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10 Things I Love That I Shouldn’t.*

By: Jen Shoop

+Going to bed with wet hair.

+Buying toiletries in bulk ostensibly to appear to be a prepared adult but principally in order to line them up in neat rows in the cabinet. 

+Falling asleep with the TV on.

+”Accidentally” eating the fatty bits of pork or steak.

+Long showers.

+Bad chick lit.


+When plans fall through.

+Apple juice (“but it’s just sugar!”).

+Any and all fruit candy — including and especially Now&Laters, aka cavity-inducing, tooth-cap-removing industrial runoff.

What are your guilty pleasures?

*”If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking.” — Patton

Post-Scripts: Currently on My Shortlist.

+I am jonesing for a pair of Rothys.  I posted something about these cool shoes on Instastory after a friend raved about them a few days back and had dozens of responses urgently singing the praises of these wunderkind shoes (so comfortable! made from plastic bottles!).  I’m toying between these lemondrop ones and these camo ones.

+I am drooling over this evening dress — and this one, too, which shares a similar ethos.  (Get the look for less with this!)  Mr. Magpie and I just bought tickets to the opera and I am wondering whether this date qualifies as a reason to buy a new gown.  The last time we went, there were people dressed in black tie!  (And also people dressed in jeans.  I prefer the former.)

+Down to the last dregs of my Glossier Boy Brow.  I like the Glossier product but does anyone else feel like it contains about .00001 milliliters of product?  I swear I swipe the wand for a week and it’s dried out.  I think I’m going to give this well-reviewed Dior stuff a whirl.  It’s twice as expensive as Glossier’s product, but probably fifteen times as long-lasting.

+I love a good cape for fall — especially for snuggling on the couch while Mr. Magpie watches football.  This is a classic.

+Visiting D.C. reminded me how much I love my hometown.

+I’m on the prowl for a new pair of winter pajamas.  Though I absolutely love my J. Crew dreamy pajamas — incredible soft and forgiving, and I own them in two colors — I am curious whether there are other must-try options I’ve not yet considered.  I’ve been intrigued by Lake Pajamas for years (eyeing this new style) but never taken the plunge, and recently spotted these from the label Maison du Soir on a blogger and thought they looked chic.  I’m also intrigued by these washable silk sleep sets from Lunya, which are apparently FDA-approved to promote better sleep (?!) — or, better yet, these ultra-soft “restore” shorts that look like a little slice of heaven.  Any strong endorsements?

+Remember when I mentioned the cult-following brand I Love Mr. Mittens and their gorgeous chunky knits the other day?  Found a lookalike for those of us not willing to break the bank on a trendy look.  (CAVEAT ADDED AFTER ORIGINAL PUBLICATION: One reader has noted that the lookalike does not hold up well!  Buyer beware…thanks, Betsie!)

+OMG.  Love everything about this blazer.  “The fur cuffs are a bit much,” you might say.  And I might nod along.  But then again – what is fashion for?  Love.

+I want to layer this oatmeal-colored turtleneck under everything.

+What do you want your legacy to be?

+Intrigued by this nut-free granola butter.  I’ve noticed that many of the preschools do not permit any nuts on their premises, and mini has about two or three meals centered around peanut butter a week…!  I’ve heard good things about this brand.

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20 thoughts on “10 Things I Love That I Shouldn’t.*

  1. Guilty pleasures! Oooh, my biggest one is definitely Instagram [insert teeth-gritting emoji here]. The Screen Time monitor on iOS has been a total game-changer, though! And I have to say, I’m with you on the necessary interludes of bad chick lit in between more substantive fare.

    Re: pajamas, I have heard great things about Lake and may try them out this holiday season. I tend to just sleep in (un-matching) soft cotton t-shirts (loved the garment-dyed options that J.Crew have had in the past) and thin sweats (favorites are a black cupro pair of joggers from Anthropologie and tapered cotton sweats from Muji). I’ve also been intrigued by the Lunya sets and will let you know if I try them!

    I Love Mr. Mittens = so tempting!

    1. AHH that darned and blessed screentime monitor! Instagram is a dark hole and I love scrolling through it before bed which is probably breaking some kind of cardinal rule of healthy sleep habits. Ah well.

      Yes, keep me posted on Lunya if you take the plunge!

    1. Hi, Rachel – Such a good point. I totally agree with you and actually wrote a post a few months ago called “Lowbrow” where I write that we should permit ourselves to like what we like without being embarrassed about it…I guess I forgot myself for a minute here 🙂 Thanks for sharing this! xoxo

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  3. I ordered some Rothys and absolutely love the look, feel, comfort, etc, and love that they’re vegan. I have had a big problem with them retaining odor though- even after washing in the machine according to instructions. It’s now at the stage (only 3 months after getting them) that I feel like I need to wash them after every wear- and this is not a problem I’ve had with other shoes, including other vegan & washable shoes. It was such a shame- the first few weeks in, I was all ready to buy out the whole range!

  4. I’ve also heard great things about Rothys. I’m thinking of getting a pair to switch into as the night lingers under a long gown dressy wedding. I’m loving the grey zebra and the camo -not for the wedding, but everyday!
    I love the fur sleeves on the jacket but here’s my problem…you wear it once and everyone likes it. You wear it again and everyone says, “oh, I’ve seen her in that before”. Better to stick with a stable Glen plaid you can wear again and again and not be remembered for the wrong reason!

    1. That’s such a valid point re: re-wearability of the fur-trim jacket. What a bummer, but you’re right. You’d need to sort of audit who you’d wear it in front of. Or, maybe it’s just “your look” for a season? xo

  5. if you’re looking to try a new brow crayons, after much trial-and-error, I’ve committed to the Anastasia products! for natural lines, the Brow Wiz pencil is fantastic, and for a deeper fill, the Brow Definer is awesome. I am also a convert to their brow gel – holds up super well with no residue.

    1. Hannah! I just ordered the Dior styler earlier today, DARN IT. But I had been seriously considering Anastasia against the Dior stuff. I’m sure I’ll give your brand a whirl sooner rather than later, especially the brow gel, which I am now realizing I need in additional to the pencil. Anyway, thanks for sharing! xo

    1. What! How have I not heard about this! Going to buy this next time I’m in a drugstore. Thanks for the tip! xo

  6. I own the knit your love cardigan in bubblegum pink and as cute and cozy as it is, the yarn sadly didn’t hold up. After only one wear, it looked old. Just thought I’d share. So in this instance the splurge may be worth it.

    1. AHH! Betsie, thanks for this note. I’m going to actually update the post to make an alert of this. xo

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