The Fashion Magpie Alexis Kelisi Red Bow Dress Amber Venz


Besides, like, uprooting myself and my family, selling my home and 1/3 of my possessions, and casually moving across the country with an infant and a large dog…………here’s what happening in my neck of the woods:

Currently styling my hair…

After wearing my hair stick straight or with a slight bent at the end for 33 years, I realized that I get an ugly wave when I let my hair air dry — and I am lazy and love to let my hair dry — and that MAYBE I SHOULD LEVERAGE THAT TO BETTER EFFECT.  I went to my beloved hairstylist with a picture of Kate Mara’s blond, beachy lob (long bob) — see below — and asked her if it was feasible.

Yes, yes it was.

And my hair routine just got a helluva lot easier and, OK, I’ll say it, cooler.  (Do I have street cred now?!  I actually have a hairdo?!)

My stylist also moved my part over closer to the center of my head by about 1/4 of an inch and it’s totally changed my look in the BEST possible way.  My deep part had gotten a little…sparse thanks to post-partum hormones, and suddenly it looks like I have a full and voluminous head of hair again.  #Gamechanger.  Who knew that 1/4 of an inch could make such a big difference?  (Try it!)

New routine: I get out of the shower, apply some hair oil, and twist bunches of strands around my fingers to “encourage a wave” (my hairstylist’s words — I like it! — sort of like a hair support group?) and then leave to air dry.  Once dry, I spray it with texturizing spray (also heard rave reviews of this stuff) and then use a 1″ curling iron to curl big chunks of hair into loose waves. (BTW, this one is THE BEST — it heats up quickly and lasts a lifetime; my mom has been using this brand for decades, and my hairstylist seconded their awesome-ness.)

Also: I love this mini brush and use it constantly.  I travel with it exclusively (no other brushes needed!), and sometimes I use it instead of a full brush at home, too.  I think a lot of other people agree with me on this point, because it was sold out everywhere for the last six months and is now available again!

You can also click the images below to be taken directly to all the products in my new hair routine!


Currently wearing on my feet…

I’ve been living in my Gucci mules.  They are SO unfussy and easy — I keep them by my front door and slide right into them on my walks with Tilly, or while running off to the post office or the grocery.   (Does anyone else feel like they spend their entire lives shuttling between the post office and the grocery?  Or do I just return a lot of clothes and plan meals the day-of?  Blarg.)

The Fashion Magpie Gucci Princetown Loafer 2 the fashion magpie gucci princetown loafer

Plus, since I’ve already packed a ton of my clothes for the move, I’ve  simplified my wardrobe to include a handful of jeans, a handful of sweaters, and a handful of blouses, and they all look great with my mules.  I’ve had a lot of readers ask me via email and Instastory whether I think the Gucci mules are worth it.  I have to say YES.  I’m sure the mule will be out of style in another couple of years, but I am LIVING in them and they are so comfortable and versatile.  (Also, I think that the fact that they are a riff on Gucci’s timeless, classic loafer affords them a little more staying power.)

If you’re looking for something more wallet-friendly, I love the look of these as an alternative..

Currently reading…

I just covered this month’s reading list, but I already have to rave about Upstream.  A full review forthcoming in November, but Oliver’s writing is fresh, verdant, suggestive.  Upstream is a collection of essays, several of which read a bit more like poetry than anything else, and much of which (thus far) contemplates the relationship between Nature and Man (capital N, capital M).  It’s dense, intellectual reading — not the type of thing you can read while getting your nails done (as I tried to do earlier today).  She also has an evocative chapter dedicated to Poe, that King of the Macabre, and I promptly downloaded this volume of Poe masterworks.  Excellent October fare, in the shadow of Halloween!  My Dad used to read us Poe’s creepy poem “Annabel Lee” on Halloween, and it always gives me the shivers…

The Fashion Magpie Upstream Mary Oliver

Currently watching…

Mr. Magpie and I watched every single episode of Seinfeld during my pregnancy, and we still frequently put it on when we’re cooking dinner.  I was ecstatic when Netflix came out with the comedy special Jerry Before Seinfeld.  Classic, delightful, harmless Seinfeld humor, and especially a propos since much of it touches upon New York, our soon-to-be home.  There’s one inane part where he anthropomorphizes a sock, and I was in stitches.

Currently listening to…

Um, has anyone else listened to Miley Cyrus’s new country-pop album?!  Delicious.  It has a Dolly Parton flair to it that I dig.  She’s a total weirdo, but an underrated musical talent.

Currently eating…

We’ve been cleaning out our freezer and pantry for the past few weeks, which means I finally had to come face to face with the mound of black bananas I had been freezing.  I made a batch of the best banana bread on the planet (trust me — you’re welcome).  I’ve made this recipe more times than I can count, usually when we have guests in town or Mr.  Magpie gives me A Look as black bananas tumble out of the freezer, and always to great acclaim.  People love this cinnamon-infused banana bread.  (I think my sister ate an entire loaf over the course of a three-day stay.  #Nojudgement.)  Baker’s tip: the recipe calls for a 9×5 inch loaf pan, which is an unusual size — most loaf pans are 8×4.  Do yourself a favor and don’t overstuff your 8×4, or else the inside WILL collapse and it will turn into a soggy (though still edible) disaster.  Reserve maybe 1/4 of the batter and spoon it into cupcake tins.  Speaking of, I really love Williams-Sonoma’s nonstick Goldtouch tins and loaf pans — they bake super evenly and aren’t as hard to clean as the non-stick variety.  They also never warp (!) and are dishwasher safe (!!).  The best!  (More of my favorite kitchen gear here.)

