The Fashion Magpie Winter Getaway

Winter Getaway.

We are heading to Florida in a few weeks and it’s given me occasion to imagine a dream wardrobe. My top wishlist item is this rosebud print one-piece after seeing it on the gorgeous Lindsi Lane (pictured above with her chicly dressed bump!). How sweet?!

That suit is in my cart, but the only thing I’ve actually bought for the occasion is this heavily-discounted Hatch maternity dress. I’m planning on pairing it with my Aquazzura x De Gournay slides and figure that I’ll also get heavy use out of it post-delivery this summer, as it’s blissfully nursing-friendly and also cut in such a way that it should work after pregnancy.

Beyond that, I’ll be pulling out my SZ Blockprints caftans (#pregnantmomstyle — also love the similar look/feel of this Dodo Bar Or dress) and I am heavily leaning towards finally ordering a pair of metallic Birkenstocks. I’m like two seasons late to this game, but I cannot banish the vision of that chic pea in Sag Harbor wearing her SZ Blockprint caftan and Birks with a loose topknot and looking like the chicest person on the planet. And I’m in a wild frame of fashion mind these days — just, why not?! Live a little! (Hence my decision to run with the oversized headband trend, which I’m certain I will look back upon in 2026 with chagrin.) I also might need to break in my gift to my future self post-delivery (<<I got them in this cool blue color, but they are on sale in other colors here!).

I also think my Marysia one-piece will work with my bump. I own it in black, but how darling is it in this blush pink? I’ll wear my black version with a big straw hat — this was just marked down to $10 (!!!!) so I may just have it shipped directly to my parents’ home in FL.

I am dying to snag one of these Pamela Munson totes with the pink grosgrain trim for the occasion. I love the dimensions and the color.

A few other accessories I’m swooning over: these sandals (so chic), these seashell earrings (heavily discounted), and either these or these from Polly Plume.

I’ll probably wear Essie’s Pre-Show Jitters for the trip on both my hands and feet. I love this color; it’s white with just enough pink in it and delightfully opaque.

A couple of other cover-ups/warm weather dresses that will work with (I think…) or without the bump: this madras beauty ($118!), this paisley maxi ($82! — OBSESSED), this citrus-y Saloni, this equally citrus-y Banjanan, and this $29 laser-cut dress (ZOMG with that Pam Munson tote and some big shades!).

And — finally — if I weren’t pregnant, I’d be all about these pieces in black and white: this dress (<<on super sale), this blouse, this saucy bikini (mini could coordinate with this! — alternately, check out this super affordable style), and this polka dotted beauty ($58!!)

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Post Scripts.

+You can bet I’ll be bringing something delicious to read on the beach, and I shared a few options earlier this week for lighter fare reading.

+8 things I never travel without.

+I’ll do a post on what I want to bring for mini soon, but am itching to buy her this in the strawberry print, a new pair of Igor jellies, and already placed an order for one of these! (I’ll also need to buy a basic set of water wings to put inside — how cute is this in the flamingo print on its own though, without the cover?!)

+On that note: lessons learned from traveling with a toddler and my favorite gear for traveling with babies.

+I mentioned this fleetingly the other day, but I am now obsessed with the brand Wee Ones hairbows. You can find a lot of them on Amazon Prime and they come in the sweetest colors, like this!

+Whenever I write about travel, I think about this.

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  1. I’m both cursing and thanking you for linking up the HATCH sale pieces at Net-A-Porter. Two Hatch dresses and a new pair of slides, and I’m feeling pretty good about my warm weather maternity/postpartum wardrobe…

    1. HA! I know, DAMN. And they just added an additional 20% off select pieces today and now I’m considering a second dress, too…

  2. I love thinking about warm-weather clothes in the dead of winter … lucky you that you have a vacation planned! That Onia swimsuit is too adorable, and I’ve had good luck with their suits in the past — I have a black & white woodgrain print bikini that I got from Barneys for a song.

    That HATCH dress is so cute, too. I actually (randomly) have a pair of pants from them that makes me feel weird when I think about the fact that it’s a maternity brand, but they are so comfortable and don’t LOOK maternity-ish…haha! Their boutique in Brentwood (LA) is so lovely, too — I’ve stopped in there for gifts before.

    1. SO into all of their styles! They were on my radar last year but then I got distracted by Marysia. Very into them!

      No shame — Hatch is meant to be worn before, during, and after pregnancy. Just think of yourself as well-situated when the time comes!

  3. Word of warning regarding the laser cut dress from Shein… I purchased 3 tops from there and chose the size based on their size chart. One top that was supposed to be loose was skin tight – felt more like 2-3 sizes off, another top felt about 1 size off, and the last top honestly could fit a 6 year old.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I’ve experienced this in the past, too. It’s such a crapshoot! xoxo

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