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You Look Good, Gul.

Welp, I completely changed tack last week with regards to my birthday dress plans thanks to Shopbop’s sale last week and wound up springing for a rainbow-striped maxi designed by Gul Hurgel — a slight variation on the style shown above (her style available here), as sported by the ever-so-chic FashionBugBlog.  The colors make me happy, and those frou-frou sleeves are the stuff of dreams.  I’ve been a fan of this line for a long while now; I own this dress (on ridiculous sale!) in a different colorway and it’s just about the splashiest, most fetching thing I’ve ever worn.  I also waxed poetic on their fruit-print dresses a couple weeks back, and I’m still waiting for the price to drop in an end-of-season sale…but, lucky for us, there are a number of the line’s incredible confections on sale right now!  In addition to my birthday dress, there’s this, this, and this.

Or, you can get the look for less with this under-$100 steal!

I’m also in love with the Gul-esque oversized ruffles on this Banjanan maxi and this taupe dress (sort of an elegant color, I think — unexpected!), which I dream of pairing with these slides, on sale for 60% off!

Speaking of must-have dresses: this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it ASOS find was restocked in a few sizes!  (If Marlien Rentmeester swears by it / owns it in two colorways, you know it’s good!)  And another PSA: those Hermes-lookalike scarves are still available…

P.S.  Pretty much every day of my life, I get into a heated argument with the nest of cords in a basket underneath my sink that contains three curling irons, a straightening iron, my blow dryer, and a mess of cords.  Exasperated, I took to Amazon for some solutions — I’m thinking I might buy these (look at the cord hooks that keep the plugs in place!!!  plus, like the idea of being able to hook it over a towel rack while in use rather than cluttering up my sink area) and this, though I won’t mount it on my wall; I’ll just stow it under the sink in lieu of the basket.  And speaking of organizational geekiness, this.

P.P.S.  I’m thinking of reorganizing mini’s toy/book situation in her bedroom; things are getting a little hairy.  I love the designs on Petit Pehr canvas bins — especially these and these  (and, for some reason, this one is $10 off at Barney’s!; so adorable).  Also love their wearable blankets (on sale!) and scalloped-edged quilts!

P.P.P.S.  My latest Etsy finds: summer stationery, a wicker doll stroller, gift enclosures with a Goyard-esque monogram, and pom pom pillows.

Oh, also: what’s your song?  And do you have secret #basic behavior?


  1. I snapped up that ASOS dress tonight — forgot that I had a birthday promo code! If you and Marlien give it the green light, I can’t not. 🙂 xo

    1. YES!!! So chic. I love that Marlien wore it over a bathing suit, saucily unbuttoned up to there. Super chic!

  2. I’m always curious about your birthday dress pick because I, too, am a June baby (my birthday is tomorrow!) and I subscribe to the same belief that one should always have a new birthday dress. I had been looking for a good floral option (love that ASOS pick you included!) but the temps will be in the 80s, so I’m opting for a subdued navy sheath dress with ruffle details from Club Monaco. Suitable for work during the day and a fun birthday dinner at night!

    Thinking of songs … my boyfriend & I have a few, including “Sugar Dumpling” by Sam Cooke (his compilation called The Man Who Invented Soul is epically good) 🙂

    1. Either way you go — floral ASOS or ruffle-accented sheath — you can’t go wrong. Both sound like they have just enough flair to make the day special. 🙂

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