Yellow Fever

By: Jen Shoop

I may have mentioned that my wedding colors are soft yellow and deep, hydrangea blue (largely owing to the fact that I want arrangements in those colors):

I had no idea how difficult it would be to find just the right shade of yellow for my bridesmaids.  Some were gaudy, almost brash in color; others were too gold-toned; still others were almost too pale.  It took weeks of hunting (and dozens of kind, albeit frustrated salesclerks who quickly tired of my entire “It’s just not right” routine) to learn about Monique L’Huillier’s limited line of bridesmaid wear.  Her “sunflower” shade was just perfect.  I picked strapless for my five bridesmaids:

and asymmetrical for my pin-thin, beautiful maid-of-honor:

I adore them.  But imagine my shock when, just this season — just two short months after my frenzied bridesmaid-dress hunt — I came across a slew of appropriate, lovely LYDs (little yellow dresses).  Sure, not all of these would be perfect as bridesmaid gowns, but I’m surprised (and thrilled!) to see the sunny color popping up left and right.  Trina Turk, for example, has a handful of lovely LYDs out this season (and one super-hot yellow romper with an interesting back), including this happy little smile-of-a-dress:

With May right around the corner (or, more specifically: Cinco de Mayo right around the corner), my finger was poised over the “buy now!” button when I found this saucy little thing from T-Bags:

Another favorite, possibly for my upcoming trip to Charlottesville (home to my alma mater, good ol’ UVA) for the Foxfield races:

Something about the polka dots just brings me back to Julia Roberts stomping the divets at the polo match in “Pretty Woman” in that unforgettable brown-and-white dress.  (Of course, the Foxfield Races are nothing like a polo match.  For one thing, I rarely actually see the horses…it’s all about fashion and mimosas.)

Shopbop’s newly-added “search by color” function led me to this precious LYD by Alice and Olivia:

Over the past few seasons, they’ve had a number of pretty dresses in this soft, breezy yellow color.  I think this would be a lovely change of pace for an evening wedding.  In the same vein of thought, what about slipping into this little Mara Hoffman in ethereal daffodil:

Of course, no where is more appropriate for a sunshine-bright yellow outfit than the beach.  I’m envisioning a white bikini (J. Crew) with a yellow beach bag (Kate Spade) and enormous shades (Oliver Peoples):

Or maybe this happy Ralph Lauren bikini?

And “pour les pieds” (for the feet), how about some punchy wedges by Kate Spade:

With maybe a crisp pair of tailored white shorts (Milly) or skinny white jeans (J Brand), a striped shirt (Splendid), and a double-breasted navy blazer (Theory)?  Navy and yellow are perfectly nautical (and you know how crazy I am for the in-the-navy gear).

I would, of course, be remiss if I didn’t also include the K. Jacques thongs I’ve been pushing in every post since the inception of the Fashion Magpie blog:

And while on the topic of Miami-appropriate yellow hues, I’ll conclude with this gem-of-a-dress I found while poking around on Net-A-Porter.  Sure, it’s not exactly “yellow,” but it features yellow, and it sports the born-again label “Halston” (as in “Halston Heritage,” a recently launched, pared-down diffusion line of hip dresses reminiscent of 1970s Studio-54 chic):

At around $300, it’s pitch-perfect and (relatively) wallet-friendly…just imagine the splash you’d make!

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