The Fashion Magpie Loaf Pan

Currently drinking…

Everything in our liquor cabinet and wine rack.  I also discovered Mumms on sale at our local grocery for $16 instead of the usual $21 and mayyy have gotten into a bad habit of traipsing over there around 5 pm to snag a bottle for the evening…champagne makes packing a lot more fun.

Currently lusting after…

Aside from a Burberry trench, which I tell myself every damn fall I’m finally going to invest in, but then promptly set that intention aside as I overspend on trendy shoes (ahem — damn you, Gucci), I would love this bow-adorned blouse from Ulla Johnson ($195).  Talk about the perfect fall blouse!  I’d pair with my new high-waisted J. Brand jeans and my trusty Gucci mules and be done with it!

The Fashion Magpie Ulla Johnson Penelope Blouse

Currently planning on buying…

The holidays are just around the corner, and I died over the beautiful Amber Venz in this bow-shouldered little red dress from Alexia Maria — sadly, it’s now sold out, but I found a lookalike style from Alexis on sale for $231!)  (I also love this.)  However…I already bought this lipstick red jumpsuit with the cutest bow-shoulder detailing, so I’m not sure I need both…!

The Fashion Magpie Alexis Kelisi Red Bow Dress Amber Venz

The Fashion Magpie Alexis Kelisi Red Bow Dress

Currently eyeballing…

+This marble utensil holder ($25).

+How Jackie O. is this?!?!?!?  ($58)


+I buy Mr. Magpie a new ornament each year for our tree.  This year feels like it deserves something sparkly and celebratory — we became parents!  we moved!  we did things! — so I’m considering this one.

+Do you follow the blogger Hitha on the Go?  She left a comment on a post of mine a week or two ago (she lives on the Upper West Side!) and I’ve been following her since.  She had her “cabinet guy” (talk about a real adult!  she has a cabinet guy and errythang!) build some beautiful built-ins and affix some of Rebecca Atwood’s gorgeous textiles to the front.  Swoon.  I might have to copycat!

+Monrow sweats, on sale for 70% off!

P.S.  Are you a monogram-oholic like me?

P.P.S.  Maybe my favorite trend this fall?  I just bought this……….woops………after I’d already snagged these.  Double woops.  Woops woops.


  1. Hi Jen,
    Such exciting news about NYC – hope that you love it! Had to comment about your ornament tradition, to share my mom’s(especially for your little one). My mom picked a type of ornament for me and my sister. Mine are angels, my sister’s are reindeer, her godson gets bears. Every year, she looked for a special, unique, ideally handmade angel and painted on our name and the year. We could look at them and the year when we decorated the tree and then have them as adults in our own houses. It seems like it would be up your alley! Though warning: it is easy to get carried away and buy lots more than one, which will lead to your little one being an adult with multiple rubbermaids filled with Christmas ornaments.

    1. Angelyn! So glad to hear from you and thanks for the kind words. Love the idea of designating a specific type of ornament for each family member — so thoughtful! xoxo

  2. OMG. Your hair story may change my life! I have a very similar texture, though currently my hair is pretty long — like boob-length — and coincidentally, I am getting my hair cut on Wednesday. Now I’m tempted to cut it shorter! I pretty much exclusively air-dry, because I am that lazy.

    I know I’ve definitely asked you about the Gucci mules before — I still haven’t pulled the trigger (I have a pair of black mules by Everlane that I really like and it feels wasteful to spend $700 right now on a pair of v. similar shoes, even though the Guccis are a total classic and I know I will love them…) You have me wanting to, though!

    I NEED to see Jerry Before Seinfeld. I grew up watching Seinfeld (it was my “treat” to get to stay up & watch with my parents! Mulva!) and I just love his sense of humor.

    I love your sweet ornament tradition. My parents do this as well, for our family tree and for each of us kids — I need to start doing the same!

    1. Did you cut your hair?!?!?!?!? Tell me all. You know the old adage: “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

      Gucci mules are a must!

    2. Haha! Yes, yes, I did, but nothing too dramatic — my stylist took about 2-3″ off, because my ends had gotten pretty unhealthy (I hadn’t gotten a cut since January! eep!), and so now my hair is maybe 2″ longer than Kate Mara’s in that pic above. It’s kind of an awkward length, but it feels sooo much healthier!

  3. Jen! Druck told me about your big move. Congrats and best wishes! Your post is so timely, as I have 50 brown bananas in the freezer right now, that needs to made into banana loaf. Will def be trying your recipe. Also, per your suggestion, I decided on the Gucci mules. My one complaint is that it makes my feet look so huge/long. I sized up per everyone’s suggestions, but it’s hard to get used to. Thoughts? XO

    1. Michelle! YES! Try that recipe — it’s gold. And YAY for the mules — it’s funny you made that comment about them because it took me maybe two month to break mine in. Prior, I felt like they looked super stiff and awkward. (I think it also took time to get used to the mule shape, since I’d never worn a flat loafer mule beforehand.) But the leather is gorgeous and they’ll soften up and feel a little less “starched” (?) with time, which is maybe what’s making you think they look “long.” Alternately, consider pairing them with something other than a skinny jean — maybe a cuffed boyfriend jean or something with a little more width?

  4. You just convinced me to replace my warped, sad bakeware with the WS gold ones. Now to start baking more…
    My closet guy is your closet guy. They do amazing built ins too, and honestly anything you need. We will need to have a champagne date once you’re moved and settled!

    1. YAY!! THE BEST. Also, thanks for sharing your closet guy with me, and, soon, a glass of champagne! xoxo

  5. Thanks so much for sharing, wishing you lots of luck with the move! I also LOVE my WS gold non-stick pans! I registered for them and had no idea they are dishwasher safe – this is amazing news! Thanks so much for sharing, wishing you lots of luck with the move! xx

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