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Current Obsessions: Early Summer Edition.

By: Jen Shoop

Below, a random roundup of current obsessions:

+Our sudden and unanticipated plans to get out of town in a couple of weeks! Our plans were canceled for us earlier this summer, and then my cousin announced she had rented a beautiful house for a few weeks and invited us to come out. We are over the moon, because we have been going stir-crazy. Looking forward to lots of outdoor dining, dips in the pool, running through the lawn sprinkler, etc. Gorgeous image above from this coffee table book. (P.S. Did you know that Walmart has some unexpectedly chic outdoor patio furniture?! This set reminds me of the chairs above, and this white-and-navy situation is preppy perfection.)

+The audiobook of Lady in Waiting (narrated by the author, Anne Glenconner, herself — now around 90 years of age!). The story is full of interesting historical tidbits and archaic traditions — but also heartfelt admissions and thoughtful observations. I admire her wit and self-deprecation and it’s a delight to hear her upper crust British accent narrating the memoir.

+I wrote about this on Instastory not long ago, but I probably google and stare at the photos of Hailey Bieber channeling Princess Diana for Vogue Paris once every other week. I don’t know why, as the vibe is definitely not my style (white dresses or nightgown dresses with Nicola Bathie earrings all day erryday), but there is something enchanting about the spread. The high-low combo? The throwback of it? AHH. Don’t hate if you see me walking around in my own twist — bike shorts (look for less) with an oversized denim button-down or this USA sweatshirt while at home.

+Still love these spicy crackers (cayenne seasoning) with a glass of red wine at happy hour. Perfect. (More happy hour at home ideas here.)

+This face mask really transformed my skin. I needed a little pep in my routine. I just ordered this inexpensive vitamin C serum in lieu of my usual Vintner’s Daughter serum to see how it compares. I have been a devotee of Vintner’s Daughter for the last year or so but am always open to testing more wallet-friendly options…

+Mini has a ton of fly-aways/baby hair growth around her hairline and it drives me crazy because she always seems to have hair in her eyes! I have tried barrettes, different types of elastic, and even finishing creme but finally bought these inexpensive, colorful metal clips (major throwback to my youth). Thank God! (This finishing creme also helps, but not enough to keep all of the hair in place for a full day.)

+Found my favorite bra on sale for $41 in select colors here. There is something so satisfying about finding a “staple” you are willing to buy at full-price on sale!

+Speaking of: the verdict is in on these inexpensive Hanky Panky dupes. They are a fantastic buy for the price — you get like 5 for what one pair of Hanky Panky cost! They aren’t quite as stretchy as HP but I have no complaints. Run TTS.

+Amazing and inexpensive children’s finds from Amazon: stocked up on these kick shorts for mini (she is getting a little too old to wear bloomers right now but often wears short pima dresses that call for something beneath); this darling gingham one-piece, which reminds me of Minnow Swim; unfussy zipper pajamas for micro in baby blue; and the absolute best (super soft, tagless!) camisoles for little girls.

+Big summer bows for mini.

+This foot cream is INSANE. Highly recommend as an antidote to a pedicure-less summer.

+This lobster-print reusable grocery bag, which reminds me of the precious items I found at Nantucket Kids’ outlet sale: this pima lobster print dress for mini and this sweater for micro!

+My Mason Pearson brush. Truly worth the investment–though this one (open box)–is about half of what you’d regularly pay!

+You may remember that we bought these Toulon planters for our living room. Our royal palms are not yet quite tall enough to fill the planters perfectly, so I found these planter inserts as an inexpensive way to accommodate right now!

+Swooning over these rattan loafers!

+Nowhere to wear this, but I love it. Would pair with a white midi skirt.

+My new butter keeper! Can’t wait to make bread service a little fancier. Also love these simple glass cloches to keep over candles when not in use and love the idea of this for a dinner party / picnic / lazy happy hour!

+When I’m not wearing a breezy dress, I like to wear J. Brand white jeans with a white tee (I’ve tried a ton but I continue to like J. Crew’s inexpensive “essential” tees — they are soft, tagless, and nicely proportioned!) and either some fun earrings or a scarf or India Amory pareo around my neck/shoulders for some color.

