The Stripe Loeffler Randall Sandal

Back at It.

Back from D.C.  So happy to be reunited with our sweet pup, and to reoccupy our own space, and to have minimagpie back with all her books, toys, and gear — but, in the words of my father, as he kissed mini goodbye: “Parting is such sweet sorrow.”  I miss my family something awful.  How is it that we get to a stage in our lives when it is normal to go a few months without seeing our families?

To cheer myself: ten picks.

Pick No. 1: The Silken Blouse

I am digging this silky peach blouse ($35), especially with distressed denim shorts (Rag + Bone, on sale for $129) for a little mix-n-match of textures. The Fashion Magpie HM Blouse

The Fashion Magpie Rag Bone Jean Shorts

Pick No. 2: The Cactus Napkins

How amazing would these napkins be ($59 for 4) for Taco Tuesday?!  Incidentally — try this taco recipe from America’s Test Kitchen.  Mr. Magpie and I are obsessed and make it at least once every two weeks.  It’s kind of like the old school kind you used to make with taco seasoning in a kit, but way, way better.  (But, you still need the hard taco shells!)  Wear these cactus jammies while you do so (too cute!)

The Fashion Magpie Cactus Napkins

Pick No. 3: The New Rollaboard

I am seriously obsessed with the luggage line Away.  Not only does each bag include a built-in battery to charge your technology, but it’s apparently “guaranteed” to be breakable, and not overly expensive.  I reallllly want one of these large suitcases ($295), and I want to customize it with their cool collection of stickers.

The Fashion Magpie Away Luggage


Pick No. 4: The Fluffy Heel

Guys, I’ve had my eye on these funky fluffy heels from Loeffler Randall shown on the precious Grace of The Stripe for a full season and they just dropped to a seriously reasonable price at Shopbop — $157 for the black ones and $270 for the colorful ones.

The Stripe Loeffler Randall Sandal

The Fashion Magpie Loeffler Randall Sandals

Pick No. 5: The Umbrella Print Top

While in D.C., one of my cousins was wearing the CUTEST umbrella-print top — turns out it was from Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James line, and is available here for $135!

The Fashion Magpie Draper James Umbrella Top

The dress version of my cousin’s top, shown on Reese below, is on serious sale for $159!  C, thanks for the inspo!!!

The Fashion Magpie Draper James Dress

Pick No. 6: The Dog-Lover’s Stationery

Might as well check out the entire Draper James sale selection, because there are some GREAT finds, including a few great little gift ideas, like this adorable bunny key fob for your neice, or these dog cards (on sale for $10, plus free shipping!) for your dog-loving friend…or self.  (Also, these gift enclosures are too good!)

The Fashion Magpie Dog Stationery

Pick No. 7: The Cactus-Print Reusable Snack Bag

While researching gear for minimagpie’s upcoming first encounters with food, I read about Bumkins waterproof starter bibs and discovered these adorably printed reusable snack bags ($6 for large cactus print) from the same brand.  Such cool prints, and such a good idea for packing snacks, whether for babies or for adults.

The Fashion Magpie Bumkins Snack Bags

Pick No. 8: The Tassel Earring

These $36 striped tassel earrings had to happen.  I want to wear them with this ADORABLE dress ($138), which is just about the cutest thing ever for a late summer day.

The Fashion Magpie Bauble Bar Madison Earrings

Pick No. 9: The Striped Top

I love the structure and clean lines of this striped Banana Republic top ($88).

The Fashion Magpie Banana Republic Striped Top

The Fashion Magpie Banana Republic Striped Top

Pick No. 10: The Alo Coast Legging

You know I’m obsessed with my Alo moto leggings — well, these coast ones ($94) with their cool sheer panels will soon need to be added to the collection, probably in the white color.


  1. thanks so much for linking to my post! Those heels are AMAZING. they were last year’s birthday present to myself and I am so happy with them. If they have your size, GET THEM!!!

    also can vouch for the Away luggage. I got mine before they did the yellow and am so sad – it’s the happiest color!

    1. LOVE your blog, Grace! This is another little nudge to invest in one of those Away suitcases!!!

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