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What You’re Shopping For: April 2021, Partie II.

*Image above via E+A Interiors. I would like to be sitting in that bed, online shopping RN. This image has made me want to buy this breakfast tray.

More answers to your burning shopping questions! My first installment for this month here.

Q: Something to wear to the Wells Fargo golf tournament in CLT in May.

A: SO fun! I don’t know whether the event has a dress code, but if jeans are permitted, I would pair my favorite white jeans with a pretty spring top and supergas. I especially love this eyelet wrap style, this Thierry Colson, this striped poplin (under $50), this gorgeous sage green style, and this trellis floral.

If jeans are out of the question owing to decorum or weather (not sure how toasty it will be then!), I would reach for a breezy dress that can be worn with Supergas. (I would not want to walk for hours on a grass golf course with sandals, personally.) I like this Mi Golondrina, this Pink City Prints, and this tiered gingham.

Don’t forget your shades!

Q: High rise white jeans — not skinny.

A: I like the look of this pair from Mother. I’ve been dancing around the purchase of a pair of jeans from this brand for awhile — people rave about them! I also like the Audrey Hepburn vibes of this pair from DL1961.

Q: What would you suggest (or what would you wear) to the Kentucky Derby?

A: Ohhh YES. Pinnacle sundress event! Whatever you do, don’t wear heels, especially if you are infield. My first thought was this tiered floral with a Sarah Bray sunhat (swap out for a ribbon that matches your outfit — they ship free). You can get the Sarah Bray sunhat look for less with this $50 score! Other favorites:




A Pam Munson bag like this or this is ideal for the occasion. And don’t forget a beautiful face mask!

Q: Swim suits and coverups!

A: I shared a bunch of my favorite swimsuits for this season here, but Solid & Striped (one of my favorite swimwear brands ever) just launched some great prints, like this gingham (and this reversible style!), many of which coordinate with a limited edition Lele Sadoughi headband (!). So up my alley.

All of Agua Bendita’s swimsuits are show-stopping (swoon), and I think this is the best under-$100 suit I’ve come across this season.

Some lucky lady will score this darling Peony floral print two-piece at a bargain (top and bottom).

For cover-ups, I’d throw on a 9Seed tulum dress, this inexpensive Target steal, this tiered J. Crew, this elegant shirt cover-up, these $22 sarongs, and anything from Juliet Dunn.

Q: V- or scoopneck summer dresses.

A: I have been eyeing this forever. I just love the neckline and print so much. And Saloni does the most elegant shapes and details — this cream dress is a forever piece. I also love this $109 floral, this elegant linen midi, and an unfussy black style like this to wear with fun sandals.

P.S. More great statement sandals here.

Q: Low key combat boots.

A: Check out Stuart Weitzman! They always have a more refined take on trends. I like these. The same goes for Alexandre Birman — their interpretations of trends are always a bit more elegant and ladylike, as is the case with their combat boot.

Q: Black blouse with puff sleeves or wide straps, v- or square-neck, to be worn for my birthday.

A: Happy birthday! Love the specificity of this request! I like this Rhode, this Ciao Lucia, or this under-$70 score. For something with longer sleeves, this would look great with jeans or skirts.

Q: Canisters for sugar, flour, brown sugar.

A: I’ve always lusted after my mother’s copper set, which looks just like these. Gorgeous to display on a countertop! I also like this less-expensive glass and wood set. If you’re talking more for pantry storage, I really like the Progressive International ones. I find them much more airtight than OXO’s POP style, though I do have a mix of both in my pantry because I’d already purchased the OXO before realizing that they didn’t actually fully seal, which does matter with brown sugar at least.

P.S. More food storage here.

Q: 40″ round wood or marble-top coffee table.

A: Depending on your style, I like this CB2 with the brass finish, this elegant pedestal style (39″ instead of 40″, FYI), and this rustic style in the gray finish.

P.S. Coffee table styling ideas.

Q: Cream and pink rug for a nursery? Maybe round. I like Persian styles.

A: Lulu and Georgia has some sweet styles that I think will be up your alley, like this or this. Also check out Annie Selka — they do such fun, bold styles, like this! Finally, I have several friends who have fallen head over heels for Caitlin Wilson’s children’s rugs, and they carry lots of pink styles.

Q:A bag for spring on the larger side please.