+Things I am eyeing right now:






P.S. More of my latest inspirations and discoveries.

P.P.S. A book I truly loved and memories from youth I cherish.

P.P.P.S. I can’t stop thinking about the fact that this time last year, I was so close to giving birth to Hill. Just re-read this post written just days before his arrival and then this post written three weeks after his birth on adapting to being a mother to two. All the feelings. Funny, though, that I can feel the heartache in my voice over all the changes in my relationship with mini, and now, a year out, I am so deeply reassured that things have “gone back to normal” and that my relationship with my daughter is as strong and nurturing as ever. Change is hard.

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8 thoughts on “Current Obsessions: Early Summer Edition.

  1. I use the Tan-Luxe drops! The face drops are great and I use 2-4 drops mixed with my face lotion every morning. It gives a natural and nice glow ( I use the medium tint and have fair skin). I have the body drops as well and use them in between / to even out my “spray tan.” I use the St. Moritz foam for my body (also medium). I hope this is helpful!

    I also use the Mad Hippie serum and like it!

    1. Oo, thanks Marcie! Do the Tan Luxe drops have that tell-tale self-tanner scent?

      I kept the MH serum and am going to test it and then try Biossance after — so far I like the MH stuff! It is a little tacky when it dries but it gives my skin a nice glow and evenness.


    2. The Tan Luxe does not have that “tanner” scent. I would definitely recommend the face drops. They last a while (while the body ones are nice but run out quickly).

      Another thought – I did not find the Mad Hippie serum “sticky.” Perhaps the one from Amazon is counterfeit (?). I bought mine from Whole Foods.

  2. That swimsuit a la Minnow Swim: love! You have such a great eye for finding deals like this!

    Re: Vitamin C serum: I tried that Mad Hippie one and I found the consistency quite sticky. It does go away, but it isn’t a pleasure to apply (if that is an important criterion?!). I know skincare is so individual, but I have been using Biossance vitamin c/rose/Squalane oil for the past couple of years and absolutely love it. Might be worth a try if you’re looking for a Vitamin C product? I did try Vintner’s Daughter and was actually relieved to see no difference on my skin between that and Biossance, as the latter is significantly lower in price. I’d say I even prefer Biossance! So I went back to that after one bottle of Vintners Daughter. (Then again, I didn’t do a systematic testing process like Grace Atwood with one product on the right side of the face and the other on the left!). I love Biossance lactic acid, retinol alternative, and sunscreen too — big fan here! They also have a $25 off $75 going on for the weekend (and they have inexpensive – like $8 I believe – travel size products if you need a filler to reach $75). I also really love Caudalie’s vinoperfect serum which is from grapes and supposedly more effective than Vitamin C. This and Biossance are my heavy hitters!

    Adding that foot cream to my Amazon cart! I’d been using Aveda’s foot cream which I love (their scents always make me feel like I’m in a spa), but I like the price tag of La Roche Posay!

    Hope you’re having a great 3 day weekend, under the circumstances!

    1. Ooo thanks for the heads up on Mad Hippie. I’m kind of disinclined to test it after this review…maybe I should just return and swap in one of the other suggestions you’ve had. AHH. I knew $28 was too good to be true.

      Foot cream is BOMB — I know you’ll love it. I mean I reallllly had some dry feet after the winter and have been applying this religiously 1-2x a day (sort of a relaxing routine just before bed, and sometimes while killing time in the nursery in the middle of the day, too!) for about two weeks and am honestly astonished by the result. It almost feels like I’ve been to have a pedicure — feet are so smooth and moisturized! Minus the polish 🙁


  3. Thank you for the hot tip on the girls’ camisoles! I was on the hunt for some in 100% cotton (for a 9-y-o) and those fit the bill perfectly. The same 9-y-o also loves Superga sneaks and is that price at Walmart for real?! Crazy savings.

    Also, those raffia loafers, OMG — so lovely!


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