Beach Babe.

By: Jen Shoop

I just recently joined a playgroup with a few other mamacitas and am excited to bring minimagpie along with me to a few dates this summer.  One of the moms has an incredible rooftop deck and she’s already talked about setting up an inflatable pool for the babes to splash around in.  This led me to fantasies about lounging with mini in coordinating swimsuits.  YAH, I know, I’m turning into one of Those Moms.  I’d love to get one of these Marysia swimsuits for mini ($108) and one of these matching ones for me ($339), but the price tags are a leeeeetle steep.

The Fashion Magpie Marysia Mommy Me Swimsuits

Maybe one day?  Other cute sources for mommy-and-me suits: Mara Hoffman (love this for me and this for mini) and The Salty Baby (love this).

But, OK.  Maybe mini and me designer suits is a silly waste of money.  Maybe I’ll just splurge on one for me.  I’ve traditionally been a bikini kind of girl, but I am really loving all of the one-pieces out and about right now.  My top pick would be this Marysia one-piece, which is in the COOLEST print AND on sale for $191!  Still outrageous for a swimsuit, but if you love the Marysia brand…ON THE OTHER HAND, top pick for budget buy would be this Target steal, a dead ringer for the Marysia style but only $40!  More of my favorites below…

Top Picks for One-Pieces.

Top Picks for MiniMagpie Swimwear.

I have been thinking about ordering mini one of these adorable monogrammed seersucker suits, but am in love with the stuff at Beaufort Bonnet Company as well.  And, for when mini gets a little bigger, have you guys heard of the brand Minnow Swim?  TOO CUTE.  ALL OF THEM.  I love that this brand was founded by a female entrepreneur and mama herself, and that all of the suits are made in California.  Le best.

The Fashion Magpie Minnow Swim 1 The Fashion Magpie Minnow Swim 2 The Fashion Magpie Minnow Swim 3

Finally, mini is too little for this right now, but I am already plotting to snag one of these monogrammed puddle jumper covers ($45) from Etsy to go over one of these puddle jumpers ($21).   I mean, how ADORABLE is the babe below in one?!

Baby Monogrammed Puddle JUmper

Below are some other mininmagpie swimwear options I’m digging:

P.S. — I wish I’d never seen these, but GUYS.  Jack Rogers comes in an infant size.  OMG. I need these to coordinate with mine.  Still, these Salt Water sandals are apparently the best for babies at pooltime.  They prevent slips and can be worn right into the water.  I already ordered mini a pair in gold.

P.P.S. — I want this coverup.

P.P.P.S.  — My favorite beach reads.

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