A: This is SO chic. I discovered it via the ultra-stylish Bradley. I also like this tote (woven neoprene — great for all spring and summer activities), these Pam Munsons (surprisingly big/roomy), these canvas totes from a chic Parisian label, and this giant washed denim tote (with embroidered monogram!). This under-$100 tote is enormous and comes in fun prints, too! Would be good for toting stuff on a vacation / excursion.

Q: Coverups for a toddler that aren’t garish. Hard to find!

A: Ha! I know what you mean about garish toddler clothes. I like Roller Rabbit’s kurtas, this TBBC, this $15 Target score, Little English’s popovers, and these from SeaFolly are cute. Minnow also has some terry cloth bloomer sets that are sweet, and my mom gave mini a Florence Eiseman cover-up around the age of two that was just perfect (and the quality showed — thick, luxurious terry!)

Q: Dinosaur twin sheets for my little boy.

A: Cute little man! My son loves dinosaurs, too. Not uncommon for us to hear a string of roaring noises for five or ten minutes coming from his room. I like this set from PBK because if you relax the eyes, it almost looks like toile! It could be mixed in with a navy or white comforter for a classic look. (Plus, it glows in the dark, which would blow my children’s minds.) These little red t-rexes are also pretty cute. Finally, this print is cute — the colors are good.

P.S. More cute toddler and baby bedding here.

Q: Bedding for a new lake cottage. Decently priced but comfortable.

A: Congratulations! I feel like a broken record, but this set from Boll & Branch is the absolute best set I’ve ever slept on, and the price is reasonable. Just the dreamiest, softest, silkiest, coolest materials. I prefer B&B to Hill House, but Hill House are also lovely (a little crisper and don’t launder as well in my opinion) and they come in more interesting styles (and can be personalized). A couple of Magpies have also raved about the brand Comphy, but I have yet to try. They seem like a good bet in a simple white.

Q: Fun rehearsal dinner guest dresses!

A: Enjoy! A couple of fun statement dresses to consider:









Q: Window treatments for a 12-year-old boy to grow with through his teen years.

A: I would go for a classic linen with a greek key trim in navy (or some other classic, non-pastel color) — these look so handsome, but because they are simple, won’t look too grown-up in a little boy’s room. The key trim adds an element of interest/fun. Another option would be to go with a ribbon trim in navy/brown/etc. Gingham might also work if you pick a neutral (like the khaki/white combo) and then keep the rest of the room simple as he grows.


  1. A Mother’s Day gift for my future MIL! She loves flowers, tea, nice chocolate, and anything her kids and grandkids give her, but I want it to be special! xo

    1. Hi Jessica! I have a Mother’s Day post going live in an hour or so that has some good ideas that might fit. But your note on flowers reminded me that I gave this stunning book of flowers to my MIL a few years ago —

      Maybe bundle with these pretty edible flower chocolates:

      So gorgeous!!!


  2. Oooo so I live in Charlotte and would like to answer about the Wells Fargo (I have been a few times!). You can either go two ways, a bit sporty/golfer with lululemon maybe a tennis skirt/athletic polo and white on cloud tennis shoes. (This is THE sneaker around here) or supergas/golden goose and a peasant dress!! Jeans aren’t usually worn. And generally speaking it is HOT.

  3. Hello!
    Last month I left a comment with something I am looking for… a men’s leather jacket made in the USA? I love the RL one you have posted in the past, but I think it’s made in China?
    Happy Friday!

    1. Hi Christine! Happy birthday to your man! Check out Schott — I specifically like this style:

      It’s a family owned business that has been around for generations and on their site, it says almost all of their clothes are manufactured in the USA. In the details on this particular coat, it does say “USA” in the details, but you might call to confirm on this particular product.

      For something totally extravagant, check out Savas, a Savannah-based bespoke and made-to-measure menswear shop. They will literally source leather to your specifications/interests and tailor it to meet your husband’s build and taste:

      Happy shopping! Happy birthday!


  4. A note on Mother jeans — they are VERY flattering, but all three pairs I’ve bought have ripped in the inner thigh. I keep buying them because of the aforementioned flatter-quotient but I haven’t had that happen with any other brand. AGolde is a decent alternative!

    1. I have this problem with ALL of my jeans (#thickthighssavelives, right?) and have found it incredibly affordable to just have them patched/reinforced! It’s all done from the inside and undetectable from the outside. Run them through the laundry a couple times to soften the patch and you’re golden. I think this costs me $10 – I usually have other alterations made at the time so I don’t remember the exact price but it’s a miniscule fraction of a new pair of jeans.

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