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French Girl Chic: Leia Sfez.

By: Jen Shoop

I have yet another girl crush, this time on the ultra-chic Parisienne Leia Sfez.  Her simple and sophisticated look features a lot of on-trend denim, French girl bangs (siiiiigh), perfect-fit tees (these have been restocked in all sizes!), and basket bags a la Jane Birkin.  Above, she’s wearing the cult-following “Antonia” bag by Shrimps that has been all over the place lately — though you can get the look for less with this incredible (under $80) dupe.

The Fashion Magpie French Girl Chic Leia Sfez 6

The Fashion Magpie French Girl Chic Leia Sfez 4 The Fashion Magpie French Girl Chic Leia Sfez 3

The Fashion Magpie French Girl Chic Leia Sfez 2

The Fashion Magpie French Girl Chic Leia Sfez 1

Note that she’s also rocking my go-to summer shoe, the Hermes Oran (there are tons of dupes out there — these seem like the best-made option I’ve found — though if you’re not into copycat stuff and still want the look, these are an elegant style that achieve a similar look), though more often than not with some cut-offs and a perfectly loose-but-slim-fitting button-down like this.  Such a fetchingly chic look!

She’s also sporting a glen plaid blazer (hellooooo, jump on the bandwagon with me!) and another key trend for fall I’ve not yet mentioned: the return of the leopard print.  Leopard flies into and out of style with cyclical regularity.  One year it feels grandmotherly; the next it feels like the freshest thing since maxi dresses came into popularity in the early oughts.  (Remember what a revolution that was?!  My friend once joked that we will one day look back at pictures of ourselves and wonder, “Why were we all wearing ball gowns all the time?”  HA!)  Anyway, I’m into it, and I absolutely adore this cropped coat (with lightwash denim COME ON), these booties (get a similar look for less with these), and this silk button up.

As you can see, she sports Chanel flats with aplomb.  You can get the look for less with these well-priced and beautifully colored flats by Margaux (I love the blush pink) or these by French Sole.

Finally, she has a major bag game going.  You can see her rocking the ultra stylish Simon Miller Bonsai bag in the first pic above, though I think she’d look just as at home with the Staud Bissett bag (swoon) or this bow-topped Mango style which I am D.Y.I.N.G. over (<<under $100!) — or maybe this boxy Clare Vivier, which has such a great shape to it (never seen anything like it!).

Finally, if I were channeling Leia one day, I’d wear this: slouchy plaid jacket (so chic), a puff-sleeved white blouse (so furious this is sold out in my size — it’s the perfect on-trend staple for this fall at a great price), loose-fitting jeans in a light wash, and a pair of Chanel slingbacks (get the look for less with these).

And, speaking of Chanel: Chanel vibes for far less in the form of this fun coat and this frayed edge tweed top.

P.S.  Another big girl crush, and yet another.

P.P.S.  Happy fall shopping!

P.P.P.S.  The art of the polite decline.  Easier said than done, though…

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2 thoughts on “French Girl Chic: Leia Sfez.

  1. Ahhh, I love this post! I hadn’t heard of Leia Sfez before (guess I’m out of the street style scoping game?), but I loooove her style — these snaps you’ve gathered are chock full of inspiration! Going to pull out my Hanes x Karla tee and light-wash Levi’s to wear with some ladylike accessories. 🙂 xo

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