Welcome to Magpie by Jen Shoop.

By: Jen Shoop
Welcome to the new nest.

Welcome to our new nest, Magpies.

TheFashionMagpie has enjoyed a glow up, and has also formally adopted its longtime nickname: Magpie.

I have wanted to rename my blog for years now, as its focus has expanded so significantly, and meaningfully, over the past many years of conversation with you.  I began this blog as “TheFashionMagpie” – someone seeking hidden fashion gems – but for some time now, have been writing about a far wider range of topics, including motherhood, literature, loss, and self-care. There are so many beautiful exchanges about the real stuff of life happening in the comments section on a daily basis.  At this point, “TheFashionMagpie” feels like a misnomer.  We are much heartier than our name suggests.  This is a community that goes to the hard places – death, grief, mom guilt – but also confesses an obsession with fashion.  A woman can be all of those things and is often all of those things at once. Magpie therefore remains our perfect mascot: we are women searching for hidden treasure, whether those gems are of the sartorial or self-knowledge variety.

A woman contains multitudes. Of course, as a Magpie reader, you know this.

You can still expect to find the same rhythm and spread of reading: two posts a day, toggling between the freighted and the frivolous. But I hope you enjoy the new and improved reading and browsing experience!


P.S. Motherhood is a surfeit.

P.P.S. When are you at your most creative?

P.P.P.S.  If you’re looking for your daily dose of shopping inspiration, look no further than my new shop.  I am especially excited about these Halloween plates – the inspiration behind any festive decor I will have at home this year; this fabulous fall dress; and this $28 blouse, which reminds me of the style that just sold out as a part of Hill House’s earlier-this-week launch, to be layered beneath the latest crop of nap dresses!

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16 thoughts on “Welcome to Magpie by Jen Shoop.

  1. Congratulations, Jen — love the “glow-up”!

    I am excited to continue following along. What a lovely space you’ve created — thank you for your thoughtful writing!

  2. MULTITUDES! I’m so proud of you and this redesign — I think it hews more closely to the thoughtfulness and talent of the pieces you’ve shared with us. I also feel seen when I see another person equally enjoying a deep novel discussion, or observing intricacies of their surroundings, without hiding her deep appreciation for a well-designed wardrobe.

    Thank you, and congrats! 🙂

  3. I like the new look. I’ve wondered how you came to choose magpie as a name. They are known for searching for treasures. The first time I went to Australia it was swooping season so I just needed to learn to watch out.

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