The Fashion Magpie Black Friday Deals

What I’m Buying this Black Friday.

No, Chanel is not having a Black Friday sale (sigh, when will they get the memo?), but the above snap gives me all the holiday shopping vibes.  Below, what I’m actually putting in my cart…


+I was hoping HillHouseHome might run a big promotion because I was planning to buy an extra flat sheet for our new bedding set (we went with the HillHouseHome in the Chancery Lane style), but no dice.  Instead, they have a small sale section (and they never E-V-E-R run sales, as their model is to provide the highest end product they can at the lowest price possible), so I bought this pillowcase set for mini’s toddler bed.  She’s not yet ready for the switch, but I learned they’re retiring this pattern and I love the scalloped/fluted edge.  I monogrammed one with her first name and one with her middle name.

+The PB channel tree skirt that matches our stockings.  I nearly bought this a few weeks ago after writing about holiday decorating in your 20s and 30s, but then decided to add it to my list.  Glad I did, as it’s now marked way down and available with free shipping!

+These are the best kitchen towels known to man, and I’ve tried a lot of different kinds.  One side is ultra absorbent (perfect for mopping up spills/wiping down plates) and the other is textured (perfect for letting things air-dry on and wiping hands).  I buy a new set for Mr. Magpie’s stocking every year, and we recycle the old ones as cleaning rags.  They are 20% off and include free shipping, which is the only way to go — and I’ve never seen them marked lower.  Also adding this garland to my order for our holiday decor.

+These throw pillows are already discounted plus an extra 20% off with code GATHER.  I have been slowly swapping out the pillows on our couches/armchairs in the living area of our apartment and these will complete the transition.

+Using the 15% off code as an excuse to buy a set of these mugs.  The print is too darling to pass up.


+I’ve raved about this for the better part of the year, but Molton Brown’s Heavenly Gingerlily bath and body wash is BANANAS.  I swear you won’t be able to prevent yourself from sniffing your wrist/body all day long.  And it’s gender-neutral enough that Mr. Magpie gets in on it as well.  A dear friend of mine — the type who hates fragrances and wears no makeup but still looks like a supermodel (ahem, A.) — says this is THE ONLY SCENT she tolerates…and she loves it so much she bought the perfume and body lotion too.  So let that stand as a testament to its greatness.  Anyway, all orders at Molton Brown are 25% off so I am buying an extra bath wash, a body lotion, and a hand soap.  They don’t advertise it, but there is FREE SHIPPING on all orders too.

+Charlotte Tilbury has select gift sets marked down to 40% off.  I am contemplating buying this after hearing rave reviews about the youth glow in particular.

+Using the 25% off code (THANKS) to buy a friend the beauty elixir I’ve been raving about.


+These mittens, this hat, and this chunky scarf — all in the smoky wisteria color and all 50% off.  I should probably buy these as a gift but I am buying them for myself to pair with a lilac coat I own (many seasons old, from J. Crew).

+This teddy coat I’ve been eyeing for the last month — 25% off with code DEALWITHIT.  (You might also use it as an excuse to buy the joveralls I wrote a whole post in tribute to.)

+I already own these but PSA for those who have not yet pulled the trigger and are eyeing — they are now 40% off!  I would definitely buy them if I hadn’t already.  Same goes for these suede booties from Talbots — now 50% off.  They are SO good.  I can’t get over the price for the quality; they look like they could be an Aquazzura or Alexandre Birman.  (However, owing them in the basic black has not dissueded me from wanting to own the AB Kittie in that metallic colorway I’ve been drooling over all season.  I’ve left 34898 hints for Santa that I would love to see these under the tree.)  Incidentally, if you’re in the market for a solid pair of black suede pumps for the holiday circuit, consider these.  I saw them on my friend Mackenzie and thought they were by Manolo Blahnik.

+I almost didn’t want to admit this, but I bought a pair of these ridiculous-looking fur slippers.  You can find them all over the Internet, but these are the absolute lowest price I could find in the nude color.  They just look insanely comfortable.  I want to wear them with my favorite joggers and a long duster cardigan around the house.  Almost every retailer has a version of these fluffy crazies — Loft has a pair for $13! — but these are the O.G. brand and people rave about them for comfort.

