cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon Rolls + Sales + Stuff.

+Decided to bake these cinnamon rolls for Thanksgiving Day morning, Molly Wizenberg’s recipe published in Bon Appetit (many years ago). If you’ve never read Wizenberg’s first book and are looking for something beautifully-written and heart-warming, this is for you! Perfect holiday time reading, as it’s all about food and love.

+Honestly, I could not stop laughing at BBC’s coverage of Rockefeller Center’s Christmas tree (thanks to my girl Alison for sharing): the tree’s “sparse” appearance feels very “on-brand for 2020.” I shared this article with some of my family and my brother-in-law said: “Woof, it’s almost like there was a miscommunication and they cut down the wrong one.” “No, Chip, not that one — not — BUZZZZ.” The entire debacle led me to order this Christmas puzzle of a Rockefeller Tree from a better vintage. (Ha!) I also ordered this one. I am anticipating a lot of down time with just Mr. Magpie and I over this holiday season.

+If you’re looking for a last-minute activity to preoccupy little hands this weekend or on Thanksgiving morning that will not entail a lot of supervision (i.e., no glue or scissors involved), might I suggest buying a pack of inexpensive craft paper cards and envelopes and these stickers (or these) and having them decorate “thank you” cards for loved ones, neighbors, etc? That’s what my children will be doing this Saturday morning, and then our “outdoor activity” will be scooting to the mailbox down the street to drop them off.

+Uh-oh. Saks is running a tiered promotion — $50 off purchase of $250, $100 off purchase of $400, etc, etc — this Christmas red cocktail dress is calling my name…

+J. Crew has been running incredible promotions in the lead-up to Black Friday. Today’s delights: cashmere crewneck sweaters for as low as $59 and the Christmas blazer you never knew you always needed. (Pair with black velvet pants and statement heels.)

+Speaking of those Jimmy Choo statement heels: they are 30% off with code TAKE30 and highly tempting, as is this Hunting Season bag I’ve been ogling for years now and this pair of stunning pearl earrings.

+Mini is obsessed with these camp socks (3 for $15) — she won’t wear anything else! I just had to order a second pack!

+Are you expecting a baby boy? I’m swooning over this new Kissy Kissy print.

+Precious velour shortall for a baby boy in rich navy blue on sale! Perfect for Hanukkah or Christmas.

+My hair stylist used this leave-in conditioner on my hair when I last got it cut and colored and I just snagged my own bottle, currently marked down from $28 to $18! Smells like heaven.

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  1. Love the sound of those cinnamon rolls — and I LOVE Molly Wizenberg, so this recipe is now a must-do for us this holiday season! Have you read Molly’s newest book, The Fixed Stars? I read it this spring and it’s so well done, and quite intriguing.


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