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High Gloss.

The change in season has prompted a desire to complete refurb my makeup drawer, especially after snapping up that Stila highlighter I mentioned (and now LOVE).  Below, my beauty wishlist for summer:

Pick No. 1: Nars Liquid Blush

What!  Have you ever heard of such a thing as liquid blush?  Nars recently released its classic blush colors in this unexpected formula ($30) and I’m super into the idea, especially for summer, when I want to look glossy and flushed instead of cakey and powdery.  (Er, who ever wants to look cakey?)  Also, I feel like blending it to get just the right level of pigmentation will be easy from an application stand-point.

The Fashion Magpie Nars Liquid Blush

Pick No. 2: SuperGoop Mousse Sunscreen

Speaking of novel formulas, I’m also dying to try this mousse sunscreen from Supergoop ($19-34 depending on size).  The spray form has made application easier, but I always feel like I’m losing half the spritz to the air / not truly getting the right amount of coverage.  But a mousse that melts into your skin?  Genius!

The Fashion Magpie Supergoop

Pick No. 3: Glossier Invisible Shield

Speaking of sunscreens, I’ve heard multiple people rave about Glossier’s new invisible shield daily facial sunscreen ($34).  I will admit that I’m negligent about applying facial sunscreen — I assume that the SPF in my tinted moisturizer will do the trick and go about my day.  I tried to get into the habit of applying a layer of Shiseido’s well-reviewed facial sunscreen ($36), but it took awhile to blend in and had that classic sunscreen texture (sorta chalky?)  Glossier’s formula is gel-based, which is attractive to me…

The Fashion Magpie Glossier Invisible Shield

The Fashion Magpie Glossier Invisible Shield


Pick No. 4: Tatcha Skin Mist

I’ve been using Chantecaille’s rosewater facial spray ($68) for the past few years, and I love it.  I spritz it on after applying my makeup to sort of finish/soften everything, and I love to use it on my face after a shower/to refresh my makeup.  That said.  I’m v. intrigued by the brand Tatcha and especially their dewy skin mist ($48).  I think I may give it a try after my current bottle of Chantecaille is dunzo.

The Fashion Magpie Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist

Pick No. 5: Leather Hair Ties

How chic are these leather hair ties ($7 each)?  So much more interesting/sophisticated than the Goody ouchless hairties I’ve used since age 13…

The Fashion Magpie Leather Hair Tie The Fashion Magpie Leather Hair Tie

Pick No. 6: Giorgio Armani Maestro Lipsticks

I’m intrigued by these Giorgio Armani liquid lipsticks ($38).  I love the colors of the Stila Liquid Lipsticks ($24), but find them incredibly drying.  I need to put on a ton of thick balm before and multiple times throughout the day.  I’m wondering if Armani’s formula is a little more forgiving?

The Fashion Magpie Georgio Armani Notorious Lipsticks

Pick No. 7: Benoit Missolin Headbands

A few of the haute couture houses featured STATEMENT headbands in recent runway collections, and I’m kind of loving the look.  I came across the French label Benoit Missolin recently and am dying over their adorable headbands (76 GBP+).  Too adorable!  Get the look for less with these adorable $24 Anthro printed headbands!

Benoit Missolin Headband 3 Benoit Missolin Headband Tropical Benoit Missolin Headband


Pick No. 8: Diptyque Candle

Though Tocca candles are my go-to, I can’t help myself when Diptyque releases a new candle scent, and this 34 Boulevard Saint Germain scent ($80) is now at the top of my lust list.

The Fashion Magpie Diptyque Candle

Pick No. 9: Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream

Though I’m very pleased with my Drunk Elephant face cream ($60), I have to say that with this warmer weather, I’ve been missing my Dr. Hauschka rose day cream ($24).  It’s so lightweight and non-greasy, and it smells like heaven.  This product has something of a cult following — lots of devotees! — and JLo has reportedly used it for the better part of the last decade.  If it’s good enough for JLo…


The Fashion Magpie Rose Face Cream

Pick No. 10: Rose Neroli Hand Soap

…and more rose things.  All the rose things.  This rose neroli handsoap ($15) from Beauty Counter is right up my alley.

The Fashion Magpie Beauty Counter Rose Bar Soap

P.S. Has anyone tried this serum?  It’s ridiculously pricey but I’ve heard that it’s pure magic.




  1. I just recently started using Invisible Shield and I enjoy it, though it is horrifyingly small for the price (I’m with Alison on this!) I love your picks – I am not such a HUGE beauty consumer, but as a fellow recently-turned-33-year-old, I am increasingly interested & intrigued by skincare!

    1. Ugh – the worst. I’ve actually noticed that about some of their other cosmetics — I love their Boy Brow but it is SUCH a small tube! It looks like it’s a sample and lasts like a month. Ugh.

  2. As far as liquid lipsticks go, I love the Kylie Cosmetics lip kits (I know…) which aren’t drying at all and have some serious staying power! I also love the tarteist lip paint by Tarte. I generally switch between those for most occasions!

    1. Ooh good to know!! I have heard lots of people like the Kylie Lipkits!

  3. I use the Rose Day Cream, too! Makes my skin so velvety soft afterwards — LOVE. The Vintner’s Daughter serum is amazeballs, but it is spendy. I am hoping The Ordinary makes some kind of dupe at a more reasonable price!

    Definitely interested to see what you think about the Invisible Shield. I like a lot of Glossier products but the price on this one is high, especially for a teeny ounce of product. I fell down the rabbit hole of the skincareaddiction board on Reddit and got turned on to some Japanese and Korean sun products that are fantastic, super makeup friendly, and affordable (and you can just order on Amazon).

    1. Ooo — you’ll have to share links, Alison! Now I’m curious about that vintner’s daughter stuff, too!!

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