Eurobaby Style: The Pippa Middleton Wedding Edition.

Two-post Thursday!  OMG.  Did you guys die over the pictures from Pippa Middleton’s wedding this weekend?!  I can’t get over how stunning Kate looked in that Alexander McQueen silk dress, and THE BABIES.  ZOMG.  Especially love the snap of Kate shushing the kiddos as they head into the church.

The Fashion Magpie Pippa Middleton Wedding Childrens Style 1

The minis were all wearing outfits from Spanish children clothier Pepa and Company, and you can snag the same outfits for a pretty penny here.

This reminded me that before mini was born, I was in the process of writing a series of posts on minimagpie style, and I mentioned that I had three different looks for her: southern baby, hipsta baby, and Eurobaby, but I never got around to the third.  So, these pictures of Euro royalty decked out for the wedding of the year were a sufficient impetus to pick back up where I left off.

Also: this A.L.C. dress reminded me in color and sensibility of the dress Kate is wearing, and I want it.  Just the kind of thing a sophisticated lady would throw on for a daytime meeting.

At any rate — my favorite brands for your Euro royalty baby:

+La Coqueta.  One of my VERY favorite pieces for mini is from La Coqueta.  I love pieces like this sailor-inspired set ($61) in sophisticated mauve, and these sweet mary janes ($39), which mini owns.

+Briar bonnets ($36).

The Fashion Magpie La Coqueta aranda_baby_set_dusty_pink_f

The Fashion Magpie Baby Pram Mary Janes


+Isabel Garreton makes some exquisite old-school christening-type pieces, like this two-piece set ($150) for a special occasion.  (This monogrammed Etsy dress also caught my attention for a baby’s christening — and only $29!)

+Ralph Lauren Briley shoes ($45).  Mini owns a pair in pink.


THe Fashion Magpie Polo Baby Riley Shoe

+These crib sets ($60 each) from Pixie Lily are beyond.  Mini owns this little sunsuit of theirs.

The Fashion Magpie Pixie Lily Crib Set Boy


The Fashion Magpie Pixie Lily Crib Set Girl

+All of the pieces from Pretty Originals are ridiculous — like this two-piece set ($85) or this linen boys shorts set ($69).  Fit for a little prince or princess.  For the latter, a pair of saddle shoes ($38) and knee-high socks are de rigueur.

The Fashion Magpie Pretty Originals Baby Boy John John


The Fashion Magpie Baby Deer Baby Saddle Shoes

+While on that John John train, check out the ultra traditional styles at Bailey Boys, like this $62 monogrammed linen john john!

The Fashion Magpie Flax Linen Boys John John

+Returning to the blue and white situation, maybe this organza dress from Janie + Jack ($61)?  Also love this precious two-piece bunny set ($33).

The Fashion Magpie Janie and Jack Organza Dress

+These monogrammed beauties from Baby Braithwaite ($36) are precious.  Possibly paired with these infant booties ($22).

The Fashion Magpie Baby Braithwaite

The Fashion Magpie Baby Booties

+Baby CZ also carries some exquisite pieces, like this gingham party dress ($95).

+A pair of gorgeous Mon Petite Shoes ($49) finish this look.

Baby CZ Gingham Dress

The Fashion Magpie Mon Petit Shoes

+Oscar et Valentine (75 Euros for set below) has some amazing pieces at insane pricepoints (in a bad way…).  The kind of thing your wealthy aunt might contribute at a baby shower.  La creme de la creme.

+Similarly, Bonpoint is the gold standard for high end European baby wear.  The price tags are…nuts.  This floral romper ($285) is exquisite.

+Finally, Jacadi is a slightly more affordable French line with the most darling baby clothes.  Love the pink crib set ($65) below, but also love all of the line’s collaborations with Liberty of London floral prints, like this sweet infant dress (on sale for $61).

The Fashion Magpie Oscar et Valentine

The Fashion Magpie Bonpoint Romper

Jacadi Baby Play set


+For sleepwear, Petite Plume’s adorable mini grandpa pajamas (on sale for $46) are perfect for your little gent.

+And for your little princess, these Charmajesty Linens pajamas ($89).

The Fashion Magpie Petite Plume Pajamas


The Fashion Magpie Charmajesty Girl Pajamas

Whew.  I could honestly keep going — there are SO many adorable European brands if you’re into traditional baby wear.  But I’ll stop here.


    1. Love Petit Bateau!! Forget them on this list, but I do own several great pieces from them. Love!

  1. I know I know I know. Some of these prices are totally disgusting, and I don’t know how anyone buys Bonpoint full price! I have sprinkled in a few higher end pieces into mini’s wardrobe, but I’m a majjjjj sale stalker. HAHA about baby shoes. Totally. Why mini has multiple sets of “pram mary janes” is…hmmm…

  2. My son has the Pretty Originals saddle shoes and they are surprisingly useful– because yhey can actually adjust in size! Of course, why he, as a non-ambulatory person, needs any shoes is a total other story….

    Also: girl, I went into Bonpoint and saw that their onesies were 100$ and NEARLY SPIT!!!!

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