What’s Good, Miley.

Does anyone remember when Nikki Minaj got into it with Miley at the VMAs?  Suddenly her eyes went crazy and she said, “What’s good, Miley?  What’s good.”  Terrifying.  #TeamNikki, personally.

But anyhoo.  Here’s what’s good this week:

+This molasses crinkle cookie recipe is SOOooooOOOOoooo good.  I made a batch of them last weekend while trimming the tree and Mr. Magpie about lost his mind when they were done.  He probably had a dozen in one sitting.

+Reading this book for book club and enjoying it.  It has a fable-like quality to it, and contemplates (interrogates?) the heavily mythologized early American pioneering spirit.  It also sort of feels like something perfect for a high school “Intro to the Short Story” or “American Literature” class.  Easy to read, full of fairly well-outlined (borderline basic…ouch?) literary technique.

+I’ve blogged about this way too many times, but Diptyque’s holiday candles are TOO good this year.  I love Feu de Bois as a staple (smells just like burning firewood), but all of their seasonal scents are delightful.  Much to Mr. Magpie’s chagrin, I’ve (literally) burned through several the last few weeks.  You need a candle to cozy things up, y’all!

+And on the shopping front…

YOU GUYZZZ.  This cosmetic kit!!!  It’s NOT Goyard, but it sure as hell looks like something Goyard would do.  $105, with monogram!  What an epic gift for…yourself.

Hold the phone.  How epic are these lace-up flats ($90)?!?!?  I die over the colors, and the price ain’t bad for something that looks as “street style chic pea” worthy as these bad boys!  For those of you lucky enough to be going somewhere warm this winter season, they would look beyond with a simple white dress like this ($100!!!) or this.  While you’re at it, pick up a new suit — I die over this (sexy + classic!) or this preppy seersucker style (LOVE).


I saw this scalloped dress at Ann Taylor ($139, currently 40% off!) and D.I.E.D.  Doesn’t it look just like one of the Red Valentino scalloped dresses that have been out and about the last few seasons?!?!  And that blush color!  And PS — if you’re still in need of a great holiday party dress, this LBD ($203) is my personal top pick.  ADORBS.

I am OBSESSING over the entire Adidas x Stella McCartney collection.  I mean, how funky cool is this workout set (on sale!) — bottoms for $77 and top for $105.  Perfect with my new APLs ($140).   (Also love these purple leggings, or go basic with these.)


I love the affordable but elegant earrings ($30).  They have a cool edge to them.

Veronica Beard, you naughty minx.  I have been loving her latest collections, and this metallic-thread dress is no exception ($595).  So French-sexy.  Especially with these ($450).  OK, I’ll stop obsessing over those now.  #SorryNotSorry.


Yes, I’ve been very into robes lately (just snagged this gorgeous floral print one), but this fun letter-print style ($95) from cool sleepwear company Recliner caught my eye.  They also have one in a cityscape print, or a newspaper print!  (Although, newsflash: this $20 buffalo check nightshirt has my name all over it.  Please and thank you.)

People have been going nuts over Trish McEvoy’s new high volume mascara ($31).  #inthebag

These knit loungesets ($35 for tops, $35 for bottoms) look like the epitome of cozy.



Still in search of a last-minute Christmas gift for the impossible-person-to-shop-for?  Consider some of the OUTRAGEOUS ice creams from Jeni’s.  YUM, YUM, YUM.  Also, shipping is $13 flat, which is pricey but better than I would have expected.


  1. Hi! I love your blog! I’m having a holiday party soon. An informal gathering of friends to play games (cards, taboo, etc…). What would you wear. I want to look great (of course!), but be comfortable…I don’t want to overdress which I have a tendency to do …..

    1. Welcome, Lynn! Thanks for the sweet note and question. For informal gatherings, my mind immediately goes to jeans with some sort of statement top/sweater. Something like this or this for a sweater…or this or this for a shirt. Then finish with some fun flats/loafers/booties.

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