+I keep clicking back and forth from this Sandro sweater dress.  I have been in love with it since the moment I laid eyes on it.  Kind of pilgrim-cool, ya dig?  Once added to the cart, it’s marked down to $168.  EEEEEE.  And every time I check back, new sizes are sold out.  Tempted to buy it just to see…this would be so lovely for Christmas Eve (daytime).

+For Christmas Eve nighttime, I am heavily swayed toward this RedValentino I’ve been eyeing for weeks now.  No, it doesn’t scream Christmas, but it is festive in its own way.  And paired with a red coat?

+Now for my biggest conundrum.  I had wanted to buy myself a gorgeous dress during this sale frenzy — maybe something for next summer; possibly my 35th birthday.  I am absolutely dying over this Saloni, though I know it will need to be hemmed and am worried about the tiered hemline situation.  I have a good tailor here but still — I’m worried about the end result and whether or not the tailoring will add an extra $100 to my tab.  This Needle & Thread is frothy and gorgeous and I am imagining wearing it with a deep tan and a lot of highlighting shimmer on my face.  Then there is this — the bows! the colors! the print! — and the more immediately useful this, which could be put to good use on NYE.

+BUT.  If I were going to go for broke, I would love this.  AHHH it is me in dress form.


+Finally bought mini a robe. Had been eyeing this for, like, a year!  I find that she wriggles her way out of my arms and her towel on the way out of the bath and I think she’d like wearing this instead.

+I had initially ordered mini these snowboots but then I came across these, marked down from $50 (not sure why they aren’t displaying the original price on the site).  After discovering that getting mini into a coat is a daily battle, I think these will be a LOT easier to grapple onto her feet than the former, which involve straps and a higher shaft.

+Have this dress (25% off) currently in my cart for the holidays for mini.  I adore this brand — they have the best quality pieces.  But the shipping is outrageous.  But maybe…and if I pull the trigger, I’ll also order her black patent Mary Janes from there (cheaper than Elephantito’s, my other go-to brand for dress shoes for mini) and this faux fur collar.

+Maisonette has a number of precious picks on sale, including this similar-to-the-above velvet dress and all Petite Plume.  I think I might have to buy this nightie in addition to her soldier pajamas!

+Two of my favorite under-the-radar online children boutiques — Loozieloo (a reader introduced me to this retailer!  thank you!) and Born Boutique — are offering site-wide sales.  Loozieloo is offering 40% of all purchases except for new arrivals with code THANK40, presenting a perfect opportunity to stock up on mini’s knee socks  (I buy most of them from here).  And if you don’t own one of these dresses, consider this the perfect excuse.  SO USEFUL — just swap out the tab for the holiday!  Born Boutique is offering 30% off all purchases with code Thankful30, so I am buying a couple of precious finds from one of my favorite Spanish labels, Sal E Pimenta — including these jammies and this giraffe swimsuit.

+TBBC is offering 40% of all purchases plus free shipping with code PINKFRIDAY.  Pretty epic, as their styles are darling and spend-y, and their shipping can add up.  Snag a pair of holiday jammies and ravage their sale section: consider buying this for school next year or this for the holidays!  Or use it as an excuse to finally buy one of their darling bonnets, which are usually $70.

+MinnowSwim has marked their entire site 25% off with code minnowholiday. Chop chop – – they only run these promotions twice a year.  I ordered this.

+If you haven’t already, treat your mini to this cashmere sweater — now 30% off with free shipping with code 3238!  Mini owns it and it is so darling over a peter pan collar onesie for an easy everyday look.

P.S.  If you are pregnant, treat yourself to a pair of David Lerner full-panel leggings while they are 30% off (use code BLACK30). They are the absolute best and they never go on sale.  Also consider this darling Kim & Kai toggle coat (40% off!)


  1. Ahhh, it’s so funny to look back on Black Friday, as that is when my shopping began in earnest … usually I am more organized & start earlier. There were so many good deals this year, though! For myself, I got a Demylee x J.Crew leopard-print scarf that I’m waiting to bust out … among many other gifts for loved ones!

    I reallllly want those Tory Burch Clara flats and they’re still available in my size! Ahhhh. Also love that (now-sold-out) Sandro dress AND the beautiful blush Needle & Thread gown.

    1. Me too — today is killing me slowly…BUT I am getting a lot of shopping done that I’ve deferred for awhile! And many Christmas gifts have been bought. So…there! xo

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