but Mrs. Meyer’s peony is one of my all-time favorites — and it’s very affordable!

+These rose print sheets are SO on-trend right now. I love the idea of pairing it with tidy pique print applique monogram pillow like this.

+A mint green iron rest. By the way, this iron is LA CREME DE LA CREME. If it’s possible to love an iron, I love this iron.

+I don’t think I will ever be able to stop laundering my children’s clothing in this baby detergent. I know it’s not necessary, but it smells like heaven.

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10 thoughts on “Home Organization Finds from Target.

    1. Oo this is GENIUS, Cynthia! Just added to my next order. I can’t tell you how often I’ve been scribbling at something with a sharpie hoping to conceal private information! Thank you!


  1. Such a fun post! It made me feel like I had just spent 30 minutes wandering around Target – one of the small things I strangely miss from pre-pandemic life 🙂

    I’m with you on the Bounty Select-a-Size paper towels – truly the best! I also just purchased that Olay eye cream and now I am eyeing those blue coral storage cubes!

    1. Aw! I know, what’s that like…?! I haven’t wandered around a store in a long time, not only because of COVID but also because of Manhattan life. You don’t really wander in the aisles here, or you will be run down by an old lady with a cart.

      Let me know what you think of the Olay cream!

  2. How timely! Needing all the help with organization these days as we move into our new place. Can never have enough bins – if only I could find which boxes the movers put ours in before I buy more!

    For kid art – I started taking pictures of everything my daughter created and uploading them to a separate Instagram account. Then I can easily print books of her art (great for grandparents gifts) and don’t feel too bad when I throw some (most) of the pieces away. I looked into Artkive, but my method works just as well for the time being. The few I pieces of art I save, I’ve put in envelopes similar to what you linked.

    1. I love this method, Jennifer! I’m going to do something similar w/r/t photographing her art and keeping it in either a shared Apple Photo folder or Instagram account. Genius!!

  3. So many good finds here! Could not agree more re: the shredder — it’s an essential (I have one of the AmazonBasics ones and it’s been great.) I shred anything with even a whiff of personal information on it! So satisfying.

    Also: Bounty Select-a-Size is the best. I am currently on an in-between single roll from Whole Foods (purchased when our local Target was temporarily out of Bounty) and, well, it’s terrible. Haha.


    1. YES to the shredder and YES to every other brand of paper towel being inferior to Bounty Select-a-Size. Per usual, same page.


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