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Christmas Jammies for Minis.

When I was around ten or eleven, my mother purchased everyone in the family a pair of red plaid flannel pajamas.  We whined that they were hot and itchy, and that the tags scratched our necks, and that the elastic waistbands dug into our skin.  My pubescent brother’s eyes were stuck in a permanent roll while wearing them.  My father could barely tolerate one family portrait before changing.

My poor mom.  She couldn’t even find an ally in her daughters.  It was six against one.

And yet she persisted.  There is photographic proof.

I think now of the red flannel pajamas as a prime example of the small, smug, ultimately meaningless victories of parenthood, as when I successfully re-direct mini’s attention from something dangerous without her noticing my sleight of hand as I slip the offending item into my pocket, or when I miraculously trot out the door by 8:17 a.m. on Sunday morning and arrive at Church early rather than breathlessly during the entrance hymn (or later…), or when mini finishes a full plate of food without flinging it on the floor or at the wall or — worst — on top of my head, or when I hear mini say: “wel-cuh” (“you’re welcome”) after I thank her for placing her fork at her place.  Well, that last one might not be so insignificant come to think of it —

But you get my drift.

“We do not put crayons down the radiator.”  “No hands in your diaper!”  “Oh, but your bow looked so pretty!”  “Poor Pretzel.  Why did you throw him against the wall?”  — These are all things I apparently say as a mom.

Soon: “Yes, you will wear those pajamas.”

The apple has not fallen far from the tree.  I have grand visions of a matching Christmas jammie situation at some point in the future, and I’m already steeling myself, girding my loins, against the eye rolls from Mr. Magpie and the complaints from mini.  But this will happen.

Just not this year.  This year, I’ll leave all the holiday glory to mini herself.  (But good on you if you plan to do a whole family deal this year; many darling options abound.)

Below, my top picks for mini’s Christmas jammies.

Not-Too-Holiday-Ish Holiday Jammies.

1212 Bears + Trees — Christmas jammies for the TriBeCa baby, as it were.  Also: if you’ve never bought from this company, please do yourself a favor.  The absolute softest cotton, and the highest quality.  Their onesies are second to none.

Roberta Roller Rabbit Winterland — A friend told me she felt RRR prints had gotten “weird” in the last year or two.  I will have to politely disagree thanks to these winterland jammies.  So Scandi-cool!  If Mr. Magpie won’t get in on the fun, I might just buy a set for mini and myself.  Love these!

Target Hearth & Hand Plaid — You can’t beat the price on these Target beauties.  I love the dark, moody plaid.  I actually think these might be the least offensive for all family members of the entire lot.

Gap Snowflake Set — I like the light simplicity of these beauties.  Doesn’t hurt that they’re 40% off every other day.

Prints, Please.

Sammy & Nat Holiday Vacation — Love the retro vibe on these.

TBBC I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas — Don’t ask me why, but the minute I saw these, I had to have them for mini.  I love the whimsical print from one of the most random holiday songs of all time, and leave it to TBBC to incorporate pink into a holiday print.  Love.  PSA: these PBKs have a similar vibe to many of TBBC’s styles, but are about half the price.

Petidoux Nutcrackers — I have a thing for nutcrackers; I’ve decided I will slowly amass a collection over time so that I can one day assemble a whole tablescape/mantel situation bedecked with them.  (And maybe a whole nutcracker tree?!  #GOALS.)  For this reason, I absolutely love this print.  Mini has a pair of Petidoux jammies now that are appealing soft and thin — they have the feel of an old, broken-in t-shirt in the best possible way.

Hanna Andersson Deer Print — I’m not nuts about the Hanna prints this season, but this set is timeless.  You can get the look for a lot less with these from Burts Bees.  I’ve been impressed with the quality of BB, by the way.

Gap Fair Isle Fire Truck — I mean, this print is too good.  I’m contemplating buying a set for mini.  Who says girls can’t like fire trucks?!


Bella Bliss Red Jammies — The classic.  I ordered mini a set of these with her initials monogrammed on the front.  Love.  Super soft pima cotton!

Petite Plume Nutcrackers — Speaking of nutcrackers.  I’ve never put mini in a pair of non-snug-fitting jammies but these are on my radar, and for good reason.  I feel like she’d look cute enough to eat in these!  Also love the sugar plum fairy print…which reminds me that I bought mini this darling Clara doll last year and have it stowed away for maybe her fifth or sixth Christmas.  I would love to take her to the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center with this.

Cecil & Lou Holiday Plaid Nightgown — Just darling.  Can you imagine your little dumpling sitting under the tree in this?!  Is mini old enough to wear a nightgown?!

P.S.  I want these for myself for the holidays.

P.P.S.  Amazing fall finds for your mini.

P.P.P.S.  My sister told me she re-reads this post periodically, as it reminds her so much of the feeling of waiting for her two boys to arrive.  But this one leaves me with a lump in my throat, just thinking back on mini in all her one-year-old glory.


  1. Ahh, I love all of these suggestions! Hannajams are my gold standard, but I agree, I wasn’t in total love with the print selection this year — I ended up buying stripes and florals, both of which I find to be adorable on kids. This list has introduced me to a few new-to-me brands, though, which I love … bookmarked for future reference!

    1. Woohoo! Yes, Hannajams are also notable for their quality. They LAST. But sometimes fun to branch out 🙂

  2. Well this is perfection. Trying to decide between the plaid nightgown and those sugar plum fairy jammies. Can I hope against hope you’ll do a fancy Christmas dress roundup too (please, with a cherry on top!)

    1. Hooray! Thank you!

      PS: Ultimately just went with the sugar plum fairy option- could not resist 🙂 AND the navy bow JCrew puffer you suggested. Thank you for so thoughtfully outfitting my own little mini!

    2. LOVE! I actually just ordered that print for a friend of mine (well, her daughter) and they arrive today and are SO ADORABLE. I am now wondering why I didn’t order a set for mini, too — I got her the soldiers/nutcrackers ones instead because I just love nutcrackers. Maybe she needs both!?

      LOVE that puffer! Just went through the rigmarole of trying to pick a coat and that was a finalist for me as well!


  3. Your aside about the Clara doll has me reminiscing about the years when my father would take me (just me! Which was very important) to the Boston Ballet’s nutcracker. It was the most gussied up I’d get all year (and ther’s nothing like holidays for gussying), and then I would just DIE over the costumes. On that theme, I fully support the nutcracker collection. My mom has a Drosselmeyer one that is esp epic.

    1. What a gorgeous memory! So special. Going to have to nudge Mr. Magpie to remember this once mini is a little older — something “just for them” is so sweet.


  4. The Hanna Andersson ones you linked are the ones I picked up for this year! Luckily, my husband is all in on matching jammies (not a surprise there…). I LOVE the BBC hippo ones, but they didn’t have them in men’s, boo.

    1. This is our first year with matching pajamas, and no plans for “formal” pictures with them, but we do all have matching Irish sweaters for family pics this Christmas (I have been waiting to do these since we went to Ireland when I was pregnant and bought sweaters) – just trying to find the right plaid accents.

  5. Love all these jammies! My mom always gives us a new pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve, sometimes matching (much to my brother’s disdain) and sometimes not. It is one of my favorite holiday traditions and I’ve started doing it with my nieces and nephew now!

    1. Aw — I love that! And I love that your mom can wield the power to get away with it 🙂 xoxo

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