Ballin on a Budget

Woah, sorry for falling off the face of the planet.  Between trips for work and fun (Park City + Tucson + NYC + Wine-tasting in VA), I’ve had minimal time to get my life back in order during the week.  I have, however, been looking for ways to style myself in the cheap during these expensive holiday months, and wanted to share a few ideas with those of you who share my plight (i.e., shopaholism) and limited funds.  First up: faux fur.  I, like, can’t get enough of the stuff this season and am continually wowed by the inexpensive versions cropping up all over the place.  Consider, for example, this $65 version from BB Dakota, available at Shopbop (if you need proof of its cool factor, check it out on one of my favorite bloggerinas, Ahn of 9-to-5 Chic), which I’d layer over a printed blouse (I love all of Tucker’s styles, but saw this cool Joie style on sale at Barney’s and did a quadruple take — $139, Barney’s) and some skinnies:


(Or get this “brindled” fur style in grays, blacks, and whites, also by B.B. Dakota and also available for a cool $65, which I own and dearly love — it’s a bit less versatile than classic black, but it makes a slick statement styled with black skinnies and booties).  I’m into dressing for warmth and comfort these days, so I instantly envision pairing the fur with some cozy mocs, and am currently loving this retro-styled beaded version ($40, Shopbop):

Perfect with the Navajo-chic vibe I’ve been loving this season.  Something like this blanket sweater is right in the zone right now ($82, WeLikeFashion):

Snuggly with some skinny jeans and my Minnetonkas.  (The brand Left on Houston also has some cool poncho styles available right now, but for closer to $200 a pop.  Worth a gander.)  While on the topic of Native American-inspired fashions, let me rave about my recent obsession with all things feathered.  I am head.over.heels for this necklace ($78, Shopbop), which I’d wear tucked right under the collar of a blouse or as the neckline adornment for a simple crew-neck t-shirt or dress:

I found a comparable version for far less on Etsy ($26, BohoPlunder).  How sick is it?!   Heartsies.  For a slightly bolder look, check out these peacock-inspired earrings I scouted out on Etsy ($18, PeaHenLee):

BTW, I’ve pretty much scored all of my Christmas presents for my friends and fam on Etsy this year.  They have so much fantastic jewelry and accessories, I pretty much went hog wild.  Love you, Etsy.  Thank you for coming into my life.  One non-Etsy item I’ve been eying for a friend of mine (well, also for me…I can’t decide whether to be a selfish Scrooge-lette and just snap it up for myself…) is this awesome sequined, patterned clutcheroo ($60, Zara):

I’ve wanted/needed this bad-boy ever since I saw it on Lindsay of Saucie Glossie.  Love the size and the color combo — cobalt blue is my JAM these days.  I’d wear it with my cobalt J. Brand skinnies, a white blouse, and some glam jewels, like these fantastic danglers (only $16?!  QUE PASA?! — ShopFurbish):


Yes, yes, yes.  Thanks, I’ll take those right now.  And while I’m at it, I might as well snag this awesome Missoni-inspired enamel tray to store my new bling ($22, ShopFurbish):

(Speaking of Missoni, I placed my order for my Missoni for Target dresses this past September when they first launched the collab and the Target site promptly crashed for, like, 24 hours straight as fashion obsessors like myself clamored to snatch up every last bit of their inventory.  I keep receiving emails indicating further delays / low stock / the potential that they may not be able to fill my order.  I am disappointed to say the least — I’m almost 99.9% sure I’m going to finally find out, after months of being strung along, that they cannot fill my order at all.  BOO HISS.)  At any rate, I’d also stow some other funky little accent pieces in the above tray — I’m currently coveting one of these fun little Nixon watches — perfect for a low-key Saturday post-workout ($60, Shopbop):

And, totally unrelated, but I kind of obsess over these studded sloafers (Jeffrey Campbell, $170, Ssense).  I mean, are they bananas or what?!  I would never have picked them out because I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to things that look a little fierce, but then I saw Sheridan French of Southern Eclectic rocking them like the true little fashionista she is, and pretty much died/contemplated buying them on the spot…thoughts?!

Um, you go Glen Coco.  Love those bad boys.  I’d wear them with this amazingly affordable drape-front leather jacket (Velvet, $150, Revolve Clothing — though they have free shipping, they are running low on sizes; you may prefer to check out a wider selection of sizes via Amazon):

Awesome finished with this funky little pouch/clutch ($55, Shopbop):

Don’t you love/die over it?!  Eee.  OK, that’s all I got for today — I’m all over the place, so you’ll have to forgive my semi scattered post.  More (and more structure) soon.  Happy Monday!


  1. I’m so glad you’re back! I love all of your picks, as usual. I bought that sparkle Zara clutch myself, and I’m so glad I did because it ZOOMED out of the store.

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